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The RINOs are restless–so WOOF scans the Bushes and decides a WARNING is in order!

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 “Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.” –Tom Paine

Something slow and big is happening in the media, and WOOF has a sickly feeling that it will not be to the Nation’s benefit—no, WOOF does not like it, not one little bit. We also have a theory that nobody dumb or unserious enough to endorse Barack Obama for the presidency either last year or in 2008 can be plausibly engaged in pronouncing on what may best enable the Republic to recover (if it is, indeed to recover) from his treasonable abuse of the military, the exchequer, and the Constitution. We think now of Christopher Buckley, who proved that the apple can fall acres from the tree by reading Obama’s autobiography, and declaring himself an Obama supporter because “He is that rara avis, the politician who writes his own books. Imagine.” Well, of course one would have to imagine, because the assertion is plainly humbug. We realize now that Obama doesn’t even give his own speeches, they are projected for his annoyingly clipped verbalization onto the Presidential Teleprompter, without which technology he is virtually incoherent, besides which his first (and only readable) book was ghosted for him by terror bomber Bill Ayers. But Buckley scored big with the bi-coastal élites for mocking his pop and endorsing a palpable subversive for the Nations highest office, and if he escaped having his own highly paid TV program on CNN or MSNBC, it is only because his erudition remained at a level that would have left the fan base of Blitzer, Colbert, or Ed Schmidt mystified. WOOF predicts that Mr. Buckley’s voice will be among the many calling for moderation and civility as the election of 2016 approaches.

Christopher Buckley--"Sorry, dad!"

Christopher Buckley–“Sorry, dad!”

Avoid moderation at all costs!

Peggy Noonan--in whom hope has faded!

Peggy Noonan–in whom hope has faded!

Peggy Noonan, of whom WOOF was once intensely fond, will never have her own show on MSNBC or anywhere else in the vast wasteland because her breathy, dewy-eyed histrionics defy Marshall McLuhan’s cool-medium injunction and put one in mind, from an auditory standpoint, of ABC’s chronically hyperventilating Anne Compton—alas. But if sheer perfidy were sufficient to earn the slot, she’d be the princess of prime time. Not only did she ensure her media status by endorsing Obama in 2008, she routinely obliged the networks and liberal dailies by sniping at poor Romney over the course of his ill-starred 2012 campaign. Noonan, sad to say, has learnt the lesson of eternal popularity and uninterrupted screen time in an era of liberal media dominance—just be a verifiable Republican (loyal Reaganite, Reagan speech writer) who is willing to berate other Republicans, preferably those to the right of John McCain, while affecting to be reasonable. Lately we have columnist Kathleen Parker nobly averring “It’s time to denounce the harsh partisans who feed on polarization—it’s time to give independents a voice.” A voice? All anybody seems to worry about is independents! How about worrying about America, Kathleen?

Let us not dwell here on the irony that the only “harsh partisans” Kathleen Parker is likely to concern herself with henceforth will be on the Right…

Kathleen Parker--report any incivility to her!

Kathleen Parker–aka Miss Manners. Report any incivilities to her!

Or the fact that this will present a comparative challenge since evidence of harsh incivility on the Right is almost always inferred through deliberate misinterpretation or through a surreal indifference to context (e.g., Limbaugh’s “phony soldiers” remark, or Palin’s alleged responsibility for the wounding of Gabrielle Giffords), while the vast majority of rampaging extremists are on the Left- where their seething obloquy is studiedly ignored. This inconsistency is never acknowledged on the Left where the liberal worldview pretermits any recognition of extremists like Reed, Pelosi, Van Jones, Michael Moore, Al Gore or, indeed, the likes of Hugo Chavez who was eulogized following his delinquent departure from this temporal veil by every liberal who could put his hankie down long enough to man a keyboard.

In this contrived earnestness for moderation, the planted axiom is a head fake. The notion that both sides have to meet in the middle is a con because the Left defines the middle. Converts like Michael Smerconish, who recently discovered that conservatism was “contributing to incivility and gridlock,” and David Gergen, who more or less pioneered the squishy Republican middle, mumble inanities ostensibly “from the middle ground” and the Leftist News Media shower them with encomia and proclaim them “wise” for bravely approaching the wondrous center. Indeed, the liberal media are fuming, currently over the absence of moderate Republicans, but in reality it is hard to throw a rock without hitting a cluster of them! Once again, contrary to all reason, the Republicans even ran a moderate for the Presidency—and once again they were defeated. It is the moderate Democrat who must be presumed extinct in the wake of health care’s passage…but the disappearance of this particular species bothers the Left not one iota. Instead, the Left exhorts centrism of a nature so mutated from what any reasonable individual might envision as to defy plausibility, and only the Right is beckoned thither. What the Left calls centrism is nothing more than workaday liberalism lowered a few decibels and dressed up like David Brooks.

David Brooks: Maybe he should've written in Chris Buckley?

David Brooks: Maybe he should’ve written in Chris Buckley?

Another plot? Another plot!

It is with all this in mind that WOOF must turn its attention, briefly, we hope, to a newly risen plot on the sinistral fringe, once again manifesting itself as the sensible middle. That anybody might fall for this may seem incredible to the average pig farmer or supermarket cashier, but in the febrile climes of Bloomberg’s New York and that enchanted realm inside the Beltway, the notion that Republicans must reach toward the center in order to succeed is as rampant as Chlamydia in a bordello. And via this hoax are transmitted numerous conspiracies to finish off the conservative cause—and a favorite game of this nature is that of ensuring the nomination of presidential candidates who cannot compete effectively against determined radicals of the Left. Men like Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney come fleetly to mind in this regard. Naturally, once the left has baited the Republican establishment into nominating some hapless moderate, they switch and vilify the nominee whom only the day before they hailed as sensible and electable, ranting suddenly that he is craven, heartless, and impossibly reactionary. A corollary scam is the use of the left wing’s monopoly on media to persuade any American with ears that any Republican to the right of, say, David Frum, is a hopelessly moronic Neanderthal, and an embarrassment to all true conservatives living and dead. This might as well be called “Palinization,” so effectively was it worked upon the former governor of Alaska.

Palin--well known psycho ditz, obviously planning her next mass shooting!

Palin–well known psycho ditz, obviously planning her next mass shooting!

So all we need to do, Woofketeers, is watch our TVs, go to the movies, turn on the radio or pick up a newspaper and we will be amply persuaded that the best and only viable Republican nominee for the presidency in 2016 will be some quasi-progressive milquetoast, whereas whomever you or we might prefer to nominate would embarrass the party, the country, and quite possibly the planet given how dumb, naive, and out of touch that person will repeatedly be said to be. We will find ourselves saying of a Sarah Palin, a Michele Bachmann, or yes, even the amazing Christine O’Donnell, (WOOF’s perpetual candidate for everything) “well, they’re just not electable!” And the news personalities and the pollsters and the wise men of the center will be right there jabbering, “Amen, amen, amen!” And this terrible, strength-sapping process is once again engaged, fellow patriots, in a manner destructive of our national interest! Have you noticed a strange confluence of events?

Palin, Paul. Bachmann and O'Donnell--all sadly un-electable according to the Obama Media...so we get Jeb?

Palin, Paul. Bachmann and O’Donnell–all sadly unelectable according to the Obama Media…so we get Jeb?

What’s up with that?

News item: On the 25th of this month, the George W. Bush presidential library opened in Dallas Texas with the President and every living former president in attendance, and  Bill Clinton said nice things about W, and even the normatively venomous Jimmy Carter allowed as how W’s humanitarian efforts in Africa were laudable and went so far as to credit him with saving countless lives.

News item: A spat of polls suddenly appeared indicating that while Bush had left the White House (booed vociferously by the insensate throngs as he exited on the day of Our Beloved Leader’s coronation) at a popularity rating of only 23% positive, he has now added twenty points to that score—without lifting a finger, really—and is rated positively by around 43% of Americans—even-steven with the current President, who continues to lose ground despite the most hortatory press coverage of any world leader since Prester John.

News item: It transpires that George W. Bush paints—pictures, that is. The media are bursting with stories about this undiscovered dimension of the man—his private, sensitive side. Diane Sawyer, the official den mom of “cope” television, was agog at this evidence of his depth of personality. She hadn’t looked so simultaneously astonished and delighted since discovering that the tsunami survivors in Japan were still recycling.

W shows off one of his paintings--(it's a dog)

W shows off one of his paintings–(it’s a dog)

News item: Former President George W. Bush made it clear that he considered his younger brother, Jeb, to be the optimal choice for the 2016 Republican nomination, adding, “He would be great. He’d be a marvelous candidate if he chooses to do so. He doesn’t need my counsel ’cause he knows what it is, which is ‘run.’”

News Item: Last Thursday morning, NBC’s Matt Lauer asked former first lady Barbara Bush whether she wanted to see her son, Jeb, run for president in 2016. ”He’s by far the best qualified man,” she said, “But no, I really don’t.” (Mom’s are supposed to say that, right?)

News item: Writing for The Washington Post blog, “The Fix,” Chris Cillizza exclaimed that “No one doubts that if he ran, Jeb Bush would start the race as the GOP front-runner by dint of his record as governor, his policy chops and the power that his last name conveys in Republican politics.” Really, Chris, and you looked all over the place and you discovered that no one doubts this? Gentle readers, this is not how news is reported, it is how news is created.

News item: Jeb Bush has written a book.

Well, half a book, anyhow. There's still time for a whole one!

Well, half a book, anyhow. There’s still time for a whole one!

Do we see where this is headed?

Make no mistake, gentle readers, WOOF is happy about W’s renaissance. No President was ever more maligned, traduced, and deliberately misrepresented to the American public than Bush 43 —and there were no Democrat centrists calling for an end to the nasty jokes, the accusations, the conspiracy theories, or the allegations of deceit, not to mention insane imputations of genocidal duplicity in the wake of hurricane Katrina. WOOF agrees that it’s nice to see the American public at last overcoming the agitprop and getting Bush 43 in belated perspective—but it is worrisome to see how much help in this regard is coming suddenly from the Left. Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley pretended to explain the sudden sea change with the standard persiflage, telling Americans that “We pummel presidents when they’re in the White House,” and suggesting that Bush’s reputation was overdue for a surge. But his assessment, reported dutifully even by FOX News, is pure bologna. The fact is, only Republican presidents are subjected to this level of vitriol, and no one previously in history, not even Nixon, endured it to the extent that it was heaped on W—and this mainly because the media establishment, which began as implicitly liberal during the Eisenhower administration and progressed during the post Vietnam decade to intensely liberal, swung into full blown bombastic liberalism during the Bush 43 era…and thence into the brain-dead rubber-stamp mode with which it greeted the election of Our Beloved Helmsman. All that said, the elites appear to be scheming again, and they may suppose themselves to have laid hold of the next Romney/McCain/Dole-style patsy.

Jeb considers 2016

Jeb considers 2016

Jeb Bush is the perfect Republican candidate if you scan the horizon from the political left. And make no mistake, the Republican National Committee scans the horizon from that vantage point just as surely as does the DNC. One can easily forecast the media working in close combination with its bosses in the DNC and an utterly complicit batch of country-club Republican kingmakers to make the nomination of Jeb Bush appear inevitable as 2016 approaches, just as his brother’s suddenly seemed in 2000.  WOOF must take polite exception for the following reasons:

First, while Jeb would be vastly preferable to Obama or Hillary, (or Biden, in case anybody takes that possibility seriously), there are at least four exceptional and authentically conservative candidates who would prove (no matter what the sovietized American media tell us), far more electable in 2016 than another Bush, especially considering how swiftly the press will turn on the Bush Dynasty the moment they have their candidates in place. No more nice remarks about paintings, no more warm recollections of lives saved at home or abroad—only the renewed drumbeat of antipathy and blame. Was it not thus with John McCain, who entered the presidential race in ’08 foolishly persuaded that the media adored him?

Why avoid the Bushes?

So what’s so bad about a Bush dynasty in American politics? Why is WOOF sounding alarm bells? First, let’s examine the record. Was W a conservative president? Of course liberals all think so, for the same reason they labor under the misapprehension that Nixon was a conservative—because he was a Republican and he wasn’t a socialist, or in Nixon’s case, not exactly a socialist. But that’s where the resemblance stops. In Bush’s case there is the admirable fact that he understood supply-side economics, consistently stimulating the economy with tax cuts—but he utterly ignored entitlement spending, and backed legislation that contributed to it. He doubled public spending in eight years, outspending Bill Clinton if only because Clinton was saved from economic disaster by  Newt Gingrich’s congress and brought to heel despite himself, thus reviving an economy he’d run into the ground during his first two years.


Bush’s unwillingness to seal the border with Mexico still baffles us at WOOF—was he simply sold on the open borders policy as a means of wooing Hispanic voters, or was he in the pocket of the New World Order, however conceived, or was he sticking up for business cronies who relied on cheap labor? WOOF is clueless (for once) but his obstinacy hurt America and served the purpose of liberalism. There is no indication that brother Jeb will not follow suit.


William F. Buckley Jr.–conservatism’s Prometheus.

In 2009 CBS News was happy to grant William F. Buckley Jr. a lengthy interview (by news bite standards) so that he could decry Bush 43’s spending habits and denounce his foreign policy as “indecipherable,” which is an excellent term for the morass Bush created in Iraq by arriving in Baghdad and turning out to have no follow through plan whatsoever other than to paint a bulls eye on his forces and hunker down. Syria should have fallen to converging Israeli and pivoting American forces within days of Baghdad,, but instead the Bush war makers seemed to go out of their way to mire themselves in an increasingly hostile Iraq, bereft of any vision for an attack on the terror exporters in Damascus, or of a follow-up exploitation of massive discontent in Iran that might have toppled that regime and ended its terrorist history. Instead, Bush left the war in the Middle East in that condition that Buckley labeled with exactitude.

Our point here is not that W was bad or stupid (which assertion we are content to leave to the Left), but rather that he was by no means conservative, by no means libertarian, and in matters of foreign policy very nearly Wilsonian, which is to say almost criminally idealistic. Let us not be herded further into the Bushes by a liberal scheme to defang the Right in 2016 and replace Palin or Paul (or O’Donnell!) with yet another innocuous center-leftist, which we very much regret to say is what Jeb Bush amounts to.


Communizing our schools?


We just heard him on NPR–they introduced him as “an educator.”

Jeb Bush’s ironically named Foundation for Excellence in Education is in the vanguard of the fight to keep the subversive, anti-American protocols of the Common Core educational format alive and flourishing in Florida—and elsewhere. Common Core is the latest mutation of the notorious CSCOPE (see our WOOF report) plot to brainwash American school children. It should be fought tooth and nail by every patriot, not promoted by Bush’s staffers! In a letter to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s board of directors, Patricia Levesque, executive director of Bush’s foundation, called the Common Core program a “crucial foundation” for reform and insisted that it will better prepare students for a globalized economy—which may be true. It will also turn our children into America-loathing, collectivized ignoramuses…which fact ought surely to have occurred to Jeb Bush at some juncture? There is no excuse that WOOF can think of for Bush’s support of this transparently communist stratagem. At best, Bush’s association with Common Core bespeaks sheer ignorance of the forces arrayed against the Republic at this crucial hour. More probably, it exposes the professional political class’s disconnect from the realities of the American vision, and reeks of elitism and internationalism—both of which, in case you haven’t noticed, WOOF opposes.

Ties to a One-World Cabal?

We all know by now that George Bush Senior liked to allude to the New World Order during his presidency. In a speech before congress on September 11, 1991 he spoke new worldglowingly of “a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation” and suggested that “out of these troubled times…a New World Order can emerge.” And that wasn’t Senior’s first mention of the matter, either. In January of that year he lauded “the peace and democracy of the emerging New World Order we now see—this long-dreamed-of vision we’ve all worked toward for so long.” Huh? To borrow the punch line from that old Lone Ranger and Tonto joke: “What you mean we, kemosabe?”

Is the Bush family in league with the Internationalist Elites who threaten our sovereignty, our constitution, and our rights to self defense?  WOOF is forced to conclude that they are, at the very least, insufficiently concerned about exempting themselves from such supranational fraternities. Jeb Bush’s association with the infamous Council on Foreign Relations (shudder!) is a case in point, and Jeb’s opinion of Romney’s candidacy, according to his new book, is that Romney moved so far to the political right during the election, he lost the Hispanic vote.  Lost it? WOOF believes with Muddy Waters that ‘you can’t lose what you ain’t never had!’

And they might be reptiles!

David Icke--he knows if you're a space reptile!

David Icke–he knows if you’re a space reptile!

And if all the above isn’t enough to discourage you from falling in line with the media’s Jeb Bush initiative, consider this: The entire Bush family may actually be reptiles! Yes, British conspiracy expert, Green Party spokesman and BBC television personality, David Icke, has published extensive research indicating that blood-drinking reptilian aliens from the Alpha Draconis system have resided on our planet for centuries, inhabiting vast subterranean cities while conspiring against humankind. Icke has worked tirelessly to expose this interplanetary plot to enslave our species, and contends that many of the leaders on today’s world stage are actually shape-shifting “reptoids.” You may find this allegation difficult to credit, gentle readers, but consider this: Icke’s evidence is so compelling that a 2013 Public Policy Polling survey indicates that as many as 4% of America’s registered voters believe that reptiles from space have infiltrated positions of leadership worldwide. Among these reptilian infiltrators, according to Icke, are the Bush family, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Al Gore, the entire steering committee of the Bilderberger Group, Hillary Clinton, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie. Alas, even the mind-bogglingly beautiful Jenna Bush is not immune from suspicion.

That’s right; clear, highly implicative video tape exists of Jenna absent-mindedly morphing into a lizard girl while being interviewed on FOX News, and while WOOF feels obliged by some semblance of conscience to refer our readers to the following site: alienpet for a complete discussion of how clandestine reptoids are unwittingly depicted by television cameras, we also want Jenna to know that even if she is a reptile, she’s definitely WOOF’s nominee for the most brilliantly inspired shape shifter on this planet or any other! But we digress…


Jenna turns reptoid on FOX–we still love her, though!

It’s not just four families or whatever!

WOOF is firmly convinced that the Liberal Establishment Media will conspire with the RNC establishment in Washington to place a non-conservative candidate at the top of the 2016 Republican ticket. This must not be permitted to occur. WOOF has great affection for the Bush clan, and likes Jeb a lot for a lot of reasons, but Jeb Bush is not the man who will lead us out of the Obama wilderness. At best, he would only make the wilderness more bearable.

And thus WOOF finds itself in the peculiar position of agreeing simultaneously, and on the same point, with Barbara Bush, Al Sharpton, and David Letterman; namely that America should “Stay out’n the Bushes!” to use Sharpton’s unforgettable epigram. Or as Jeb’s mom rather more benevolently put it, when asked why she would prefer her boy to resist the call, “We’ve had enough Bushes. It’s not just four families, or whatever.”

Exactly, Mrs. Bush! Exactly!

Christine O'Donnell looks to the future!  (If that guy could just get his shoulder out of the way!) and WOOF feels prompted to point out that our preferred candidate is not only the single Republican in the field who has publicly testified that she is not a witch, she is also nowhere on record as being accused of being a reptoid. We checked! Another good reason to make it Christine in '16!

Christine O’Donnell looks to the future! (If that guy could just get his shoulder out of the way!) And WOOF feels prompted to note that our preferred candidate is not only the single Republican in the field who has publicly testified that she is not a witch, she is also nowhere on record as being accused of being a reptoid. We checked! Another good reason to make it Christine in ’16!

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