WOOF! Watchdogs of Our Freedom

About us

WOOF is the lovable acronym for Watchdogs of Our Freedom, a clandestine-yet-collegial confederacy of reactionary activists and intellectuals devoted to the lighter side of paranoia–too few at present to surface visibly in our respective occupations, social venues, and faculty lounges; but bold enough to declare ourselves counterrevolutionaries in the grand tradition of Whittaker Chambers– only a lot less lugubrious. WOOF began decades ago, when an elite handful of carefully vetted  subscribers received our material through the mail. Later, our services evolved into emailed alerts– but recently our Science & Technology Directorate figured out how to enter the blogosphere, whatever that is, and thus emboldened, here we are– a feisty guerrilla component of the vast right-wing cabal—small enough to duck drones and evade census takers while manic enough to broadcast the truth about commie plots, leftist ninnyhammers, academic seditionists, Tinsel Town tomfoolery, and all those sinistral poseurs who litter our news media pretending objectivity while advancing the progressive agenda. Meanwhile, we occasionally find time to discuss guns, movies, UFOs, the occasional British-Invasion-era band, and anything else we decide to rant about. So don’t miss a single action-packed post, fellow patriots!  (NB: If you are here by accident and none of this excites your interest, please go immediately to the MSNBC website and keep clicking on stuff until you forget you ever saw this page—because we were never here, and neither were you!)

Supply Side Outlaws

PS: The insatiably curious may gain further insight by visiting our ‘frequently asked questions’ page.

  1. […] upon Martha’s Vineyard – chemical warfare reports be damned. Fellow freedom fighters at Watchdogs of Our Freedom – WOOF – said it […]

  2. As readers can see from the above, WordPress’s handling of pingbacks can often produce some rather bewildering verbiage–but that said, Adina Kutnicki is one of our favorite people in the whole world, and clicking on a link to her blogging is always WOOF-approved! –Ed.

  3. […] INESTIMABLY, this poop and scoop (encapsulated below….with mega revelations re the Clinton machine – no pun intended – found within) must be digested and read in its entirety. It is that important. It is linked here. This “gift” comes from none other than the most intellectual “fan” base of this site: WATCHDOGS OF OUR FREEDOM, a/k/a WOOF. […]

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