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WOOF is hardly exceptional in noting that America as a culture is growing less intelligent, less discerning, and less aware.  Let’s examine the evidence, shall we? First, Christine O’Donnell was not elected president in November despite WOOF’s endorsement and outspoken support. Second, Barack Hussein Obama was reelected to the presidency after devastating the national economy, embarrassing himself and the United States abroad by bowing to foreign despots, engineering the “Arab Spring” disaster, flirting with communist dictators, insulting the British and the Israelis, and being caught on a live microphone promising the Russians to do further damage to America’s nuclear arsenal if re-elected. Oh yeah, and there was that  part about watching his Ambassador to Libya murdered on his situation-room widescreen while ordering rescuers to do nothing. He is now attempting to erase the 2nd Amendment to the constitution and dramatically abridge the first. The nation’s free press, which once kept an eagle eye on politicians from a variety of sociopolitical vantage points is now almost 100% liberal and refuses to report on a good deal of what’s going on in the world for fear of tarnishing the image of the President they helped elect and whom they apotheosize routinely. Vast numbers of perfectly reasonable, generally responsible Americans, continue to consider all of this to be perfectly okay…even laudable.

"Don't get stuck on stupid!" --Lt.Gen Russel Honore

“Don’t get stuck on stupid!” –Lt.Gen Russel Honore

Meanwhile: A quarter of the country was honestly astonished to discover that the Mayans had not accurately predicted our planetary demise this December. Prior to that, at a critical moment in our national history, Chief Justice Roberts made a decision on Obamacare so loopy it required him rewriting the Administration lawyers’ brief for them.  Only last week a 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who offered to “shoot” another little girl at their school bus stop with her pink, plastic, Hello Kitty toy gun that blew soap bubbles was stood up in tears before her class, told the police would be involved, and suspended for “making terroristc threats.” The New Jersey town of West New York is considering a regulation banning the American flag, while a guy in Anchorage just tried to rob a bank with a hammer.  Americans seem more consternated by the “doping” confession of a champion bicyclist or the strong possibility that Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem than by the fact that their payroll taxes just heaved upward, or by the shrinking value of their dollar, or the cost of the gasoline they pump into their vehicles, or the fact that vast numbers of college-age American women  flocked to the polls last November completely persuaded that if Mitt Romney won the presidency they would be denied access to condoms.

Sheila Jackson Lee-- looking for Old Glory on Mars.

Sheila Jackson Lee– looking for Old Glory on Mars.

One especially concerned voter blogged that if Romney won she was taking her uterus to Mars. The Occupy Wall Street Movement demonstrated repeatedly last year that record numbers of completely uninformed, unemployed, and recklessly fatuous dunderheads could be gathered in public places by a few ranting mountebanks, and our nation’s college graduates are more likely to accurately identify a photo of Lady Gaga (who performed at the President’s inaugural, by the way) than one of Joe Biden, Winston Churchill, or Condoleezza Rice. More than a third of these graduates will tell you that capitalism is what’s wrong with America, that Richard Nixon got us into Vietnam, and that we never really went to the moon. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, on the other hand, wanted NASA to tell her if the rover on Mars would be able to photograph the flag that she thought Neil Armstrong planted there, and Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia worried aloud that the island of Guam would “tip over and capsize” if too many Marines were stationed on it. Put plainly, everywhere we look, people seem to be stupider. Except us, of course— we’re okay—but what’s with everybody else?

It has been thirty years at least since there was any reason to believe an American child attending public school was going to be taught history or grammar, and it is now the case that cursive writing is fading into desuetude.  The average American school child has no idea whom we fought in World War Two, or what the Cold War was about, except that it was some sort of paranoid delusion foisted upon a naïve public by the likes of Joe McCarthy and Curt LeMay. Ask any solipsistic nineteen year old college student how come he can’t tell you whom America fought in the war of 1812, and he’ll tell you, “because that was before I was born!”

Granted, kids are supposed to be ignorant, self-absorbed narcissists, but educators used to pride themselves on teaching them stuff anyway. Today educators pride themselves on surviving another day in the Blackboard Jungle of America’s public school system where super-litigiousness and liberal permissiveness long ago erased any possibility of teachers wielding authority over their students—but everybody turns on “Glee” and smiles at how cool everything is in High School. Your seven year old is more likely to come home from the 2nd grade and bust you for failing to recycle your Diet Coke cans than be able to tell you who Thomas Jefferson was, and your neighbor, who has a degree from Yale, probably sincerely believes that too many Americans own machine guns, and that his Prius is saving the ozone layer.

Maybe being on TIME's cover makes people stupid?

Maybe being on TIME’s cover makes people stupid?

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey may have had all this on his mind when he remarked recently, “I am going to arrest all the stupid people in New Jersey.” (Okay, he wastalking about people who won’t get out of the way of hurricanes), but now we have increasing evidence that Governor Christie is getting sort of stupid himself, going through a kind of Justice Roberts metamorphosis into the kind of pol who says stuff like, “Being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime,” which, actually, it is of course. And then sometimes trying to say something smart sounds so stupid to stupid people that they think you’re stupid. Remember the debate in Delaware in 2010 in which Christine O’Donnell suggested that “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution? She was nearly guffawed off stage, and so savaged in the liberal media (which is tautology, we know) that her campaign unctuously released a “clarification” to the effect that the comely patriot “was not questioning the concept of separation of church and state as subsequently established by the courts.”  Of course she wasn’t  She was pointing out that the language isn’t in our Constitution! It was Coons, her loathsome opponent, who should have issued a clarification, but the (stupid) crowd assumed he was correct.

Don't blame us--we voted for Christine O'Donnell!

Don’t blame us–we voted for Christine O’Donnell!

What’s going on with this? What is the major factor making America stupid? Why do people sit on their duffs instead of getting mad about their Decalogical rights being trampled? Why do most Americans who respond to polls believe the Democrats are the party of lower taxes? Why are the most popular movies nowadays based on comic book characters? (Okay, the first  Iron Man was pretty good.) Why do we put up with a Congress that sits around trying to find out whether some baseball player took steroids, but shrinks from the task of finding out why the President’s czars are either communists or outspoken admirers of communists?  Why do people watch major network news anchors? Believe in man-made global warming? Vote for Elizabeth Warren? Care who “Snooky” is? (We still don’t know—we thought she was one of those Cardassians, but evidently not).

Is it chem trails?

Alleged chemtrails--dumb from above?

Alleged chemtrails–dumbness from above?

The possible answers are tentative at best, but they demand examination. And to begin with, what about the popular supposition that we are all getting dumber because of “chem  trails?” Yes, this is one of the most widely held conspiracy theories, and WOOF felt obliged to examine it for validity, given the dramatic decline in America’s mental acuity. On the face of it, after all, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it! Secret aircraft flown by heartless mercenaries in the pay of subversive elements within our government, which would now clearly include the executive branch, dumping chemicals on the American people to sap their intellects, neutralize their adjudicative faculties, and render them docile, malleable servitors of the New Order, asking only their TV entertainments and their creature comforts in return for their lobotomized fidelity to the Ruling Class. Proponents of the “chemtrail” (chemical trail) theory insist that chemtrails can be distinguished from normal contrails (the vapor trails left by aircraft naturally) by analyzing their chemical content, and by observing their unusually long duration in the sky. Chemtrails are said to spread into cirrus-like cloud formations, the better for dispersal.

The basis for the chemtrail conspiracy theory (which we admit liking in spirit) is twofold. First, a United States Air Force document published in 1996 entitled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, has been seized upon by conspiracy theorists as proving a military role in spraying chemicals into the atmosphere—supposedly to help manipulate weather patterns. WOOF is dismissive of this possibility because a) the Air Force paper was clearly speculative and hypothetical, not descriptive of a contemporaneous program, b) Dennis Kucinich believed it, and c) Even if true, it wouldn’t be making us stupider, not even Dennis Kucinich, so it isn’t interesting.

The other main basis for a belief in chemtrails is the extraordinarily high levels of barium “discovered” by a reporter for KSLA TV News in Louisiana in deposits thought to be the remnants of chemtrails. Apparently, everybody knows that chemtrails are supposed to have barium in them, even though nobody knows exactly why, so KSLA’s shocking find of a disproportionate amount of it in suspected chemtrail residue was picked up by many news services and Networks before it was discovered that the reporter who originally handled the story misunderstood the lab report and inadvertently misreported the data, which proved anticlimactically normal on second glance.  Which reminds us, why are local TV reporters so stupid? Oh well.


WOOF concludes that it is ridiculous to say that normal contrails don’t linger in the sky and dissipate slowly into cirrus-like clouds, because they do. They’ve been around forever, (okay, since the late 1930s) and they are exactly identical to all the photos and descriptions of chem trails. They are more numerous these days because more aircraft are in our skies, and the fact that so many Americans are convinced that these phenomena are the result of the chemical poisoning of our atmosphere is actually just another example of how foolish we are becoming! Sadly, WOOF is forced to dismiss the idea that chemtrails are culpable in the dumbing down of our citizenry, even though we wish it were true, because it would be less boring than explaining why it’s not. The sad fact, however, is that chem trails don’t exist—they are all contrails of the conventional variety. Ironically, the rapidly growing belief in them is an example of the very dumbness they are rumored to induce.  Sorry readers—but you didn’t really want to wind up in the same boat with Dennis Kucinich, did you?


So, Is it fluoride?

Well, here we have a major contender for the underlying explanation of our national plunge into foolishness! Objections to fluoridated water arose during the late 1940s and continued through the 1950s, covering the era that liberal reporters, liberal historians, and liberal academics like to call the “Red Scare” in America. For those who do not recall this era, suffice it that Reds (that means communists) were infiltrating our churches, our school systems, our entertainment industry and our government—and a lot of people rather sensibly got scared. This climaxed in the investigations of communist influences in our government by the McCarthy Senate Subcommittee on Investigations, and ended for all intents and purposes with the destruction of Senator McCarthy by communists in government and the press, liberals in the Eisenhower Administration, and several brands of whiskey of which Joe was excessively fond. The result of McCarthy’s fall from grace and subsequent death in 1957 is that communists went ahead and fully took control of everything in exactly the manner he said they would, and that explains much of the current situation in the United States. What does this have to do with fluoride? Read on, pilgrim!

marx attacksBy vilifying McCarthy to such an extent that the mere mention of his name was enough to dispel any inclination to point out the encroachments of communism in our culture, the Reds won a vital coup. Today, pointing out even the most manifest and influential communists in our government, like, oh, say, David Axelrod, Cass Sunstein, or Valerie Jarrett, can result in political disaster for the honest observer—witness the recent failure of American patriot and war hero, Allen West, to win re-election to Congress after he correctly pointed out that large numbers of his colleagues were dedicated, conscious agents of the communist cause. The accused parties, meanwhile, are summoned to professorial slots at Ivy League Universities even as American parents continue to go into hock raising tuition payments so that their beloved progeny can go be brainwashed by them.  Stupid?

As for fluoridation, it became the official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service in 1951.  Patriotic organizations like the John Birch Society opposed the move on ethical grounds and out of concern for the possible effects on health, as did many individual scientists and dental-health advocates, but they were held to ridicule in the press and made to appear crazed and zealotic in the public discourse.

General Ripper in "Strangelove"--crazy over fluoride.

General Ripper in “Strangelove”–crazy over fluoride.

The term “McCarthyism” was widely employed as a one-size-fits-all criticism for anyone who resisted the onslaught, so that by 1960, 50 million Americans were drinking fluoridated water, whether they wished to or not. Most of us have seen Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove,” in which an insane SAC General triggers a nuclear war because of his “paranoid” fear of fluoridation. But at best, fluoridation is forced medication, and should be anathema to any right thinking American. Increasingly, however, Americans are not thinking right. It is interesting to note that fluoridation reached record levels of distribution in the mid ‘60s, just in time to account for the defeat of Barry Goldwater’s presidential bid and the otherwise inexplicable election of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who lost no time implementing the subversive “Great Society” programs by which our present day dependencies on socialism were spawned, and a treasonably mismanaged war in Vietnam during which American forces were squandered while forbidden ever to invade the Communist North. As the pathological-yet-eerily-perceptive General Ripper enquires of his nonplussed Canadian counterpart in Kubrick’s film, “How does that coincide with your post-war commie conspiracy, eh, Mandrake?”

Only a few lonely conservative and scientific voices, including WOOF’s, have continued to warn against the dangers of fluoridation between the time of “Dr. Strangelove,” and today, though we now have nearly 70 million Americans on this involuntary medication program. And only now is the truth beginning to find its way to the public.


A total of 36 recent studies have examined the correlation between fluoride and human intelligence and concluded that lower IQ levels correlate with fluoride intake. Even the subversives at Harvard University felt constrained to admit that the effects of fluoride on the brains of young children are worrisome enough to urgently demand further research. It certainly seems that the far right was very right about fluoride, and it is well worth our time to consider its role in the dumbing down of our citizens, especially since the Harvard study revealed that children’s brains could be particularly susceptible. “Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain,” according to senior study author Philippe Grandjean, a professor of environmental health at Harvard.

Okay, but don’t we need fluoride to keep our teeth healthy? Maybe it’s okay to have a bunch of dumb citizens if they have great teeth. This myth stems from the heyday of Dr. Trendley Dean, “the father of fluoridation,” who promoted the scientific belief that fluoridation would prevent cavities. Dean was equally insistent that it was absolutely safe. In 1945 Dean held the earliest fluoridation trials in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His results were applauded as heralding a cavity-free America, but since those happy days Trendley has confessed in two different courts of law that statistics from the early studies were bogus. A study in Arizona in 1993 studied tooth-decay rates in 12 to 14 year olds in both high and low fluoride areas and found no significant difference between them. Research from many parts of the world including a huge recent study in Japan now suggests that rather than benefiting users, fluoride actually damages teeth.


So yes, it looks like fluoride makes us dumb, and no, it doesn’t seem to do our teeth much good. We might want to get rid of that stuff. But can fluoride be the entire problem? The only culprit? WOOF thinks not!

School makes you stupid!?

comic bookSchool went wrong in the ‘60s—like almost everything else that went wrong. Remember, the psychedelic radicalism of the ‘60s was institutionalized in the ‘70s, but even before that, Leftist radicals in sports jackets or pants suits were busy infiltrating the Educational establishment. Today, they permeate the American educational system. In 1965 their first initiative was the passage of the subversive Elementary and Secondary Education Act. As a result, funding became available for two radically deceitful undertakings. One was the Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program,  and the other was almost 600-page-long manual of behavior modification (read “brainwashing”) techniques called, “Pacesetters in Innovation.” The purpose of these programs was to institute a “progressive” curriculum designed to extinguish patriotism, individualism, and a belief in the American way—replacing these “outmoded concepts” with collectivism, socialism, and a belief that the United Nations should preside over a global government. To finish the job philosophically, the subversive NEA was given its own cabinet position in 1977 by the newly elected Jimmy Carter, formerly our nation’s worst president. Ensconced in the White House as the U.S. Department of Education, the purveyors of Soviet-style educative techniques proceeded with the dumbing down of the American public school pupil by systematically rooting out every educative program involving an authentic comprehension of American history, the Constitution, the Judeo/Christian ethic, or capitalism.

American educators--a bunch of little Ward Churchills?

American educators–a bunch of little Ward Churchills?

Instead, school children were and are taught to revile their nations’ past, regard socialism as the wave of the future, and to work constantly in group settings. They study “language arts” instead of grammar, “social studies” instead of history, and the “New Math.” Health class promotes homosexuality and heterosexual profligacy. The educational process for new teachers is anti-American, anti-White, anti-capitalist and anti-individualism. If the neophyte pedagogue doesn’t agree, or at least pretend to agree, he doesn’t receive teaching credentials. Multiculturalism, disguised as a laudable theory of outreach and inclusion, is in reality an effort to eliminate traditional American cultural values while keeping disparate elements of American society balkanized and mutually distrustful. Minorities are taught that it is hopeless to presume they can achieve success through hard work and aspiration—instead, they must soak the unjust “system” and resign themselves to living on the dole, all the while armed with American Education’s newest curricular triumph, self esteem. The fact that the American Left is the system, is the establishment, is the privileged class, and is also the movies, the news, and the school system, goes unnoticed by the multitudinous beneficiaries of this massive brainwashing campaign.

Strike back, kids!

So what can we do about this? Well, we need to get rid of fluoride and the NEA—how’s that for a slogan?  But WOOF has long believed that there is a latent tendency toward rebellion even in the fluoridated, brain-scrubbed children of today, that can be tapped into at every level of education. We must encourage this spirit, and incite our children to question their teachers’ motives, methods, and information! WOOF continues to encourage students in grade school or college to tape their teachers and expose them on our website! What kind of teachers are we talking about?

Lacking an actual photo of the flag stomping, we asked Bill Ayers to stand in--stomp in?

Lacking an actual photo of the flag stomping, we asked Bill Ayers to stand in–er–stomp in?

Let’s just take one recent example. In Chapin, South Carolina, in December, Chapin High School teacher Scott Compton entertained several classes in a row with a lecture on the meaninglessness of symbols while stomping on the American flag to make his point. If one or two of his students had not become so irate that his behaviors were reported to concerned parents, nobody would have been the wiser. Should Compton be fired? Well, WOOF thinks he should be forced to open a Merle Haggard fan club and work in a veterans hospital, maybe not lose his job—because he’s nowhere near as crazy as some of the teachers out there, poisoning the minds of our nations youth. No, dear readers—Scott Compton is nowhere near as revolting as a lot of what’s been reported—and a lot of what goes unreported! WOOF hereby renews its urgent plea to the nation’s youth to reject the conformist liberalism that defines modern education, and strike back by reporting your teachers to us! If we agree, based on the evidence, that the teacher is a Godless commie—or even just a hopelessly whacked-out subversive—we’ll help publicize the fact! And meantime, we can all do whatever it takes at the city and county level to rid our water of fluoride—which turns out to be a commie plot, just like we always told you!

Readers, we need to save our schools and our precious bodily fluids! Together we can rid education and drinking water of these encroaching poisons! Let us make our voices heard! Let us armor our children against the America haters and the Marxists in their class rooms! Let’s act today, WOOFketeers, before the entire country becomes….stuck on stupid!

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