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RIGHT BLACK AT YOU! Playing the race card on the side of the angels!

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The King of Soul was a Republican? True that! And he wasn't alone!

The King of Soul was a Republican? True that! And he wasn’t alone!

We here in the WOOF cave have been thinking, and since we are tired of discussing Syria and haven’t got anything breaking on Benghazi since our last expose, and since we just reminded ourselves last article about Michel Foucault’s theory of truth as popular discourse, and since we like to fly in the face of “truth” according to popular discourse whenever truth demands it— well, we decided to talk about something completely different!

Actually, we decided to talk about Blacks voting slavishly (forgive the expression) Democrat, and ask a general question: Why on earth do they do that? It rather reminds us of America’s Jewish voters who file to the voting booths each election to vote (slavishly, you should excuse the expression) for liberal candidates who would gladly sell Israel down the river while striking alliances with Islamic terror movements and lobbyists in order to institute a fascistic state in this country, led perhaps in perpetuity by a president so intensely anti-Israeli that he went out of his way to embarrass Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House (check it out here if you don’t recall it) and has shown nothing but contempt for our Israeli allies over the five agonizing years of his presidency to date. But Jewish American voters, we will remonstrate with you at a later date. Meanwhile—


Roughly translated from the Gaelic:”Ethnic groups have always supported their own, and you just have to expect it, it’s only human!” (Okay, very roughly!)

Black American voters, what’s with this Democrat stuff?  We here at WOOF repeatedly ask Black Americans why they vote democratic, and this goes way beyond the obvious fact that Barack Obama is a Black candidate for whom Blacks voted in large part owing to feelings of what might be described as “community” loyalty; and this despite the fact that the Bamster’s mom was starkly Caucasian. (Thus, the New York Times would routinely describe our president as a “White African American” if their editorial policy were consistent with their invention of the “White Hispanic” racial category during the Zimmerman case. But that’s not important now.) Heck, the Irish vote for Irish folks, the Polish vote for Polish folks, the Catholics voted largely for JFK and the Mormon’s predominantly vote for Mormons (and the Bible Belt apparently sits out elections rather than vote for Mormons, leading to four more years of the White African American guy—but we digress). Our point is, we can understand why Obama nailed the Black vote—and we can even understand why people who were not Black voted for him simply to drive home the fact that a Black man could win the presidency—at least the first time around. So let’s exclude Obama from the discussion. (What a great idea, we’re glad we thought of it!) We still want to know why Blacks would vote Democrat on every other occasion! And to be perfectly honest, we have never received a meaningful answer to our question.

Almost invariably the replies have something to do with civil rights. Some of us at WOOF teach at universities where entire classrooms of 20-something students of all races will inform us that the Democrat party has always led the fight for civil and voting rights legislation. Many simply refuse to believe the Republican Party led the way in passing the majority of landmark pieces of legislation designed to ensure Black civil rights, and often over the loud objections of segregationist Democrats (like Al Gore’s daddy and Lyndon Baines Johnson).

Alveda King shares a spiritual moment with an unidentified chubbie friend.

Alveda King shares a spiritual moment with an unidentified chubby friend.

It is true, although largely ignored or ranted to derision by Leftwing media shouters, that Frederick Douglas,Sojourner Truth , Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, Mary McLeod Bethune, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King Sr, all favored the Republican party. Alveda King, in fact, remains an outspoken conservative. It is somewhat ironic, therefore that LBJ’s horrendous term-and-a-half in office (the Great Society, as he mordantly called it) solidified the idea of Blacks as beholden to the socialist Left, even as Johnson stuck poorer Black Americans in hellish Government high rises and ensured the destruction of the Black nuclear family by dolling out mammoth funding for children born out of wedlock.

The conscience of a conservative

LBJ wore several faces on Civil Rights, from raving segregationist to opportunistic supporter.

LBJ wore several faces on Civil Rights, from raving segregationist to opportunistic supporter.

But here’s the money shot: Once elevated to the presidency by the murder of Jack Kennedy, LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a substantially weaker version of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which he fought tooth and nail during his Senate career. But nobody remembered that part. The clash of the candidates in 1964 was defined in large degree by the Civil Rights issue, and the Democratic candidate (Lyndon Johnson) signed it, while the Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, voted against it.  Goldwater (who refused to take leadership of the postwar Air Guard in Arizona unless it was desegregated, thus making it the first fully desegregated military unit in American history) was cast as the racist reactionary, while LBJ, the ranting Senatorial segregationist who called Black people “nigras” was cast as the champion of African Americans, whom he privately described as “uppity.” How did this come to pass?

Goldwater based his vote against the Civil Rights Act on his view that it obtruded undue federal authority upon the affairs of the several states in contravention of the 10th amendment, as well as the Constitutional right of the individual to do or refuse to do business with whomever he chose. He was right in principle, but wrong contrasted against the zeitgeist—and was branded a racist by the media, most Black Americans, and a tremendous number of White Americans, most of whom remained unaware of the Senator’s personal abhorrence of, and battles against, racial segregation in Arizona.

Goldwater desegregated the Arizona Air Guard , had lunch, and climbed into an F-86. Where's the gratitude?

Goldwater desegregated the Arizona Air Guard , had lunch, and climbed into an F-86. Where’s the gratitude?

Lyndon Johnson had a slightly less Constitutional rationalization for his position on the bill. Aboard Air Force One he told two beaming Democrat governors, “I’ll have those n—s voting Democratic for the next 200 years!”  No, he didn’t say “nigras” that time. And while WOOF abhors LBJ’s rehearsal of that most infamous racial epithet (and while we edited it in keeping with our editorial refusal to allow racial slurs on our site) we cannot deny his claim. Sadly, it proved accurate, despite the fact, buried by liberal historians and media potentates, that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed by a majority of Republican votes against rear-guard Democratic opposition.

So, as the execrable Vladimir Ilyich Lenin asked in completely different circumstances, what is to be done?  Well, most Conservatives seem to believe that the case must be made to America’s Black voters that their entire perception of Civil Rights is askew and ought to be adjusted in accordance with the facts. But WOOF sees this as a fool’s errand akin to trying to persuade the average “millennial” that we don’t currently spend enough on our military to ensure that he will remain free to play “Call of Duty” in his mom’s basement. It is achingly true, all right, but impossible to “message,” as they say on Madison Avenue.

"Dude! You're a racist?"

“Dude! You’re a racist?”

Consider the real problem. How many times has some benighted liberal earnestly suggested to you, unless you are Black, that your refusal to support Our Beloved Helmsman is assignable to his race?  Many will be able to reply “every time,”  and do so without exaggerating. We at WOOF like to remind our critics of this stripe that in 2008 we proudly strode into the voting booth and cast our ballots for an exciting candidate whom WOOF endorsed, and who we believed possessed the brains, the vigor, and the creative insight to solve our nation’s problems and who, we like to add, shamelessly taking up the bromidic PC chestnut, “just happened to be Black.” As you can well imagine, the delighted response to this news is invariably, “Oh! So you DID vote for President Obama!” to which we reply, “Heavens, no, we wouldn’t vote for that communist—we voted for Alan Keyes!” (And if that wasn’t true, we couldn’t say it on the Internet!)

Who is Alan Keyes?


All right, so that’s cute, and that’s correct. But what does it prove? Nothing except that we voted in Blue states that were clearly going for Obama anyway, thus we could proudly lodge our protest votes without costing (ugh!) McCain any electoral gains, and feel principled in the process. But what we want to emphasize here is the typical reaction to our sprung gambit, and the almost invariable reaction from men and women of color; that being, “Who is Alan Keyes?”  Well, he’s the guy who got his doctorate at Harvard and went to work at the State Department under the amazing Jeane Kirkpatrick and was appointed ambassador to the UN, and who, Reagan later said,”did such an extraordinary job … defending our country against the forces of anti-Americanism.” He’s the guy who once ran against the leftist drudge Paul Sarbanes in Maryland’s 1988 senatorial race, devastating Sarbanes so utterly in a televised debate that the local PBS affiliate that sponsored the event broadcast the result at 2AM on a Monday. Keyes got clobbered in the election, possibly because on the eve of balloting, pollsters revealed that the average Black citizen of Baltimore did not know who he was. How is that possible?  In 1992 Keyes ran again for a Maryland Senate seat, this time against Barbara Mikulski, the Old Line State’s perennial Menshevik munchkin. He scraped together 29% of the vote, which in ultra-blue Maryland, against the inexplicably adored Mikulski, and despite a local press establishment that militantly ignored or dismissed his candidacy for the second time, was an impressive achievement.

alan_keyes When Keyes, a principled and unalterable conservative, sought the Republican nomination in 2000 he was included, grudgingly, in the debates. He finished 3rd in Iowa, finished 2ndin eight other primaries, drew 20% of the vote in Utah’s primary— and survived the rest of the field to debate McCain and “W” for the nomination. Yet as “W” squared off against Albert Gore, most Americans could not have identified Alan Keyes had he showed up at their doorsteps to say howdy.  Perhaps even more notably, Keyes was hurried into the 2004 Senate election in Illinois by a panicky Republican party whose candidate (Jack Ryan—but not the one in the Clancy novels, unfortunately) dropped out of the race because of a sex scandal. Keyes’s entry into the competition came with less than three months remaining before Election Day. He was handed two-and-a-half million for his campaign, whereas the Left supplied his opponent with upwards of 14 million. Keyes was beaten, of course, and his opponent, a young Marxist named Barack Obama, achieved a 43% margin of victory, the largest Senate margin in Illinois history. And still, no remembrance of Keyes’s role in events?  The media realize that Alan Keyes is a walking press release—and that’s why they play him down.

The most media attention Keyes gained during his presidential bid in 2000 was when he consented to be tossed into a mosh pit as a lark. The media were aghast, of course!

Actually, the most media attention Keyes gained during his presidential bid in 2000 was when he consented to be tossed into a mosh pit as a lark. The media were aghast, of course! (We forget why.)

Jamelle Bouie, Black leftist and opinionist for The American Prospect has pointed out that even a modest increase in black support for a Republican presidential candidate — to Bush’s anomalous 2004 levels, for instance — would dramatically shift the odds in a presidential run-off. In an unusually selfless frame of mind, Bouie suggested that a solid GOP effort to recruit Black voters would be a better use of time and money than the party’s traditional genuflections to Latinos. In an equally selfless frame of mind, WOOF strongly concurs (boy, will Jamelle be pleased to hear that!) although we also continue to believe that all Latinos should be conservatives. Of course, we believe that all liberals should be conservatives, but we digress.

Maddow underperforms Keyes in the same MSNBC time slot--but keeps her job. Lucky for her she's not a Black conservative!

Maddow underperforms Keyes in the same MSNBC time slot–but keeps her job. Lucky for her she’s not a Black conservative!

Keyes is a man who is newsworthy in every respect, but his very existence was treated as a state secret by the Liberal Establishment Media wherever he sojourned. When MSNBC gave him a prime-time program it was abruptly cancelled after 5 months. Everyone agreed that ratings were not an issue, until a spokesperson for MSNBC decided they really must have been an issue, declaring, “His ratings aren’t the strongest,” which is simply to say his time slot was up against the monumentally successful O’Reilly.  Despite this, Keyes’s worst-rated month averaged 213,000 Nielsen households tuned into Keyes’s program each evening. Consider that last month, MSNBC’s flagship program, The Rachel Maddow Show attracted an average viewership of only 173,000 prime-time viewers per telecast—so maybe Keyes should be offered a mammoth re-signing bonus? (No, they’re bringing Ed Schultz back to the 5PM slot—that’ll do it!)

And they always look so natural!

And they always look so natural!

The fact is this: the Liberal Establishment Media harbor an abject terror of significant numbers of Black Americans drifting to the political right. WOOF knows you are probably laughing right now, dear readers—that your beverage of preference may in fact be squirting out your nostrils as you strive to control yourself and avoid tumbling from your chair in unchecked hilarity. Okay, in the immortal words of Daffy Duck, “Ha, ha, ‘tis to laugh!” But think about it for a moment. What conceivable reason does any Black American have for voting Democrat? And in particular, why vote for White elitists who have no use for Black Americans after they’ve sung a few spirituals with them in their churches for photo ops? What benefit has accrued to the Black population of America over the past 40 years as a result of its dogged loyalty to the Democrat party? Coming up with anything? Of course not.

Now, some will occasionally assert that Bobby Kennedy put a call through to Martin Luther King during the 1960 election when King was in jail in Georgia on a trumped up charge. Nixon didn’t—and that’s a fact—but that would be a scant bit of history to squander a race’s future over, even if it could not be demonstrated that Nixon and King were in fact close, had met numerous times, and that King wrote Nixon praising his “assiduous labor and dauntless courage in seeking to make the Civil Rights Bill [of 1957] a reality,” and for his “devotion to the highest mandates of the moral law.” The letter is available for viewing at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California.

nixon and king

We tried to think of what the Left could say about this annoyingly expository photo–and then we thought, maybe it’s cropped!

Apart from the alliance, more perceptual than actual, between the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, and Kennedy’s willingness to deploy the national guard to move George Wallace out of a school house doorway, thwarting Governor Wallace’s infamous stand against school desegregation at the University of Alabama, there has not been a Democrat initiative of any help whatsoever to Blacks since Harry Truman desegregated the military in 1948 (following, one might argue, the lead of  Goldwater who had already desegregated it in Arizona). No single population group, in fact, has been more heartlessly immiserated by Democrat economic policies than American Blacks.

See Governor Wallace blocking the door so Black students can't go to school? He's a Democrat!

See Governor Wallace blocking the door so Black students can’t go to school? He’s a Democrat!

So long as Black conservatives are an undiscovered species, wandering the political wilderness somewhere in the mythic mist, like a rumored tribe of Sasquatch, those who wander out of the wild and expose themselves publicly can be ridiculed into inutility with ease. Like the Patterson film, to pursue the metaphoric conceit—but that’s not important now. What’s important is this: The media and the Democrat party they serve are joined in a conspicuous concordat to deliberately ignore or perniciously malign Blacks who are conservatives—indeed, to ignore or sneeringly berate any Black whose views place him to the proximal right of Bobby Seale.

Besides all the Jim Crow political cartoons that the Left giggled at, we had the more concerted efforts to remind Blacks that they belong in the designated party!

Besides all the Jim Crow political cartoons the Left giggled at, we had the more concerted efforts to remind Blacks that they belong in the designated party!

The motivation is a deep seated fear that America’s Black population might be to any extent swayed to the political right by a few exemplary individuals and particularly that such individuals might gain prominence in numbers too large to permit the Left’s isolate-and-denigrate tactics to function against them (as they’ve done in the past against “uppity” Blacks—LBJ’s term, not ours–like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice who refused to toe the line and play the roles assigned them by the White Left and the White Left’s in-house servitors like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson). The Liberal Establishment Media fear this so intensely that they will stop at nothing to isolate and savage any Black man or woman who takes a stand against the “Borg.” As an example, look at the amount of fire power focused on Herman Caine during the 2012 primaries the moment he broke away as front runner. The solution to this problem is to overwhelm the system with forced exposure of the Black right, and in so doing to impress upon the Black citizenry, as well as Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and so on—that Black conservatism and libertarianism exist, and bear no resemblance to the Uncle Tom-ism so widely ascribed to them. People are not unaware of this because they are stupid, they are unaware of this because it is deliberately kept from them.  The lesson to be taught here must be taught through exemplification, not rhetoric—we need Conservative Blacks in the face of the nation, and this will require a focused effort, particularly in the new media. Okay, so besides Alan Keyes, who are these people? Well, they are increasingly numerous, praise be to God, but let’s check out a sampler.

050421_janiceBrown_bcol.grid-2x2 Janis Rogers Brown is so brilliantly, capably conservative, a young Senator Barack Obama actually set aside voting “present” and made a speech on the floor of the Senate attempting to obstruct her appointment to the DC Court of Appeals—she made it anyway. “Google” the speech for its entertainment value—Obama was particularly antagonized by Brown’s tendency to “use her position in the courts to advocate for increased protections for property owners,” but he enumerates many other shocking offenses, all equally blatant sins against the collective. But Janice Rogers Brown is not merely a savvy jurist who upsets Marxists, she is an outspoken champion of liberty who was dunned by an aghast Washington Post for observing as far back as 2005 that “In the heyday of liberal democracy, all roads lead to slavery.” Brown is also an excursive reader who quotes Cicero, the Apostle Paul, Hayek, Ayn Rand and Paul Simon with equal insight. She belongs on the Supreme Court, and she belongs front and center in the American discourse. In these desperate times the woman who long ago warned that “”If we can invoke no ultimate limits on the power of government, a democracy is inevitably transformed into a kleptocracy – a license to steal, a warrant for oppression,” deserves considerably more national attention!

Thomas Sowell is sometimes referred to by Rush Limbaugh as “the smartest man in America,” and without demonstrable hyperbole. Most Americans have no idea he exists because he has done nothing so important that the Left traipses after him begging his observations as they do, say, the socialist drone Cornel West or the boresomely acerbic Spike Lee. Sowell grew up in Harlem, dropped out of high school and joined the Marines in time for the Korean “police action.” Afterwards, Sowell earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University (without the benefit of affirmative action) and went on to earn his master’s degree from Colombia University. In 1968, he received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, one of the last bastions of Austrian-school laissez-faire economics. He has held professorships at Cornell and University of California, Los Angeles and taught economics at Rutgers, Howard University, Brandeis and Amherst College. He’s the winner of the National Humanities Medal and the author of over 30 books. His tendentious alacrity in defense of libertarian economic principles is always attention grabbing, and yet somehow he is rarely called upon by network programmers to present Black analysis—or any analysis. Instead, we get Kanye, Whoopi, or the amusingly dysfunctional Touré, who recently offered his viewers a “geography refresher” by explaining that Kenya is “on the north coast of Africa” which must have surprised everyone in Kenya, and a dozen or so MSNBC viewers.  


Thomas Sowell–not Toure–perish the thought!

Allen West has been a WOOF favorite ever since the PC Brigade forced him into early retirement from the Army following an incident in which he fired his sidearm near the head of suspected Iraqi spy to persuade that previously recalcitrant individual to reveal the location of an ambush laid for West’s men. Since leaving the Army Colonel West has only made us fonder of him. A tea party favorite he won a congressional seat in Florida’s 22nd district in 2010 and proceeded to use it as a pulpit from which to shellac the liberal AllenWest1establishment, and to indite 80 of his colleagues for being communists. For some reason, this upset the media elites, who accused West of making unfounded accusations rather than congratulating him on his circumspection. After being gerrymandered and electioneered out of office in 2012 and defeated by a raving, half-witted and arguably degenerate White kid, (Patrick Murphy), West began duty as a FOX News commentator, but hurling him back into the political arena at the first opportunity is absolutely essential to the commonweal, and WOOF is determined to see Colonel West back in office somewhere or other as soon as possible, witness our not unrecent effort to move him to South Carolina in time for appointment by Niki Haley to the Senate in the wake of Jim DeMint’s precipitate departure [available here]. Governor Haley obviously missed our irresistibly logical proposal, she having appointed Tim Scott to the vacancy rather than follow our “moving West” strategy, but Allen’s return to the political arena must remain a priority for the conservative movement!

Tim Scott is next, just to prove there are no hard feelings. He has performed marvelously since his insertion into the Senate and just voted no on cloture on the continuing resolution (that’s a good thing, and also rather gutsy). He is smart, personable, and makes sense as a former business owner when he rips into Harry Reid’s mismanagement of the budgetary process. We will admit that Niki Haley was wise to appoint him, although her rebuff of our more creative approach still stings a bit, frankly. Meanwhile, Scott continues to make sound arguments against the fiscal insanity of Congressional spending practices in common sense language, and deserves to be spotlighted. And this brings up a major issue toward which we will now cleverly and subtly steer our focus!

We know what you’re thinking: our focus was supposed to be on Black conservatives, so what are we talking about—well, our point remains that Black conservatism isn’t problematic because it doesn’t exist, it is problematic only because its exposure is stifled by the Liberal Establishment Media. As we said earlier, (several times now, we know!) one of the most horrifying possibilities haunting the Liberal imagination is that of a split Black vote with a respectable segment peeling away from the Democrats. To obviate such a catastrophe the network news organizations that constitute a major portion of the Left’s propaganda arm avoid discussion of Black conservatism and Black conservatives (the Keyes treatment), unless it is to savage them and question their sanity (the West treatment) or by launching and then ignoring  Jim Crow-style assaults such as the racially denigrative cartoon images of Condi Rice that neither the networks nor the NAACP saw fit to criticize. So can we convert the networks? Hardly. We must do what the new conservative media have been doing since Limbaugh resurrected AM radio, and circumvent them.  Expect no help from the RINO establishmentarians–they are as lethargic on this issue as they are on immigration or Obamacare…no, the new media will have to promote this cause without the old media or the Old Boy Republicans, but  that’s okay, we can do this ourselves. And when a given individual is Black, conservative, and adept at such circumvention, the value of that individual to the conservative effort is treble.  Some examples include:

Crystal Wright:  is a communications consultant and the blogmistress of “Conservative Black Chick” [listed below in WOOF LINKS, or just click here]. Her BA in English is from Georgetown University Cynthia Wrightand she holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also the major player at the Baker Wright Group, LLC which she describes as a “full service public relations firm, specializing in communications counseling, media relations, message development, media training and crisis communications.” Her blog, she writes, was born in part from frustration with “people telling me that as I’m a black woman I couldn’t be a Republican and should be a Democrat because of the mere color of my skin.” She has excited several Leftist commentators, some of whom are Black, to rant against her as a phony and an attention grabber. She is certainly the latter—and if she came only recently to the conservative cause, we are no less pleased to have her aboard!

Francesca Chambers, in the same vein, is the Editor of “Red Alert Politics” [see WOOF links or just click here]– a blog aimed where a lot more blogs ought to be aimed: at young francesca chambersconservatives, or more to the point, young people who may be inclined to conservatism once they hear about it from someone other than their balding, pony-tailed, vitriol-spewing college professors. Francesca was graduated from the University of Kansas with double BAs, one in Journalism and the other in Political Science. She lives in Washington, D.C. where she has thus far managed to avoid the inside-the-Beltway body-snatcher phenomenon, but is reportedly inclined to relocate to Virginia, which inclination WOOF ardently endorses. Francesca is also a contributor to The Washington Examiner, has spoken at the Leadership Institute, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, and CPAC. She also does a lot of TV, so that the cyberspacially challenged can catch her message on ABC’s Nightline, the PBS News Hour and The Blaze, and has even done missionary work to MSNBC, CNN, and NPR. Francesca typifies the kind of young conservative Black woman whom the media would love to ignore but cannot avoid, because her presence on line mandates recognition. (And she has the perfect last name for a counterrevolutionary!)

Sonnie Johnson: Again, a blogmistress extraordinaire, Miss Johnson is probably better at taking her conservative blogging right into the ‘hood Johnsonand keeping it street smart than any other blogger of color, and manages at the same time to keep it all beautifully right wing! Items that appear to be trash talk suddenly transform themselves into marvelous political homiles just as essays on foreign developments resolve into analogies of domestic entropy—and Johnson is featured in Fire from the Heartland (a movie expounding the courage and zeal of conservative women, obviously inspired by WOOF [take a look here if you doubt us] as well as in Sarah Palin’s Undefeated. She is an avid Tea Party spokesperson and a passionate proponent of growing the economy by limiting government!  Sonnie’s blog is “Did She Say That” and its listed in WOOF links [or just click here].

Benjamin Carson: Long the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital (before he was discovered to be un-Liberal and carsonousted), made the news with explosive force when he schooled Barack Obama at the annual prayer breakfast by telling him, without really bothering to glance at him or mention him, how bad Obamacare was going to be and, in considerable detail, what could have been done instead. And Carson could not be “spiked” because the event was national news anyway—and besides he was already a bonafide famous Black person because Hollywood had already (oops!) lionized him in a movie entitled Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story in which Carson was portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr., (and when Hollywood exhorts you in a movie, the Leftwing Establishment Media acknowledge you as real). For these reasons, Carson’s denunciation of the president’s policies were carried even by the dinosaur networks. Carson’s smackdown of the Affordable Health Care Act and other socialist policies was best described by PolicyMic commentator John Giokaris who called it “the longest 27 minutes in Obama’s presidency.” In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Carson shrugged off all the sudden acclaim from the Right and derision from the Left, saying “Somebody has to be courageous enough to stand up to the bullies.”

Chelsi Henry may not look the type to “stand up to the bullies,” but she stands up for conservative values in the minority community.  and is the first Republican in her family. She is Chief of Staff for the National Assembly of Black Republicans as well as the Florida Assembly of Black Republicans, both chartered by the Republican National Committee (but don’t hold that against them) and the Republican Party of Florida. The goal of both organizations is to motivate, educate, and activate minority Republicans.  She received her law degree from the Florida Coastal School of Law, despite being born to a 16 year old mom and raised on food stamps. “It’s not how you start,” she told National Review, “it’s how you finish.”

chelsi chambers

Perhaps not as pretty as the above-cited blog mistresses, but of incalculable value to the conservative cause, Wayne Dupree is the best argument WOOF has thus far encountered for cloning. He is an eight-year Air Force vet from Maryland’s politically superior Eastern Shore who was motivated by Andrew Breitbart (okay, another really good argument for cloning) to carry his pro-American views to the world—a tall order  for most mortals, but see, Wayne is one of those techno-communications solons who can do that sort of thing at the speed of neo-Teslan genius…while we here in the WOOF cave are still wondering if we can possibly figure out photoshop…like, is that different from Power Point? But anyway…Wayne is the CEO of Newsninja2012.com, does guest shots on Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck (as hosted by Dana Loesch), and declares his readiness to “fight back against the liberal hate machine and meet them head on with like-minded strength and dedication.” Besides delivering public stemwinders, Wayne maintains a Twitter account with upwards of twenty-five thousand followers. His You Tube channel (what’s a You Tube channel?) has amassed two million views and his Facebook account has over five million likes—heck, we’d even like it if we ever looked at Facebook, but they’re commies, right?


Anyway, the takeaway here (as if you haven’t guessed!) is that the growing wave of Black Americans who are dedicatedly conservative must be publicized in ways that reach other Blacks and the country in general, and as with so much else this will mean leapfrogging the mainstream. And those who seem to be best at this task are the Black bloggers, politicians and public personalities who can speak for themselves in the growing arena they are creating. But it is expedient, Woofketeers, that we support their efforts, link to their blogs, and pay heed to the tactical as well as the sociocultural advantages of their participation in our noble cause. And mark our words, gentle readers, front line participation in politics by Black right wingers is the surest way to gain votes in the Black community—and begin the repatriation of America’s citizens of African heritage to the party of Lincoln (or the Tea Party of Lincoln—hey, why not?)

And this concludes our screed on this topic, gentle readers, sorry we didn’t mention Syria, Ted Cruz or the massacre in Kenya—but we’ll get around to it! Meanwhile, support Black right-wing bloggers and expositors, both political and professional, who militate for the Right! We repair now to our cave to await the inevitable congratulatory telegram from the NAACP praising our efforts to draw attention to these superb men and women of African ancestry– but we require no thanks.  Why, these people were standouts even before WOOF mentioned them!

Yup. Ray was a Reaganite!

Ray Charles, too? Yup. Ray was a Reaganite!


  1. In a simple nutshell, leftist dogma is the same world over, regardless of time, place or space. NOT only that, but it will be the core instrument of America’s destruction, of course, with forceps wielded by their Islamic (more than willing) helpmates – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/01/leftist-dogma-the-same-world-over-freedom-loving-people-beware-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki-32-2/

    Cause and effect.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/


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