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TEXAS SCHOOLS FALL TO RED SUBVERSION–Commie menace set to spread!

In Just say HUAC forum on March 8, 2013 at 6:36 pm


Ever hear of CSCOPE?  No, it’s not the name of the submarine on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and it isn’t even a United Nations project, but if you guessed that, you’re warm. It’s actually a communist plot to completely infiltrate and seize control of the American educational system, and the reason you may not have heard of it previously is because it’s secret. That’s what we said, Woofketeers—it’s secret. It came invidiously, in the night, and spread its tentacles silently and unobtrusively while the good people of the great state of Texas slept.  And having ensconced itself in Texas like a weaponized  strain of bacteria, it began to spread outward, until all 50 states were under threat of clandestine seizure by Reds scheming to collectivize child rearing and Stalinize the very fabric of American education. That’s because the model, already infecting 75% of Texas schools through the 12th grade level, was scheduled for national adoption this year with the full and enthusiastic backing of Barack Hussein Obama, President for Life. Ironically, it was only CSCOPE’s fetish for secrecy and closed-door management that saved America –however temporarily–from this scourge, since the offer by Common Core Standards to take over, manage, and distribute the program across 50 states was rebuffed by the CSCOPE designers who refused to relinquish control of the process or allow access to their lesson plans.

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It all began so innocently….

Initially the state of Texas purchased the CSCOPE regimin based on its promise of being a regimented and uniform means of teaching the core curriculum specified by the federal government. The supposed goal, therefore, was to raise the performance of Texas school children across the entire state by administering an easily managed program that every school would apply identically. But CSCOPE was a subversive Trojan Horse packed with a clandestine cargo of destructive propaganda aimed straight for the inchoate intellects of kids from kindergarten to high school–and liberal teachers whom the CSCOPE designers knew would all-too-frequently prove equally susceptible to their venom!turn in your teacher!

CSCOPE describes itself as a “customizable online curriculum management system aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)” adding that “CSCOPE’s high quality curriculum, assessment, and instructional components assist schools in meeting the high standards of rigor and relevance required in the TEKS and STARR assessments…” and who wouldn’t be all for that, right?  Well, okay, WOOF wouldn’t be—but most average Americans would think that sounded pretty dandy until they talked with the lengthy procession of  unexpectedly brave, whistle-blowing teachers who came forward complaining of CSCOPE’s police-state administrative  mindset and the learning model’s hidden communist agenda. The designers attempted to sheep-dip their package by claiming that many famed educators were throwing their support behind the idea and implying that in some instances these giants of education had functioned as co-designers of the CSCOPE formula. To quote their website:

“The curriculum and instructional components of CSCOPE are based on best practice models from the top researchers in the field of education, including Robert Marzano, Fenwick English, John Crain, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe, H. Lynn Erickson, and James Barufaldi.”

imagesWow, even if you didn’t know who a single one of those people was, you have to admit they sound pretty darned important…and from the standpoint of educational theory, for whatever that’s worth, they really are. But they are NOT really involved in the CSCOPE project. Commie lies, Wooferians—commie lies!  Let’s go one at a time here, shall we? The educators mentioned by CSCOPE are indeed venerable and time-honored experts in the field of learning (although mostly too radical for our tastes, but that’s beside the point). Doctor Marzano’s office released a statement saying that “Dr. Marzano was not involved in the development of CSCOPE…Dr. Marzano’s name is being incorrectly tied to this program.”  Next comes Dr. Fenwick English, an ultra liberal doyen of ultra liberal educationism in America—but Dr. English also states that, “To my knowledge I did not work on C-scope.” Moving right along, Heidi Hayes Jacobs reveals that she is “not familiar with C-Scope”and didn’t know they were using her name. Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe? Here’s Wiggins on the subject:   “I am sure none of us have worked for them. I certainly never have, nor has Jay.” Neither did H. Lynn Erikson, according to H. Lynn Erikson.  James Barufaldi and John Crain hurt WOOF’s feelings deeply by refusing to comment—you know how it is with these Ivory Tower elitists!  But we digress….because the bad news about CSCOPE is not that they’re a pack of liars—that would make them no worse than the average press secretary or Senate Majority Leader. No, the really dangerous thing about CSCOPE is that it is radical Islamo-Marxism all pre-packaged for convenient classroom delivery.  And striking first in the noble state of Texas? The level of malignant connivance inherent in this gambit is chilling…utterly chilling! Here is a quick review of some of what your kids can learn from various CSCOPE lesson plans:

Non-Muslim religionists in Islamic countries enjoy religious freedom

The Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, much like 9-11

Police officers found drugs in Paul Revere’s home after his midnight ride

Allah is God

Islamic terrorists are actually freedom fighters

Communism is the highest attainable economic system

Capitalism is a transitional phase on the path to communism

Egypt was a good country until democracy came along

Egypt is a good country again now that the Islamic Brotherhood is in charge

Early Christians were cannibals

Fascism and Nazism are two forms of Conservative government

The second amendment only applies to the collective


Oh yeah, and Democrats are people who “Will spend more tax dollars on education to benefits [sic] each individual.” (The lapsus linguae reminded WOOF of the NEA’s infamous ad from the ‘70s reminding Americans that “If your child can read and write, thank their [sic] teacher!”) But most egregious in the minds of many disgruntled Texas educators who led the class-room-based rebellion against the pollution of their school system was the lesson requiring kids to design a new flag for their country once it attains the happy condition of socialism, using suggested symbols of socialism from around the world. Here’s an example:flag

While launching a full fledged assault against American symbols, ideals, principles and values, CSCOPE manages to avoid teaching anything about American history. Not one of the great Western novels is taught or mentioned. Phonics are ignored, as is any instruction in formal grammar, usage, or writing. When Christianity is mentioned at all it is said to be similar to Islam, or in some lessons, Wicca. So why haven’t you heard more about this unvarnished Communist assault our school children? Well, as we said at the outset of this diatribe, the entire program was installed secretly. Teachers who reported for work discovered the new policies already in place and were not permitted to begin instructing their students in the new lessons until they had signed gag orders prohibiting them from discussing the contents of the curriculum with parents. Teachers brainwashedhave testified before the Texas Legislature that they were subject to constant intimidation, were called before committees of review if their loyalty to the process was reported as suspect, and were routinely subjected to unannounced three-minute classroom visitations by staff who functioned as commissars of education, observing whether teachers were functioning as “team players” and voicing waspish hints of impending dismissal if teachers were not educating as officially deemed appropriate.

Enemy from Chicago!?

Did you ever see Enemy from Space, that 1958 movie about a replica of a proposed lunar site that suddenly shows up in England and nobody knows why or how it got there—and Brian Donleavy decides to find out? Wow, that was really a scary movie. And here we have just about the same exact situation in Texas, only the enemy is within! A perfect replica of an advanced system of K-12 education materializes overnight, but nobody knows how it got there or who’s behind it! And as in the aforementioned sci-fi chiller, everybody who tries to find out hits a brick wall—or worse! What we know is this: In 2006 CSCOPE showed up in Texas as a newly proposed curriculum ostensibly developed by several Educational Service Center employees and marketed to school districts. Okay, who were these hard working members of these Texan ECS organizations who sat up long hours at night developing this new curriculum? Well, before anybody could exactly find out, they sold the whole idea, lock stock and borscht bowl, to a private non-profit corporation called Texas Education Service Centers Curriculum Collaborative, fondly known as the TESCCC. Oddly, whenever TESCCC sells CSCOPE to a school district, they demand  all participating school personnel sign non-disclosure agreements ensuring that nobody else including parents, legislators, reporters, or non-allied teachers, is allowed to view CSCOPE materials.  Educators are told that CSCOPE is so good that competitors would otherwise make off with all of its wonderful instructional innovations. As if.

"Egad, Dr. Quatermass--who built it? Where did it come from?" (Enemy from Space, 1958)

“Egad, Dr. Quatermass–who built it? Where did it come from?” (Enemy from Space, 1958)

The non-existent non-profit that made a profit and wasn’t there… 

All right—so the mysterious TESCCC proceeds to market its wonderful new educational program directly to the school districts. It can bypass review by the State Board of Education because of well intentioned legislation making it possible for school districts to purchase materials that are not SBOE approved. Note the diabolical use of an essentially libertarian act of legislation to promote the enslavement of children’s minds!  Furthermore, text books, which would normally require approval, do not require approval with the CSCOPE system—because there aren’t any! CSCOPE lessons are issued over the Internet and are not subject to prior review by anybody! Still with us, gentle readers? Okay—so TESCCC, despite the fact that its governing board should be made up of state employees, meeting, one supposes, on state property, nonetheless flatly refuses to allow any public attedence at its meetings, refuses to release minutes of its board meetings, and refuses to divulge its corporate mission stament. Understand, gentle reader, this is a public corporation—absorbing public funds, but refusing to tell the public what it is, what it does, or what it believes.

Okay, so we just close in on these evil corporate types and squish them like a bug, right? Well that thought occurred to more than one Texan, you may be certain.

On January 31, 2013 the Texas Senate Education Committee held a hearing on the bizarre takeover of 75% of Texan schools by the entity called CSCOPE. Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, charitably termed the situation ‘a mess.’ One teacher testified that the system amounted to “mind control,” and an algebra teacher broke down in tears as he related his story of finally opting to resign rather than ‘aiding and abetting a crime’ by teaching the CSCOPE curriculum. One experienced teacher testified that she had had doors slammed in her face—literally—when she attempted to ask school personnel about “the ideology behind CSCOPE.”

Thus, when the awakened politicians and people of Texas turned their not-so-collective wrath on TESCCC, what vengeance did they wreck upon that vile organization? Well—

Texans move to restore right-thinking education!

Texans move to restore right-thinking education!

none really. Because it wasn’t there. It was a shell company. It had no employees, no business address, no stationery, no physical location—it didn’t even have a telephone number. It was all that remained of a dark, premeditated endeavor to teach communism, socialism, and pro-Islamic theocratic fascism to the school children of Texas—and the only people left holding the bag were the May-chain of gullible, liberal educators who had gone along to get along, hand in hand with a ghost corporation that vanished into thin air when the chips were down.

Who could be behind this? If you guessed the Worldwide Socialist Totalitarian Conspiracy that Governs us—you read our minds! (Maybe we need better tin foil!)

What WOOF knows…

Comrade Darling

Comrade Darling

WOOF knows that the brain trust behind CSCOPE was President Obama’s mentor and ghost writer, “Bombin'” Bill Ayers (Current  University of Illinois at Chicago professor and retired urban terrorist and erstwhile Pentagon bomber), in partnership with the subversive education “expert” Linda Darling-Hammond, who has run more than one school right into the ground with her ultra-radical theories.  The pair are long-time advocates of the “small schools movement,” which sounds lovely except that it actually grew out of the Weather Underground in the radical ‘60s. Darling-Hammond is lauded again and again in CSCOPE materials, has lectured extensively on behalf of  CSCOPE, and was an honored constituent of Our Beloved Helmsman’s educational transition team in the dark days of 2008.  Although she is a large part of the brains behind CSCOPE, she is not mentioned in the program’s phony list of advocates in academe, because she is so transparently radical.

What happens now? WOOF predicts that the Federal government will have to take over CSCOPE because, you know, it’s “a mess.” And President Obama will need somebody to exercise control over the crippled initiative and make it into a functional, trustworthy, federally approved, perhaps even mandated, educational program, right? And that person, WOOF further predicts will be the aforementioned Linda Darling Hammond. Get it? The whole thing will be right back in the hands of its creators—but it will look like a rescue mission! Slick, comrades! But we are the Watchdogs of Our Freedom—and we are onto you!


  1. this is really scary. is this a real story? Does anybody know if this is real? roseannem


  2. Yes, Roseanna– every word is true– our stories just SOUND like we made them up, but that’s not our fault–we’re reporting on a surreal epoch! –WOOF


  3. Hello! merci d’avoir partagé cet article et aussi toutes ces belles photos sur ton blog. je suis également passionné par les animaux et j’ai même débuté un blog y’a peu de temps. a bientôt, Julie


  4. Not only is this true, Glen Beck is now talking about it and Common Core is now trying to take this process into every public school in America, so its not just real, its ongoing!!


    • Thanks for the update on this, Michael! WOOF is always pleased to put Glenn or any other broadcasting worthy onto the scent of whatever commie machinations we sniff out, and we are especially pleased that he has picked this one up and run with it, because we are reliably informed that–for whatever reason–he has a somewhat larger audience than WOOF–so all the better to spread the word!


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