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“…should I stay or should I go?”

Despite WOOF’S certainty that Egypt’s homicidally deranged presidential strongman Mohamed Mursi, had seen the hieroglyphics on the wall and fled his besieged palace in Cairo, it now appears that he sneaked back through a servant’s entrance this morning, probably by conniving with the subversive REUTERS propaganda agency to change his name to Mursi, which REUTERS is now calling him, as opposed to Morsi, which they were calling him yesterday. Will there be any mercy for Mursi (aka Morsi) now that the aroused citizenry is alert to his having turned up again like the proverbial bad Piastre? WOOF learned late this afternoon that the fascistic terror merchants of the Muslim Brotherhood, (not affiliated with Louis Farrakhan) have taken a page from the handbook of Obama’s purple-shirted SEIU goons and thrown themselves into the fray, slugging, shooting, knifing and strangling anti-government protesters while yelling, “Defending Mursi [or possibly Morsi]is defending Islam!” at the top of their lungs, much in the manner Americans have come to associate with frequent SEIU operations domestically. Characteristically cool amid the tumult, American president Barack Obama had someone in his administration appeal for “dialogue,” while 211 people were killed in the riots and 1.3 billion in American military aid poured into Egypt.

Obviously inspired by the cool demeanor of the Obama Administration’s top officials, Prime Minister Hisham Kandil, who thus far only spells his name as reported, called for “An opportunity to engage in national dialogue!” Which bold appeal was followed almost immediately by the spread of violent protest to several other Egyptian cities, including Suez and Ismailia where the respective Muslim Brotherhood offices were set ablaze by concerned citizens. And while opposition political leaders have also voiced strong disapproval of the constitution written in a single night by Mursi and an all-girl foursome of radical Islamic assistants, they have not joined protesters in calling for his immediate dismemberment. Opposition political parties have, on the other hand, called for the retraction of that aspect of the new constitution that gave Mursi the right to do anything he wanted at any time he liked to absolutely anyone he wanted to do it to without possibility of review by the judiciary.

“”If we do not put a stop to this phenomenon right away … where are we headed? We must calm down,” said somebody whom REUTERS identified only as “Mekky,” (apparently no relation to the cute Alpine hedgehog mascot of Bavarian postcard fame), while Hillary Clinton gave voice to similarly profound insights, declaring today that Mursi’s government needed to “respect the rights of all citizens.”


Adorable “Mecki” apparently not involved despite earlier reports!

Will Mursi mercilessly beat, bomb, and bludgeon his way back to the top? Will his all-girl cabinet remain intact? Will the Muslim Brotherhood be able to kill enough Egyptians fast enough to protect the democratic process in Cairo? Will that traditional power-broker, the Egyptian Army, take sides in the fracas, or remain in its barracks, where it has chosen to ensconce itself thus far? Will President Obama, if forced to take action on behalf on his dream of pan-Islamic solidarity, unleash American planes and cruise missiles in defense of the embattled Egyptian First Terrorist?  Might he send the SEIU? WOOF is on the story! We will continue to monitor the increasingly fluid situation and bring you the latest on power plays, street demonstrations, and changes in the name spellings of key players, as they develop! 


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