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THE GREAT OBAMA TRANSPARENCY MELTDOWN (and how to see right through it!)

In "Unfinished Waffles" forum on February 21, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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Let us explain what happened, here, gentle readers, because it is the finest example thus far of an event involving Dear Leader and his lapdog media that is simultaneously too hilarious to constrain ourselves from guffawing at, and too demoralizing to take as lightly as we’d prefer. Let’s review, shall we? It was April of 2011 before the President of the United States got around to releasing the long form of his birth certificate, purportedly proving he was born in Hawaii. By that time national polls showed that a quarter of adult Americans doubted Obama’s word that he had been born in the United States. Yet the Leftist Establishment Media never launched the slightest enquiry into the bizarre absence of a long form certificate, nor made any attempt to request a physical copy after the image of the certificate was published by the White House. WOOF has no position as to whether the President is an American or not, unless of course one judges such matters behaviorally, in which case he is definitely not an American—but that’s a different story. You can’t grow up mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, after all, and not act out a little! For now, suffice it that nobody in “mainstream” journalism ever showed the slightest curiosity about the matter—nor ever interviewed anybody who knew the President in Hawaii, nor ever found the doctor who birthed him, nor a nurse who was present, nor any Hawaiian who remembered meeting him or going to kindergarten with him or seeing him as an infant—but maybe that’s just because they never looked.  Perhaps Obama was born in Hawaii and simply kept to himself a lot—all WOOF can say for sure is that a similar controversy involving the birth of Republican politician seeking the highest office would have been exhaustive and shrill—the establishment media would have made today’s “birthers” look positively decorous by comparison.

You can't see the original--but you can get  a copy on a coffee mug!

You can’t see the original–but you can get a copy on a coffee mug!

Prior to his election it transpired that candidate Obama had spent 20 years sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s racist, ant-American church, listening to Wright rave and rant about Liberation Theology (which is a communist interpretation of the New Testament). Wright married Barack to Michelle. He baptized each of their children. He was and presumably still is the children’s Godfather. In 2007, Wright was appointed to

Jeremiah Wright--godfather, spiritual mentor, preacher, and evident stranger!

Jeremiah Wright–godfather, spiritual mentor, preacher, and evident stranger!

Barack Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee—essentially a ploy to win support for Obama’s coming election bid. Obama also named his first autobiography after a phrase of Wright’s, and quoted Wright extensively in his second autobiography (our Beloved Leader having written two prior even to winning the presidency). Among the elements of Wright’s sermons that Obama quoted in his book are blatherings about the white man’s greed that candidate Obama claimed never to have heard. In fact, after sitting in Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years, nodding like a bobble doll, Candidate Obama claimed never to have heard any of the anti-American rantings with which the man he called his spiritual adviser repeatedly regaled his parishioners—and the Establishment Media shrugged and declared skepticism akin to racism.

Van Jones, former Obama functionary, lifelong communist.

Van Jones, former Obama functionary, lifelong communist. That’s a “bro fist,” right, Van?

Fast forward to the Obama Presidency. Our Beloved Helmsman has made countless cronies and fellow travelers, many of them known Communists, into “czars,” which is to say, de facto cabinet members, thus dodging the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate mandated in the Constitution. These individuals receive independent funding and wield tremendous power, but go totally unchallenged by the Liberal Media Establishment. In fact, when known (and self-professing) communist Van Jones was finally given the gate, it was because he turned out to be a 911 “Truther,” not because he was an active constituent of the Communist conspiracy to destroy America—nobody minded that part!

Never let a crisis go to waste! Deepwater Horizon pollutes the Gulf--Obama  recommends the Chevy Volt.

Never let a crisis go to waste! Deepwater Horizon pollutes the Gulf–Obama recommends the Chevy Volt.

During his first term, Obama responded to an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by ordering a moratorium on all offshore drilling in the Gulf, and both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. He also prohibited any new drilling on federal land in any of the United States. This is utterly unconstitutional, of course, and Federal Judge Martin Feldman said so, declaring from the bench that the President could not use the Department of the Interior to wield such power, The court issued an order lifting the moratorium, but the President ignored it. A Presidency in contempt of a federal court, especially one who is driving up the price of gasoline in the process, would typically excite the press into a feeding frenzy, yet not a word was spoken (or is spoken) about this situation by the talking heads of the lapdog Left. Similarly, the President’s job-killing decision to prohibit the Keystone Pipeline project is a usurpation of the powers of congress, yet the press barely gave this travesty a glance.

To be perfectly honest, these babies ain't going nowhere!

“To be perfectly honest, these babies ain’t going nowhere!”

When the President shrugged off his constitutional duty to defend our borders and enforce our laws by opening our southern borders to invasion, refusing to allow enforcement of the law on Federal land in Arizona and other states. He ordered the border patrols to overlook illegal entry into the country and put a halt to deportation proceedings, all without congressional approval. Nobody in the media blinked. Instead they went after Governor Jan Brewer for attempting to enforce federal laws already on the books. He then illegally conjoined the United States with Mexico in lawsuits against his own country (Arizona, that is to say) and the media worried about Sarah Palin.

Governor Brewer explains reality to Our Beloved Helmsman--it didn't take.

Governor Brewer explains reality to Our Beloved Helmsman–it didn’t take.

The President single-handedly dismissed the Defense of Marriage Act (passed by the Congress), calling it unconstitutional, (thus becoming his own Supreme Court as well as his own congress)  and further declared that he would not allow the Justice Department to uphold it or defend it against legal suits. The Justice Department was busy anyway, through the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, running guns illegally to drug cartels in Mexico so they would kill Americans with them and give the Administration a chance to insist that the Second Amendment be done away with in response—but this murderous plot to dissolve one of the original ten amendments in a sea of blood and deception, met with no curiosity whatsoever from the American media—and Eric Holder is still Attorney General.

Border violence courtesy of "Fast and Furious" --which most Americans still think is a Chuck Norris movie.

Border violence courtesy of “Fast and Furious” –which most Americans still think is a Chuck Norris movie.

The United States was taken to war in Libya without any congressional authority, and this resulted in the military defeat and ouster of Muammar Qadhafi, who was not actively exporting terror and had given up his nuclear program, so that he could be beaten and shot to death and replaced by radical Islamic leaders who were eager to export terror and who sat on their thumbs while our consulate in Benghazi was burned and four Americans slaughtered, including the Ambassador to Libya. Compounding this travesty, Obama and Hillary sat on their thumbs too—in fact, nobody is sure where they even were during the crisis. It is known that help was consistently refused the embassy personnel during the six hour battle that resulted in the Ambassador’s demise, and nobody in the American media has ever asked the President to account for this, or explain where he was during the crisis.

Ambassador Stevens was a close friend of Hillary Clinton's-- but "what difference, at this point, does it make?".

Ambassador Stevens was a close friend of Hillary Clinton’s– but “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

The First Amendment has always offended Our Beloved Leader, who more than once warned against watching FOX news, attempting to exclude the network from press availabilities. He also cautioned a crowd that Rush Limbaugh as somebody you shouldn’t listen to if you wanted to do business in WashingtonDC. Even during his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama tossed journalists off his airplane (okay it was on the ground at the time, but nevertheless) with whose newspapers or networks he disagreed—while the other reporters huddled voicelessly, evidently intent on keeping their own seats.

What does this man have in common with journalists whose papers criticize Obama? They've all been kicked off airplanes!

What does this man have in common with journalists whose papers criticize Obama? They’ve all been kicked off airplanes!

Have we made our point? Examples of the press ignoring what would normally be causes of obsessive, ceaseless, caterwauling simply because they emanated from Dear Leader’s White House could fill volumes. But shout huzzah, beloved readers, because this is all about to change! The press has finally decided to demand access, to insist on accountability, and the word of the day is transparency, WOOFketeers!  Yes indeed, the demand for transparency is finally heard abroad in the land! And what brought this happy event about? What was the final enormity, the ultimate depredation, the last proverbial straw?  Why, Tiger Woods, of course. Got that? It was nothing we’ve discussed here that turned the press, however briefly, on Obama—it was the jilted lovers’ hissy fit they threw when the object of all their devotions went golfing without them.

Tiger seems more transparent than his golfing partner--what's with that?

Tiger seems more transparent than his golfing partner–what’s with that?

You could call it Golfgate, we suppose; the awful moment in which the President’s abuse of power became more than even the American Media could bear! Rick Blum of the Sunshine in Government Initiative (SIGI?) actually bestirred himself to complain about the fact that President Obama went golfing with champion golfer and well known sex addict Tiger Woods and didn’t invite the press. “As the president, you cannot just disappear for four days,” Blum insisted—oblivious, seemingly, of the fact that disappearing for four days with Tiger is in no respect a violation of the Constitution, unlike everything else we’ve covered! Even the perpetually breathless Anne Compton, who follows the President adoringly for ABC News, gasping melodramatically about his every utterance or action, paused to grouse, “The way the president’s availability to the press has shrunk in the last two years is a disgrace. … This White House goes to extreme lengths to keep the press away.” Yes, Anne, and only the First Marxist could enjoy the most fulsomely sycophantic press coverage in Presidential history and still consider reporters a threat to his image.

Anne Compton misses a gold date and experiences a momentary spat of criticality? At long last, Mr. President, where's your sense of transparency?

Anne Compton misses a golf date and experiences a momentary spat of criticality? At long last, Mr. President, where’s your sense of transparency?

The newly militant Washington Press Corpse demanded answers from Press Secretary Jay Carney, boy propagandist, and Carney was swift to address their concerns, telling them that President Obama actually holds many more press conferences than George Bush ever did, which is an unvarnished lie, but nobody blinked.  So there you have it, fellow Wooferians, a wave of protest and rebellion among the vast membership of the Liberal Establishment Media, because the object of their adoration neglected to take them golfing. It won’t last long, of course—because today’s journalists are not interested in holding grudges against their obsessive love interest any more than they are interested in investigative journalism. They will be bought off by some smiles and ameliorative language from their Beloved, and return to running interference for his every outrage. Could we expect more? And thus will pass the great transparency howl– you need give it no further thought–rest assured the media won’t!WOOF PRINT

Media default position--J. Fred Muggs, please call your office!

Media default position–J. Fred Muggs, please call your office!


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