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How Red was my Valerie (or) I can see Russia from my White House!

In Just say HUAC forum on August 8, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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Gentle readers, WOOF hates like poison to publish two consecutive pieces on the same topic, more or less, but here we are again, stuck in Benghazi because the newest buzz is that Valerie Jarrett, whom WOOF has repeatedly identified as one of the most ardently committed communists in the Obama White House, is now a leading suspect in the abandonment of our people during the assault on the consulate and nearby “secret” safe house that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, an aid, and two Navy SEALS.

The SEAL Team Six assault on bin Laden's compound depicted in "Zero Dark Thirty," which readers will recall WOOF reviewed positively, although we haven't seen it.

The SEAL Team Six assault on bin Laden’s compound depicted in “Zero Dark Thirty,” which readers will recall WOOF reviewed positively, although we haven’t seen it.

Many others were wounded in the Al Qaida assault, but the administration has squirreled them away with tremendous efficiency–efficiency of a caliber not otherwise exhibited by the Obama White House. ..unless you count efficiently destroying the economy and dividing the country into balkanized populations of “victims” asserting their various entitlements.  And Valerie Jarrett has been at Dear Leader’s side from the inception of his presidency, ensuring the smooth, steady dismantling of the American Dream while “force multiplying” welfare recipients.  Even in light of such dedication and ingenuity, the newest Jarrett story lacks face validity. In fact, it seems absurd on several counts, but this hardly rules it out, conditions being as they are…and may even lend it a certain credence. The information, furthermore, seems to have been selectively leaked, which makes it all the more piquant, especially if the leaks are emanating from certain disgruntled Clintonista, which is WOOF’s working premise. Valerie Jarrett, remember, is also widely reputed to have thrice quashed the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. WOOF can state with certainty that it was she who scuttled the first scheduled Bin Laden raid, although we cannot substantiate precisely three such instances; but WOOF knows that the raid on Bin Laden’s safe house in Pakistan was scrubbed more than once, and that President Obama was finally pressured into making the “go” decision by numerous military and DOD higher-ups who bluntly told Dear Leader that if he allowed Bin Laden time to escape to a new location, news of his inaction would certainly leak—and his limp-wristed unwillingness to drop the hammer on America’s number one enemy at large would cost him the election in 2012. Woof knows that it was in this light that Our Beloved Helmsman reluctantly agreed to go ahead with SEAL Team Six’s now famous assault on Osama’s country estate despite what now appear to be Jarrett’s earlier efforts to kill the plan instead of the terror kingpin.

Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer--

Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer–sensing Obama “through” the situation room.

Fast forward now to the night of September 9, 2012. At 5 PM, coded or scrambled reports began to flood the signals offices in Washington to the effect that the Special Mission in Benghazi had come under heavy assault. WOOF is now certain that early in the Benghazi crisis the president, whom we previously suspected of resting up following his strenuous appearance on the Pimp with a Limp radio program, was in fact wide awake, and underwent a thorough briefing courtesy of Secretary of Defense Panetta. The president’s immediate action in the wake of this briefing, as best as WOOF can ascertain, was to have dinner in his sumptuous private quarters. White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer was pointedly asked by Chris Wallace on Wallace’s FOX News program to divulge the president’s whereabouts during the hours of the attack. Pfeiffer refused to say where the president was.  WOOF knows for certain that Obama was not in the situation room, where of course any other president in modern history would have been on such an occasion. The closest Pfeiffer came to fallaciously placing the president in the situation room that night was his magnificently aphasic remark, desperately emitted under Wallace’s verbal pummeling, that “[The president] was kept up to date through the situation room,” as though he were somehow immanent in the very air.

confused terror

Oppose Al Qaida? Support Al Qaida? Even the terrorists seem confused by Obama’s policies…

Glenn Beck has theorized that President Obama was “kept out of the loop so he wouldn’t be a witness to a situation that involved running guns to the rebels in Syria,” but as WOOF has pointed out previously, it is difficult to imagine this president living in such trepidation of a news media that performs poodle devotions at his bidding—besides which, the administration’s verbal support for the rebels was a known commodity, so why not arm them? For heaven’s sake, John McCain was even then demanding that they be armed, so how do you get blander than that?  No, there is more to this than brother Beck’s suspicion portends! Panetta is, in his heart of hearts, an unregenerate Clintonista, and his stronger instinct would be to throw Obama under the bus if it meant saving Hillary’s reputation, besides which, why keep the president above suspicion when, absent any curiosity or criticism from the comatose press, the average American would be no more perturbed by arms smuggling to Syrian rebels than by—oh, let’s say—a 1.7% uptick in the economy being ballyhooed by the media as a veritable rebound.  And now, into the bargain, comes this bizarre leak to the effect that Valerie Jarrett,  the Iranian-born communist ideologue who is President Obama’s most trusted adviser, single handedly killed any rescue attempts during those agonizing eight hours last September.

How can a clandestine policy arouse controversy if John McCain supports it?

How can a clandestine policy arouse controversy if John McCain supports it?

Really? The story seems superficially implausible because Valerie Jarrett, besides being a deranged anti-American fruit loop, is also un-elected and unconfirmed by congress to any position—she being titularly the “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs,” whatever one makes of that jabberwocky, and in reality simply one of the many hard-core communist conspirators with whom Our Dear Leader prefers to surround himself. She cannot issue orders to call off American military rescues—she has no constitutional authority to tell the lowliest Lance Corporal to say hey, let alone cancel an AC-130 strike.

And yet, it seems increasingly probable that Comrade Jarrett is the authority who called off the AC-130 gunship that could easily have eliminated the attackers in a burst of its conglomerate armament of 25 mm Gatling fire, 40 mm auto-cannon shells, and, (just to add insult to injury), a 105 mm Howitzer—kind of a punctuation mark at the end of the good-bye message. Much has been made, in many excellent though significantly less amusing blogs than ours, of the denial of cross-border authority. This order was obviously withheld, which is insane in and of itself, and yes, without a presidential order to cross international borders on a hostile mission, American forces cannot advance in an international rescue attempt, or any other armed salient. But WOOF has long maintained that an AC-130U “Spooky” was in the area that night, which is to say already in Libyan airspace, and this is why SEALS Woods and Doherty used laser targeting devices to pinpoint the mortars that subsequently killed them—because they expected the gunship to respond by opening fire with its laser-following weaponry. The SEALS probably could not have imagined in their wildest nightmares that anyone matching the philosophical profile of Valerie Jarrett was in charge back in Washington DC—no, they would not have known her name. But WOOF knows her name, and we have mentioned her before now!

The AC-130U addressing a problem on the ground--this sort of problem resolution could have saved Ambassador Stevens and the others.

The AC-130U addressing a problem on the ground–this sort of problem resolution could have saved Ambassador Stevens and the others.

Valerie Jarrett has been President Obama’s closest adviser since she was insinuated into his midst by her father-in-law—and her father-in-law was a fellow traveling Marxist who worked hammer-in-sickle with Obama’s mentor and truest father figure, Frank Marshall Davis, a hardened and unyielding communist.  Her family tree is also intermarried with that of Bill Ayers—the retired terrorist bomber, lifelong communist, and ghostwriter of Obama’s first book—the readable one. She is also comrades with former Obama adviser Van Jones, who was exposed in 2010 as a full blown communist, but who was dismissed from overt association with the White House only after he was taped saying that the Bush Administration colluded in the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Bill Ayers's interest in educating youth is justly famous.

Bill Ayers’s interest in educating youth goes back decades!

Readers who recall WOOF’s warnings about the CSCOPE conspiracy (click here) will be especially interested to know that Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, joined forces with bombin’ Bill Ayers and his urban terrorist wife, Bernardine Rae Dohrn (now a professor of law at Northwestern, of course) to found a massive “educational reform initiative” aimed at Sovietizing the American public education system—to the extent that that’s even necessary nowadays. This monstrosity eventually sprouted a tentacle in the form of the subversive CSCOPE program that your local public school is probably adopting even as you read this. And where did Ayers and Jarrett’s mom come up with the cool 4.5 million needed to fund such an ambitious demolition job? It was handed to them by President Obama, of course—they got a sizable slice of the stimulus funding that most Americans thought was going to revive the economy hee, hee, suckered again!

Jarret is best known on the Right for her assertion that, “After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”

(Why— just as an aside here— are communist sympathizers and communists so fond of adverting to Hell? Karl Marx reminded us in Capital that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions;” putting every one of his acolytes on notice for all eternity, one might think. Hillary “Her Magnificence” Clinton is famous for insisting there would be “Hell to pay,” when aroused by her critics, and now we have Comrade Jarrett using the same phrase—surely the close affiliation of Marxists and the infernal regions is worthy of note, but we digress…)

A peculiar obsession with Hell seems characteristic of the Marxist intellect

A peculiar obsession with Hell seems characteristic of the Marxist intellect

So, in fairness, let’s examine how America’s journal of record, the subversive New York Times, sees Valerie Jarrett—they seem to have experienced a completely different version of her than we. When they profiled her in 2012 they spent more time gushing about her “magic” than her ties to former Weather Undergrounder Ayers. According to the Times profile, Valerie and Barack “met more than two decades ago, when Ms. Jarrett – a lawyer, like both Obamas – offered Mrs. Obama a job in the Chicago mayor’s office.” But the truth seems to be that Valerie met Barack, as we mentioned earlier, through the auspices of her subversive father-in-law who worked shoulder to shoulder with arch Red, Frank Marshall Davis, the closest thing Barack had, sadly, to a real dad. The Times ignored this, seeking out new levels of viscosity on the fulsomeness scale, trilling that “The magic of Valerie is her intellect and her heart. She is an incredibly kind, caring and thoughtful person with a unique ability to pinpoint the voiceless and shine a light on them and the issues they and the President care about with the ultimate goal of making a difference in people’s lives.”  And then, perhaps just to save readers from looming insulin shock, the Times managed the sole hint of criticality in this otherwise uninterrupted drizzle of syrup, admitting that “Some of Mr. Obama’s most senior advisers worry – perhaps not entirely without jealousy – that her direct access to the president has at times led to half-baked decision making and unclear lines of authority.” And therein lies the rub, Woofketeers, at least so far as Benghazi is concerned!

Valerie working her special magic--"loook into my eyes!"

Valerie working her special magic–“loook into my eyes!”

And where Benghazi is concerned, we return to the night of the battle, and we continue to do our utmost to trace the steps of the President of the United States as he remains, by every indication, sublimely insouciant to the violence in Libya imperiling his consulate and his ambassador. We can be reasonably certain that Obama dined in private and then Readers who recall WOOF’s warnings about the CSCOPE conspiracy (click here) will be especially engaged in a two-hour-long telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Hillary's 9/11 whereabouts remain mysterious, but "what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Hillary’s 9/11 whereabouts remain mysterious, but “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

The purpose of the call, from President Obama’s standpoint, was to create the illusion of bonhomie between the White House and Netanyahu’s government, since the president’s previous abuses of Netanyahu, including an unconscionable snubbing back in 2009 and a ridiculous subsequent call for a return to the borders of 1967 which would be suicidal for Israel, had resulted in a noticeable level of disaffection on the Jewish American Left, which is to say the Jewish American population, which invariable, if inexplicably, marches as a man to the voting booths each election to vote for Democrat politicians who would rather hug a PLO terrorist than give Israel the time of day. The evidence shows that Valerie Jarrett was also present during this conference, and that she made her way subsequently, either at Obama’s behest or of her own volition, from the private quarters to the situation room where the events on the ground in Benghazi were being monitored in real time by, among others, secretary of Defense Panetta, and . Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. So far as can be reasonably substantiated, Hillary Clinton was not at the scene.

On the job! Panetta, Dear Leader, and General Dempsey, looking out for you!

On the job! Panetta, Dear Leader, and General Dempsey, looking out for you!

It is precisely at this point that Conservative Report insists Valerie Jarrett assumed the leadership role for the administration, and like we said at the beginning, this would seem palpably absurd if it were not for three vexing points of fact. First, WOOF is confident that Valerie Jarrett was the person who scrubbed the raid on Bin Laden’s hideout more than once before the press of events finally forced Our Beloved Helmsman to give SEAL Team Six a reluctant “go.” Second, an increasingly compelling series of leaks reaching WOOF’s ears from sources in Qatar seem to verify the idea that Jarrett somehow managed to impose a kibosh on the AC-130U strike depended on that night by SEALs Woods and Doherty. Third, the order to “stand down” is not synonymous with an order to avoid crossing borders on a tactical mission. Forces at the airport in Tripoli or already in the skies of Libya didn’t need to cross borders, so a stand-down order would have sufficed. The waters are muddy enough regarding such an abortive order that browbeaten personnel in the situation room might have assumed Jarrett spoke for the president, as so often in the past, and as indeed she may have. That the military sycophantically carries water for the Administration to conceal these points is best evinced by Gen. Martin Dempsey’s denial that any stand-down order was issued. On the contrary, General Dempsey explained, “They weren’t told to stand down. A stand down means don’t do anything. They were told to — that the mission they were asked to perform was not in Benghazi but was at Tripoli Airport.” Did you get that, Woofketeers? The strike force wasn’t told not to go, they were only told to stay put!  So not doing anything was their mission, get it? This is the caliber of wisdom that comes from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Age of Obama.

These are the men who dies while American rescuers weren't standing down. just staying where they were at the airport in tripoli.

These are the men who died while American rescuers weren’t standing down. just staying where they were at the airport in Tripoli.

And finally, there is what one might call the devil in the details—the weirdly impelling character of skulking, conspiratorial malevolence that permits its janissaries to impose their will against all reason, especially in the most critical circumstances. To this end, we note that Tad Cronn, writing for Before it’s News.com, has offered that “Jarrett has always been Morgan le Fey to Obama’s Mordred.”  Perfect! And as we already know from the New York Times, “The magic of Valerie is her intellect and her heart.”

"When I clap my hands, you will remember nothing!"

“When I clap my hands, you will remember nothing!”


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