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In "Christine in '16" forum on November 22, 2012 at 8:23 pm

No demand of a recount?

Yes, the apparent truth, however incomprehensible, in the wake of the November 6th surprise re-election to the American presidency of foreign-exchange student Barack Hussein Obama, is the Goldwater-esque shellacking sustained by WOOF’s nominee, Christine O’Donnell. Miss O’Donnell does not appear to have carried a single state of the Union in contrast to the President, who won a total of 303 electoral votes (with Florida and Kenya still contested as of this writing). Mitt Romney, son of George Romney, the former Governor of Michigan, appears also to have finished ahead of O’Donnell. Shocked patriots, who expected a populist groundswell to put Miss O’Donnell in the oval office this January–following the boost she received from WOOF’s endorsement–are scratching their heads in bewilderment at this heartrending outcome. To date, Miss O’Donnell has given no indication that she plans to request a re-count despite innumerable instances of voter intimidation and other irregularities at the polls. But WOOF supporters will be heartened to know that even as our special investigations division undertakes their inquiry into what role election fraud may have played in O’Donnell’s defeat, our swag shop is gearing up to churn out bumper stickers reading “Don’t blame me, I voted for Christine O’Donnell!”


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