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Hillary wins first ever “DULLEY” award on brink of Mideast triumph!

In "Springtime for Terror" Forum on November 25, 2012 at 3:16 am


Hillary–clearly stunned by the honor

In recognition of Mrs. Clinton’s most recent feat of statespersonship on foreign soil, WOOF has determined to make her the recipient of its first ever award for extraordinary Foggy-Bottom style American diplomacy. In creating this award, WOOF has reached all the way back to that time in the 1950’s when France, Great Britain and Israel brought us to the brink of resolving the entire Middle Eastern crisis permanently and decisively, but were hurled back by an alert John Foster Dulles, who together with a highly cooperative Soviet Russia and resolvedly anti-colonialist United Nations proved able to put a halt to early military successes by France, England, and Israel, and thwart their efforts to wrest the Suez Canal from Egyptian hands. Moreover, Dulles ensured that the United Nations would patrol the Israeli/Egyptian border to guard against any future hostilities…one of the earliest outbreaks of peace in the Israeli/Arab dysphoria. And in this spirit of evenhanded diplomatic savvy, WOOF bestows upon Secretary Clinton its first annual John Foster Dulles Award for Statespersonship, fondly known as “The Dulley!” Congratulations, Hillary! WOOF knows you deserve it!


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