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The Unmaking of a President: WOOF bids adieu to Mohammed Morsi!

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The strange and not a little tragic telemetry of Muḥammad Muḥammad Mursī ‘Īsá al-‘Ayyāṭ and his all-girl band.

Those who read WOOF consistently already know how diligently we have endeavored to keep our fellow Americans (and those of you in all those other countries—including Egypt– that show up on our little color-demographic map of followers that WordPress so thoughtfully provides) abreast of how President Obama’s Terrorist Spring initiative is blossoming across the Middle East. You may even recall that one of the basic touchstones by which we’ve measured the administration’s success became the ascension to power in Egypt of the insensate, racist, rabidly anti-Semitic America hater, Mohamed Morsi (briefly renamed Mursi by Reuters and the AP, after which he once again became Morsi). Early in Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at State she went straight to work realizing the president’s dream of a an Arab world united in monolithic detestation of the United States, and this meant dramatic changes in American foreign policy. Two vital salients of this master plan involved jerking the rug violently from under the feet of President Mubarak, our long-time ally in Egypt, and going to (unreported but extremely bloody) war with the government of Libya, where Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, had proved himself a tamely neutral potentate—even going so far as to unilaterally discard his nuclear program as a good faith gesture.

Ronald Reagan going after Gaddafi in 1986

Ronald Reagan going after Gaddafi in 1986

In fact, Gaddafi had been well behaved toward America ever since Ronald Reagan relieved him of his Air Force and about half his Navy back in the ‘80s. But Gaddafi’s neutrality threatened the Obama/Clinton plan for pan-Arabian hostility, and he had to go. Little comprehending the subversive thinking that drove an American administration to arm his Al Qaida-affiliated opponents and drive him from his last stronghold, Gaddafi died slowly, spitting blood and coughing up his last breaths as he was driven around town lashed to the hood of a car while the cheering mob took turns bashing, shooting, or stabbing him. When he was finally pronounced dead, Mrs. Clinton enjoyed one of her occasional spasms of rank loutishness, cackling for the microphones and cameras and bellowing: “We came, we saw, he died!”  It has never been officially reported precisely how many benzodiazepines (or exactly what) are required to put Mrs. Clinton in this annoyingly boisterous condition, but the results are invariably unlovely.

Just dead--Muammar Gaddafi's passing excited merriment from Her Eminence.

Just dead–Muammar Gaddafi’s passing excited merriment from Her Eminence.

As for Mohammed Morsi, he was (arguably) the legitimate winner of the democratic elections in Egypt following the ouster of Mubarak, the pro-American president given the vaudeville hook by Clinton and Obama—another uncomprehending victim of his own faith in America’s support—a support that was unwavering from the Carter Administration through to the Bush administration, but didn’t amount to mouse droppings in the brave new pan-Sharia-law vision of America’s first anti-American president. To the Obama Regime, a Hamas-affiliated hate merchant at the head of the ultra-venomous Muslim Brotherhood was exactly the right guy for the slot, while most informed observers (with the incomprehensible exception of William Kristol) recognized clearly that Mohammed Morsi was much worse news for the West and for Israel than any previous Egyptian leader, including Nasser—but we digress.

WOOF really likes Bill Kristol, he just seems to be wrong a lot...what's with that?

WOOF really likes Bill Kristol, he just seems to be wrong a lot…what’s with that?

Young Mo: The rise to power

donkeyWho was this beamish boy who came to power in Cairo with hope in his heart and an all-girl squad of constitutional revisionists on his payroll? What madness drove him to the very crest of events and saw him almost as quickly swallowed by the onrushing tides of the pre-apocalyptic telos? Well, little Mo started off life in the Sharqia Governorate  of  northern Egypt, a lad of humble, provincial origins who spent his childhood in the village of El-Adwah, north of Cairo, while dad farmed the sands and mother swept them out of their small home, and cooked. Adlerian therapists will wish to know that little Mo was the eldest of five brothers, and told journalists that he remembers being taken to school on the back of a donkey. (Not that the donkey part is Adlerian, we just threw that in—it’s a detail.)


Spring–when love was fresh and unblemished by reality.

Mohammed grew to college age and dutifully earned his baccalaureate and masters degrees from Cairo University in the ‘70s.  He then made the cardinal error of attending the University of Southern California in 1982, receiving his PhD and, needless to say, sealing into his weltanschauung a level of glowering anti-Americanism. Like so many other victims of modern American university education, our own president among them, Mohammed Morsi emerged an America-loathing extremist and it was in this frame of mind that he returned to Egypt to serve as the head of the department of engineering at Zagazig University (yes that’s really a place). But even while thus engaged, Morsi found time to get elected to parliament in 2000. He served there until 2005 and then ran for president as an independent candidate, only because the savage Muslim Brotherhood to whom he owed his allegiance was banned from the body politic under Mubarak’s comparatively enlightened rule. Mo lost, but became the chief of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood. He became a political prisoner during the bloody beginnings of what the Liberal Establishment Media dubbed “Arab Spring,” even though Egyptians aren’t Arabs, they’re Egyptians, but that’s not important now. An Al Qaida led operation broke Morsi out of jail together with most of his fellow Muslim Brotherhood brothers. This daring-do together with his ballsy cell-phone calls to Al Jazeera sufficed to put Mo in the vanguard of the presidential elections that followed the removal of Mubarak by the Obama-Clinton-Al Qaida cartel.

Following the first round of Egypt’s first post-Mubarak presidential election, Morsi had scooped up 25.5 percent of a widely scattered vote, thus he was officially named the winner and confirmed as Egypt’s new president on 24 June 2012, narrowly beating Mubarak’s former prime minister Ahmed Shafik, whom Morsi denounced during the campaign as “a holdover from the Mubarak-era of secular moderation.” And we were definitely not having any more of that!

Rapture at Foggy Bottom

Her Eminence cozies up--the stamp of approval is complete.

“With all that that entails!” Her Eminence cozies up.

In Washington, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was elated by these results, as was Our Beloved Helmsman, for they fit perfectly with the master plan of concretizing anti-Americanism, anti-colonialism and rampant anti-Semitism across the region. Her Eminence flew personally to Egypt to embrace the Morsi administration literally and figuratively, declaring that the United States “supports the full transition to civilian rule with all that that entails.” Meanwhile Morsi was busy dispatching his Prime Minister to Gaza to express solidarity with Hamas, vowing to his supporters that “”The Zionists have no right to the land of Palestine….there is no place for them on the land of Palestine,” and calling Jews “blood-suckers”, “warmongers” and “descendants of apes and pigs.”  This did not raise a Clintonian eyebrow as she posed for stately photos with Morsi in the glittery opulence of the presidential palace.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F-16 Fighting Falcon

Her Eminence added that she was fully supportive of Egypt’s military (which had seized power prior toMorsi’s election) returning “to a purely national security role,” (meaning ‘leave our boy alone, we love him!’) And to emphasize this point while placating his bothersome military, she made Morsi the gift of 200 Abrams Main Battle Tanks and a squadron of F-16s (supersonic jet fighters).  When Morsi further alleged that the Palestinian Authority “was created by the Zionist and American enemies for the sole purpose of opposing the will of the Palestinian people and its interests,” Jay Carney explained that the Egyptian maniac had been “taken out of context.” When Morsi re-contextualized his remarks by explaining that “No reasonable person can expect progress [with Israel]. Either you accept the Zionists and everything they want, or else there is war,” Jay Carney explained that, “U.S. policy is focused on actions, not words.”

The quality of Mursi is unconstrained…

Once constitutionally elected, Morsi wasted no time making it plain that he required broad new powers in order to govern, spread Islamic law and extirpate Israel. To lend a hand, TIME magazine, a subversive pop-cultural American weekly deriving its name from a once world-famous periodical published by Henry Luce, dutifully declared Morsi “The most important man in the Middle East.” Morsi agreed. His next move was to quash the Egyptian constitution as written, which he achieved by staying up all night with an all-female quartet of hand-picked constitutional revisionists, rewriting the document to taste while simultaneously removing from the law any checks the Egyptian courts previously possessed against his authority and nullifying the Constituent Assembly.  This infuriated the Egyptians to such an extent that they chased Morsi out of the palace, but he sneaked in again a few days later and re-established himself. At the time, WOOF wondered in these pages: “Will there be any mercy for Mursi (aka Morsi) now that the aroused citizenry is alert to his having turned up again like the proverbial bad Piastre?”


Of course, come to think of it, TIME often makes Bill Kristol look phenomenally accurate.

Well, on the second anniversary of Mubarak’s discomfiture, Morsi, or Mursi, or “Morsy” as President Obama’s news releases inexplicably reference him, was once again subject to  the wrath of the “Arab Street” –let’s call it the Egyptian Street–gathered in Tahrir Square (well, it’s actually a traffic circle but nobody cares).  Like many an overbearing autocrat before him, WOOF’s old nemesis put up a good struggle, but to no avail. Sixty people are dead in the rioting to date, and returns aren’t in from outlying districts. And then there’s the peculiar tradition of raping foreign journalists that began with the beating and rape of American reporter Lara Logan following Mubarak’s overthrow, and was most recently upheld by beating and raping a 22-year-old Dutch journalist on the occasion of Morsi’s ouster. Multiculturally speaking, a local Salafi priest, one Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, helpfully explained that women who come to Tahrir Square “have no shame and want to be raped.”

Decline and fall

11. A protester wears a guy fawkes maskMorsi’s riot police fielded tear gas, clubs, bullets, and armored cars against the rioters; evidently none of our 200 Abrams tanks got there in time to be put to use in this effort, thus the crowd continued to gain in strength and determination. One protester seemed to personify the spirit of the rebellion when interviewed by Canadian media. Speaking from behind one of those tawdry V-for-Vendetta masks the 19-year old rioter explained (to the extent that he could be understood through the mask), “I will be coming back here every day until the blood of our martyrs is avenged!” Guy Fawkes, however, is not recognized as an Islamic martyr, he being Catholic, and was neither Egyptian nor Arab. Perhaps WOOF is merely waxing stubborn here in its reluctance to recognize the universality of inanity?

But we digress. Last Wednesday, Egypt’s military chief grew weary of the games and informed Morsi that the Egyptian army was deposing him, replacing him with Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, who looks like Albert Schweitzer by comparison. Morsi argued, temporized, swore intractable resistance, and then departed quietly, possibly because he knew the army had the Abrams tanks. ElBaradei, however, did not appear as scheduled. Apparently, the ultraconservative Salafi el-Nour party didn’t care for him, possibly due to an anti-rape plank in his presidential platform. Things looked iffy. But Army Chief General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who is anything but, stepped in again and explained the part about Abrams tanks to the Salafi leaders who thereupon withdrew their objections to ElBaradei who was promptly sworn in. In the wake of this occurrence, reports have circulated that ElBaradei’s instillation is in question, but as of now he remains Morsi’s probable successor.

America's Abrams M1A1 tank

America’s Abrams tank

Where is he today?

Kerry en route to his yacht--waving good-bye to Mo?

Kerry en route to his yacht–waving good-bye to Mo?

And Mo? He remains under house arrest in a military compound. His fate is yet to be decided (but we bet there’s a big trial). The Obama administration is miserable, they having backed Morsi until he fell over. Right up to the last moment Washington issued earnest entreaties and petulant warnings to the Egyptian army to leave their poster boy for Arab Spring in power, and rushed John Kerry (who served briefly in Vietnam before he was against it) to the region where he evinced support for Morsi by sitting in the same glittery chairs that formerly cushioned Her Eminence’s stately posterior. Kerry returned to the U.S., jaw confidently extruded,  to proclaim America’s firm support for the Morsi regime, and went sailing. He was sunning himself aboard his yacht in Nantucket, Massachusetts when the ax fell on the Egyptian despot. Since this looked inexcusably disconnected and –well—stupid, the Obama administration reverted to type and lied, insisting that Secretary of State John Kerry had not been on his boat. Hapless spokesperson Jen Psaki was tapped to inform the press that Kerry had, in fact, “worked around the clock all day,” the redundancy, one guesses, meant to imply veracity. But when CBS released photos of Kerry on his boat at the time of Morsi’s downfall, the Obama administration remembered that Kerry had been, after all, “briefly on his boat.” The entire administration, of course, remains all at sea, and events in post-Morsi Egypt are looking pretty vague too.

Americans can pause here to indulge a pang of heartfelt empathy for the Egyptian Street, because undeniably a degree of parallelism obtains in our situations. Have we not placed our electoral foot in a not dissimilar bucket? If you suppose otherwise, dear readers, consider this remark by Egyptian writer Wael Nawara appearing on the middle-eastern website Al Monitor: “It is not just about the fuel shortages, power outages, deteriorating economy or soaring prices. Western media rarely, if ever, mention the Muslim Brotherhood’s assault on Egyptian identity, culture and way of life as a core cause of the protests.”  That’s okay, Wael—they never mention the assault on our identity, culture and way of life, either!

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In happier days!

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