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Everything We Needed to Know about America’s Self-destruction, We Learned from HUAC!

In Just say HUAC forum on May 30, 2022 at 10:40 am

Okay, we agree, the long gone House UnAmerican Activities Committee is as much a source of risible embarrassment as it ever was satisfaction. This, after all, is the committee whose members warned America of such communist code words as “hootenanny” and inquired into the possible communist sympathies of 16th century playwright Christopher Marlowe, (who turned out to be innocent). But even this gang that couldn’t shoot straight had its moments, such as showcasing Whittaker Chambers’s unmasking of the communist spy Alger Hiss, and yes, exposing the (subsequently lionized) “Hollywood Ten” as a cabal of Marxist agents of influence entrenched in the motion picture industry.

More recently, movies like “Trumbo” celebrate these selfsame communists, as though whoever connives to  infuse popular entertainments with Red propaganda is a reasonable subject for iconification.  This perceptual  distortion has been so tidily insinuated over the decades that anyone willing to name such individuals publicly, say Eli Kazan, is eternally blighted, even as the authentically culpable are slobbered over.  But who, nowadays, sows such confusion, and how?          

To reply, “communists!” is no longer entirely correct, unless the term’s proper understanding is adjusted to delineate the actions of those philosophically infected by communists. In other words, the working class citizen who rolls down his pickup truck’s window long enough to holler “Commie!” at an Antifa drone, or at the proverbial grandma in sneakers jiggling a Bernie Sanders placard, is technically inexact.  His targets are unlikely to qualify as communists in the traditional sense. Except in a few, extremely rare cases. few of this sort could mumble anything coherent regarding materialist methodology, or the theory of surplus value; neither, nowadays, could most advocates of “Marxist Feminism”or liberation theology. 

But this is a bit like insisting your uncle doesn’t have Covid because he’s contracted a variant.  The definitional niceties don’t make him any less ill–or the virus any less virulent.  Similarly, the mutated spawn of Marxist-Leninism remains hostile to basic Americanism, by which we mean the freedoms of the ballot, the bill of rights, the free enterprise system, individual movement and self-directed employment.

It’s not that today’s new masses are stupider than before–they’re just much better brainwashed!

It may seem as though we are saying that modern communists often do not recognize themselves and even those self-describing as such have little awareness of what that means, apart from signifying their polemical hostility toward the above-noted liberties. And to a large extent that is exactly what we mean. 

This is hardly to say the textbook communism of the 1930s-1970s has withered on the vine.  Rather it has become the vine from which springs every malformed ideation from the Weather Underground to Occupy Wall Street. To a considerable extent this explains the “horseshoe” consanguinities of the political Left and the so-called Alt-Right.  To locate descriptions of these essential commonalities, and identify their constituencies, one can invest considerable time studying numerous scholarly works on a wide range of pertinent topics, or, one can pull out a tattered, time-mottled publication issued by HUAC in 1949, when commies were commies, and McCarthyites yet to be blacklisted for objecting.  

Alger Hiss, guilty of communist espionage long before McCarthy roamed the land!

And with just a modicum of mental adjustment one can readily apply HUAC’s tips to the progeny of that era, and its evolved presence in American culture today.  Care to play? Here follows a selection of handy (and superficially corny) tips from the Committee suggesting how communists may be singled out, and with certain glaring exceptions, i.e., the allegedly-telltale use of the putative  code word “hootenanny,”(not included below), may be identified by certain characteristics that remain remarkably stable. 

We figure Billy Jo was a good American.

Granted, the booklet itself contains 100 such tips, but since everyone knows WOOF articles are always too long, we’ve chosen a bulleted set of just 20 questions to make our point, beginning with:

  • 1. What is Communism?  An obvious first question featuring what we might deem an in-obviously broad response, i.e.: Communism is a system by which a small group of people seek to rule the world. Here we can envision shrieks of agony from college professors and Marxist dialecticians, but so far as this definition is objectively applicable, it isn’t wrong.  And so…
  • 2. How do communists try to get control in countries they intend to rule? Answer: Legally, or illegally, anyway they can. CONSPIRACY is the banc method of Communism in countries it is trying to capture. Its first big victory was through bloody revolution. [But] every one since has been by military conquest, internal corruption, or the threat of these.
  • 3: What would happen if communism were to come into control in this country? ANSWER: Every man, woman, and child would come under communist discipline.
  • 4: Would I be better off than I am now?  ANSWER: No.
  • 5: Could I go to school? ANSWER: You could go to the kind of school the communists tell you to, and nowhere else. You could go only as long as they let you.
  • 6: Could I keep my job? ANSWER: No, you would work at what you were told, where you were told, for wages set by the government.
  • 7: Could I leave my property to my family when I die?  ANSWER: No, because you wouldn’t own any property. All property would be owned by the state.
  • 8: Could I belong to a church? ANSWER: In Russia, the Communist Party tried for thirty years to destroy religion, and failed. Then, they applied the same principles of internal control and subversion from the inside. They are already adding these techniques to American religion.
  • 9: Could I start a business and hire people? ANSWER: No. To do so would be a crime for which you would be severely punished.
  • 10: Could I teach what I please, or do research with academic freedom? ANSWER: You could teach only what communists authorize you to teach. Research would be approved by the party.
  • 11: Could I vote communists out of control? ANSWER: No, no communist government has ever allowed that to happen once power has been seized.
  • 12: But doesn’t communism promise poor people a better break? ANSWER: Promising more than can be delivered is an old trick…try comparing communist results to communist promises in countries where communists have seized power.
  • 13: Why shouldn’t I turn communist? ANSWER: You know what the United States is like today. If you want it exactly the opposite, you should turn communist. But first, remember, you will lose your independence, your property, and your freedom of mind. You will gain a risky membership in a movement that is ruthless,, godless, and crushing upon all except a very few in control at the top!
  • 14: What is the emblem of the Communist Party in America? ANSWER: The hammer and cycle.
  • 15: What kind of people become communists? ANSWER: Taken as a whole, the party depends on its greatest support from teachers, preachers, actors, writers, union officials, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, and even millionaires!
  • 16: Where can communists be found in everyday American life? ANSWER: Look for them in your school, your labor union, your church, or your civic club. Communists themselves like to say they are present on every battlefield for the human mind.
  • 17: How does the party get money? At first the party depended on funds from Moscow, but nowadays it depends on endowments and  funds, donations, drives, dues, ad TAXES!
  • 18. What is a fellow traveler? Are they important to the communists movement? ANSWER: One who sympathizes with the party’s aims and serves the party’s purposes without actually holding a party card. They are vital to communism’s spread.
  • 19. What do communists call those who criticize them?ANSWER: Imperialists, reactionaries, Red-baiters, witch hunters, fascists.    
  • 20. How can I identify a communist? ANSWER: It is easy–ask him to name ten things wrong with the United States–then ask him to name two things wrong with Communism.              WOOF’s helpful key to interpreting and applying the above information:
    So yes, HUAC’s concerns are passed around nowadays as objects of  sneering derision rather than an enumeration of ways by which communist infiltrators may be identified. Does such infiltration and subornment continue in our own time? We contend that exactly the degree to which that notion strikes modern Americans as laughable, one can chart the degree to which that infiltration and subornment have succeeded. 

ho, ho, ho?

Clearly, we are not ruled by Moscow (although Moscow keeps trying) and just as clearly, communism qua communism has fallen in Russia. But China and North Korea remain adamant promoters of communist espionage, while tyrants everywhere–including Russia– remain despotically collectivist. Communism also thrives in our university systems. President Obama made no secret of his appetence for Marxist affiliations in his memoirs, and his cabinet was not shy of citing Mao–or for that matter, decorating the White House Christmas tree with Mao’s image.

Once we consider expanding the definition of “communism” to approximate that given by HUAC in answer number one, we are better prepared to consider its gains across the decades. Whatever injuries are thereby done to precise categorization are insignificant to our immediate purpose. The fact was certainly not lost on Norman Thomas, leading American socialist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America, who famously either said or did not say, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Snopes says Thomas never said this, but whether he said it or didn’t say it, he was right.  And it might benefit the folks in the Snopes trailer to perceive the advances of anti-American culture and its attendant knaveries as achievements by communism’s shock troops; or the bow wave of a better camouflaged warship whose home port is wherever human  individualism is crushed.

Examined from this angle, there is a proper (contemporary) understanding of HUAC’s 20 warnings against expanding totalitarian collectivism, together with our reflections on its kindredship to the Red shade of Sovietism, or for that matter Putin’s imposition of fear-based authoritarianism. From Africa to Valenzuela, then, communism invariably conduces not to a dictatorship of the proletariat, but in every instance toward government “by which a small group of people seek to rule the world.”

2: As suggested, these sociopolitical saboteurs go about matters by any means necessary, whether by skewing election results, dominating an essentially disingenuous media, serially impeaching an American president on a wholly bizarre cavalcade of invented charges, or making certain that inconvenient news is either spiked, or derided as fake, as in “that’s been debunked!” The more firmly the Red Meanace establishes itself, the less subtle its methods.

3. Absolute control of the polity is and always has been the aim. To suppose this may result in something apart from abject servitude is the ongoing wish dream of liberalism. To suppose a once-free population might willingly and cheerfully submit to collectivism’s vilest dicta is the height of reckless sanguinity, or for many less benighted advocates, the deepest motivation for mass deception.

4. To be better off under such a system can be true only of the elites who paradoxically rule it. Subtly or unsubtly, collectivism at some level always requires the jackboot.  The slob who valued his unemployment is no happier to be shot for parasitism; the factory worker reassigned to baking learns the hard way of central planning’s obtuseness, and ultimately the college radical is no longer able to ponder feminist fiction (which no longer need exist); thus he is reassigned to studying seed production.

Abbie Hoffman–who in one of his overplayed harangues against America , complained about having to raise his hand in school to visit the lavatory. Imagine how he’d have fared in Red China.

Little comfort at present…

5. In other words, school may be attended, but only to the extent that it serves the state. Such students would have jobs doing what they are told to do and trained to do.  An irony of American education currently may be that abstract thinking and discussion provide fertile ground for subversive guidances, whereas education becomes strictly utilitarian and party-directed once those subversive goals are realized. A further irony is the bleak futures of America’s university elites who, with some exceptions, will render themselves obsolete once their student bodies are sufficiently subjugated–once colleges become mainly vocational–and subversive professors are replaced with soil experts and water-purification wonks. But knowing that this gaggle of sleazy intellectual provocateurs will one day be held in suspicion as superannuated tools of the socialist fait accompli, is little comfort at present.

6.You can keep any job the collective finds useful. And so could everyone else, like it or not. It is absolutely true that radical socialism promises jobs for all, but equally true that it insists on which jobs and will not abide objections. Unemployment will not be abided, once enough welfare recipients vote in central planning.

7. Do you own property now? What are your local taxes, and what happens if you can’t pay them? What if you fly a flag your housing committee disapproves of? What if your door isn’t the right color? Or shape? What if–well, you get the idea. Collectivism abhors private property, and its acolytes already make it difficult to bequeath it to whom we please, or to do so affordably. To whatever extent “liberalism” advances, so transfers of property become more difficult. In the ideal socialist environment, all property would be owned by the state..So, might as well cling to your apartments, young graduates!

Jeremiah Wright–godfather, spiritual mentor, preacher, and evident stranger to Barack Obama!

8. Of course you can belong to a church–preferably one that is already substantially under the sway of liberalism. Remember Obama’s spiritual guru, the Reverend Wright? Imagine his simulacra in every pulpit, except those occupied by save-the-fishies environuts who think God is a vegan and transform scripture into a variety of leftist homiletics, preferably set to acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, the ongoing infiltration of the National Council of Churches by actual communists (as in communists) remains an open secret, observable to anyone with Google. Church will ultimately teach communist principles, or be denounced and banned as right-wing reactionary hate mongers.


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COMMON CORE COMETH–Paul Revere, please call your office!

In Just say HUAC forum on September 18, 2013 at 10:49 pm

images stalin

Race to the bottom!

Common Core is coming to your kids’ school, moms and dads—and it wants you to rest assured that it is, to quote its own hype, “internationally benchmarked,” “robust,” “aligned with college and work expectations,” “rigorous,” and “evidence-based.” Unfortunately, every word of that self-bestowed encomium is a bald faced lie, except maybe “rigorous” which is sort of hard to argue about, it being subject to interpretation. You might think the same about “robust,” except that in research terminology “robust” refers to findings that are especially persuasive because they comprise data drawn from a wide range of probability distributions. Suffice it that Common Core’s educational plan possesses no data whatsoever because it’s never been tried anywhere. Until now!

obRemember way back in February of 2009 when our Beloved Helmsman drove the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” through congress? Maybe you’ll remember it more readily if we just say, “the stimulus package?” Right, because calling it the “American Astronomical Deficit Creation Initiative to Bankrupt the Country and Flood Unions and other Traditionally Left-wing Organizations with Money to Serve as a Slush Fund for Democrats while Sending the Rest Abroad or Financing Hopelessly Ridiculous Green Industries that will go Bankrupt Anyway while Doing Absolutely Nothing for the Infrastructure or Creating a Single Job Act” might have been a bit wordy and probably less appealing to the general public. Well, you probably remember being told that a generous chunk of that effusion of Obama’s 800 billion-dollar beau geste was going to help educate your kids, right? And in fact, it was!  Part of the President’s bill states that:

Dear Leader offers guidance to Solyndra technician. Maybe he was pointing the wrong way?

Dear Leader offers guidance to Solyndra technician. Maybe he was pointing the wrong way?

The [stimulus] provides $4.35 billion for the Race to the Top Fund, a competitive grant program designed to encourage and reward States that are creating the conditions for education innovation and reform…” And blah, blah, blah…So what Rappin’ Preezy was actually telling us there, in case you missed it, was that a gargantuan imposition of governmental standards was coming to your kid’s school, straight from the brain trust empowered to “fundamentally transform” our country, because armies of brainwashed, under-educated children would be needed to supinely maintain the people in power tasked with America’s destruction. To effectuate this end, vast amounts of money were offered states that “voluntarily” opted to implement this wondrous new educational plan, so who could possibly resist such an offer? The answer is: Texas, Nebraska Alaska and Virginia. Unfortunately, forty-five other states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Minnesota partially adopted the program.

mindcontThe Obama Administration is engaged in a tenacious and largely successful effort to nationalize American public education in order to ensure that a standard, radically left-wing agenda is taught with near identicality in every public school across America. In order to establish this glossy, superficially attractive curriculum in our children’s schools, the Obamans never sought congressional approval; rather, they flooded states that accepted their educational format with stimulus dollars, and withheld such emoluments from states that resisted. Because the packaging was skillfully handled and Common Core at first glance seems a salubrious means of bringing every school district up to a lofty national standard, it was practically irresistible—although taxpayers in the various states must still foot the bill for state-level implementation, which is a little surprise for the local yokels.

Now you CSCOPE–now you don’t!

splashReaders who recall our previous (and highly successful) battle to save Texas’s children from the Red Menace will detect amazing similarities to the horrific CSCOPE educational plan that was tested in Texas schools [read full WOOF story here] and flunked. Texas scrapped CSCOPE and sought to assign blame for its existence, but the corporation pushing it into Texan schools turned out to be a straw operation and the whole circus vanished in a puff of blue smoke. Where do you suppose it went?

Linda Darling Hammond--outspoken opponent of  the “multiple-choice world"world.”

Linda Darling Hammond–outspoken opponent of the “multiple-choice world.”

Like the Blob, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and Fu Manchu, CSCOPE never died, it simply did what radical liberalism always does when caught and terminated. It changed its name and came right back. We now have Common Core in our schools, right on schedule, which is to say, the same old painted lady in a new dress. Most of the observers of this phenomenon, even some of the sharpest right-wing websites, suppose themselves to be viewing disparate plagues, one of which fizzled, one of which remains—but this is not true, for as Father Merrin tells Father Karras in The Exorcist, “There is only one demon.” In this case, the missing link commonly overlooked by conservatives in a hurry, is Linda Darling Hammond, about whom WOOF has complained previously—and about whom we are about to complain some more! Rigorously, to coin a phrase!

Darn that Steve McQueen! When we need him, he's dead!

Darn that Steve McQueen! When we need him, he’s dead!

Linda Darling Hammond was the chief architect of CSCOPE and its Siamese twin, Common Core.  She is also the author of the subversive, A Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity will Determine our Future, and by equity, of course, she means forced equality, which of course, in turn, requires an all-powerful state…which she routinely advocates. Hammond almost single-handedly overrode the learned objections of a small army of educationists (assembled, ironically, by Hammond to serve as Common Core’s “validation committee”) who refused to endorse the Common Core standards.

Bombin'Bill Ayers--from trying to blow up the Pentagon to designing your kid's social studies course!

Bombin’ Bill Ayers–from trying to blow up the Pentagon to designing your kid’s social studies course!

She personally wrote or oversaw the writing of all the enthusiastic assertions of Common Core’s superiority despite an utter dearth of empirical evidence that it was worth a tinker’s damn. She personally wrote or oversaw the writing of the standard tests, and had a hand in the system’s copyrighting, because a girl’s got to make a buck—toward which end Hammond headed Obama’s education-policy team and remains a member of Obama’s subversive Equity and Excellence Commission, the meddlesome EEC.  In her lectures she warns against the dangers of a “multiple choice world” in education–and her speeches make clear her contempt for any sort of choice–period.  Unsurprisingly she is best friends forever with Bombin’ Bill Ayers, the intelligentsia’s favorite unregenerate home-grown terrorist, anti-American polemicist and, somehow or other, education authority. Ayers is a beloved icon of the intellectual establishment. He speaks at teachers associations and Universities where he is treated as royalty, explaining that the job of educators is to help kids “re-imagine citizenry” as a global responsibility because, as he is fond of declaring, “the empire [that’s us, by the way] is declining and that game is over!”

Money Bags

Most Americans think of Bill Gates as the wonky nerd who's not as cool as Apple--but that's because he's got that Bildebreger look going on!

Most Americans think of Bill Gates as the wonky nerd who’s not as cool as Apple–but that’s because he’s got that Bilderberger look going on!

Bill and Melinda Gates are huge supporters of Common Core—and if you think Bill Gates is just a capitalistic wonk with some lovably idiosyncratic habitudes, consider that he is fresh back from co-hosting UNESCO’s eugenics conference in London (because even though Reagan withdrew the United States from UNESCO in 1984 because of its overtly communist agenda, but we are back now, up to our elbows in it, thanks to “W” who explained in 2003 that UNESCO had “reformed,” without explaining the basis for his delusion). Anyhow, Linda and Bill bankroll a considerable portion of Common Core, through their educational foundations. The Gateses are particularly obsessed with throwing billions at education and have produced their share of monumental disasters beginning with their “learning communities” initiative. In fact, between 2000 and 2008 they played havoc with the established school systems in 45 states and the District of Columbia, but their Small Schools Workshop proved a failure, possibly because Bill Gates knows nothing about education—or possibly because his billions are being hurled at American education as a weapon of mass destruction, with or without his cognizance. There are, to be sure, other major players with fat wallets backing the socialist subversion of our public schools (mainly the usual suspects), but the size of the Gates fortune, compounded by the additional billions transferred to him by the Leftist Warren Buffet, dwarfs the war chests of his fellow travelers.

Nowadays, Gates spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking about what he;'d like to do to American education--and then doing it!

Nowadays, Gates spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking about what he’d like to do to American education–and then doing it!

The critics speak– in the wilderness!

Dr. James Milgram--

Dr. James Milgram–refused to sign off on Common Core standards.

Stanford University’s renowned mathematician, James Milgram, studied Common Core in detail and announced that it will put American students 2 years behind their counterparts in other developed nations. He refused to sign off on the standards package, pointing out that the same methods had been adopted first in Russia but had failed there miserably and been replaced. His views were echoed by Professor Jonathan Goodman of New York University who bluntly stated that the Common Core standards represent “significantly lower expectations with respect to algebra and geometry than the published standards of other countries.”

Joy Pullmann--bravely resisting the red tide!

Joy Pullmann–bravely resisting the red tide!

Joy Pullmann of the Heartland Institute ferreted out an internal report by the subversive Department of Education confirming the data mining function of the Common Core agenda—including “using cameras to judge facial expressions, an electronic seat that judges posture, a pressure-sensitive computer mouse and a biometric wrap on kids’ wrists.” Sound like fun, comrades? It’s not just brainwashing, it’s surveillance, too—and at such reasonable rates!

On April 6, even the subversive Washington Post felt compelled to publish a public-school teacher’s letter of resignation that lambasted the program. Gerald Conti, a long-time social studies teacher in New York declared that he could not go on teaching under the Common Core protocols, adding that, “‘Data driven’ education seeks only conformity, standardization…and a zombie-like adherence to the shallow and generic…” Conti went on to warn readers that “Creativity, academic freedom, teacher autonomy, experimentation and innovation are being stifled in a misguided effort to fix what is not broken in our system of public education.” Of course, Conti errs (as do most of Common Core’s critics) in supposing the effort misguided—it is, in fact, every bit and precisely as guided as a cruise missile.

The highly respected software creator Ze’ev Wurman, himself a math expert who served for over a decade as an adviser to California and Washington DC on the subject of mathematics in public schools was taken aback to discover that the program delayed most adding and subtracting until the 4th grade.

Wurman--missing the grunt work!

Wurman–missing the grunt work!

Further examination revealed that students would not be expected to evince finesse in the art of multiplication until 5th grade. The program does not delve into the mysteries of long division until 6th grade, and neglects any serious treatment of fractions, decimals, or algebra. Traditional geometry is replaced within an experimental “conceptual approach” which might be better denominated “geometry appreciation.” (See the pretty shapes?) This system has never been so much as pilot-tested in America. In his lengthy denunciation of the program, Wurman wrote that, “instead of doing the grunt work of hammering times tables and basic functions into kids’ heads first, the faddists have turned to wacky, wordy non-math alternatives to encourage ‘conceptual’ understanding — without any mastery of the fundamentals of math.” (And this was one of the kinder portions of his review!)


But who really needs to do math anymore, right? We all have calculators now anyway—and the Russians took over our space program five years ago, so what’s the bother? Let them do the math! The important stuff is being able to read and write, isn’t it?

imagesccswcWell…you don’t exactly have to know how to read to measure up to Common Core’s “standards.” (Which standards, by the way, are called ‘standards’ in a kind of whimsical sense—they never having been standardized anywhere on earth). The only reason students might have to read all that well is if they were going to tackle those old, really thick books—you know—the ones with no pictures that have hard words in them, like “War and Peace,” or maybe “Moby Dick,” and who wants to read those kinds of books anyway? But hey, Common Core looked at the problem students may encounter trying to read the classics and came up with a hip, postmodern solution. Common Core is de-emphasizing “great literary works.” This de-emphasizing will help your child in several ways. First, he will learn fairness and equality, because it is elitist, biased, ethnocentric and in many respects racist (Huck Finn is gone on that score) to call some books “classics,” while disallowing others as somehow less than classic, just because a bunch of stuffy old Caucasians with a bunch of traditional educations didn’t see their relevance—or worse, didn’t care to see it!  And poetry? Are you kidding? Trying to get a kid to understand some longwinded, symbol-crammed opus by T.S. Elliot or Ezra Pound (who were in any case a conservative Catholic and a fascist, respectively) is ridiculous nowadays. Better to skip such bourgeois gibberish entirely, but when it must be encountered, the Common Core method obviates having any idea what the author was saying—because this turns out to be irrelevant!

“Deconstruction” for the bourgeois in a hurry:

Michel Foucault--don't hate him because he's beautiful.

Michel Foucault–don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

Do you know what deconstruction is? (No, it didn’t follow the Civil War!) Here is WOOF’s three easy pieces primer on postmodern deconstructionism. Step one: Not long ago there was this Gay bald dude who was very smart, and his name was Michel Foucault. Well, Michel gave voice to the theory that in our modern, media-oriented age, truth is determined not by what is objectively or empirically knowable, but rather by “discourse,” or rather, what the generally accepted opinion is on a societal level of belief and acceptance. This basic replacement of objective reality with socially consensual reality is called “constructivism” and before you run off to France to strangle Michel Foucault, consider two important points: First, you’d be wasting your time because Michel was –er—incautious, as it were, so he died  of AIDS a while back; and second, you really shouldn’t get too mad at him because all he was saying is what any dweller in the age of Obama should have figured out for himself, namely that truth in our time has been replaced by popular supposition, example: Barack Obama is brilliant. Example: Glenn Beck is a racist. Example: Raising taxes increases revenue. Three statements that are born aloft by established discourse, despite having no basis in fact. Get it? By the way, Michel Foucault rejected the postmodernist label because—well—he wasn’t one!

Step two: Building on Foucault’s structuralist/constructivist insights, however, some really nutty French philosophers like Jacques Derrida and some home-grown specimens like Richard Rorty have expanded Foucault’s thinking into the complete rejection of any reality beyond whatever seems actual in the subjective view of the percipient. So how crazy is that? But this sort of thinking has been moving into American education for decades now, and in its most observable form it operates as literary “deconstruction.”

Sorry Huck and Jim--looks like the great novels are Gone With the Wind!

Sorry Huck and Jim–looks like the great novels are Gone With the Wind!

Step three: So, if your kid has to read, say, Great Expectations, and he doesn’t understand it, that’s not a problem, because from the standpoint of deconstructionism, the book means whatever he says it means, and if he is creative and imaginative in suggesting that the book is about, say, a mental patient driven nuts by the British industrial age who thinks he sees an old woman catch fire and then realizes he’s crazy and can’t figure out whether he catches the girl he’s after or not, because he worked too much without any social support and wound up in a psychotic trance—well, that’s great, because that’s what the book means to your kid. Full points! Your kid won’t be encountering too many “great books,” anyhow, because the Common Core emphasis is on “alternative literacies” (got that?)  These tend to be works, literary or otherwise, deemed more “relevant” to your kid’s social and artistic concerns—so he can read the lyrics to Eminem’s latest CD, or explain what he got out of viewing an episode of “True Blood” on TV, and score just as well as if he completely and plausibly explicated “Finnegan’s Wake.”  Unsurprisingly, themes involving “social justice” are especially encouraged. As veteran educator Mary Black, program monitor at the Texas Education Agency and faculty at the University of Texas Austin warns in her widely circulated critique of the new standards, “The literary classics have been stripped and replaced with books promoting a socialist agenda…. It is certain that it will leave students unable to think for themselves.” Mary Black has a gift for concision!

indexmmIn case you haven’t figured it out yet, moral relativism is the life’s blood of Common Core. ..but this is moral relativism played by Marxian dialecticians who view relativism as the great equalizer. Brahms? No better than Ludacris.  DaVinci? On a par with, maybe, David Wojnarowicz. The Declaration of Independence? Why not Howl by Ginsberg? Or the Vagina Monologues? It all depends on what Johnny gets out of them personally…and the basic subtext is, as Bob Dylan suggested in an entirely different context, “nothing is better, nothing is best…” Grades, for obvious reasons, are dispensed with in Common Core—they being impossible to reconcile with a leveling egalitarianism which aims to eliminate such elitist concepts while annihilating individual belief in order to impose a meta-belief system–the basic ingredient of all brain washing. The Common Core folks call it globalization, but you may safely consider it communism—that same old painted lady, with a United Nations flag for a shawl.

Sandra Stotsky, an English professor at the University of Arizona, was an early critic of the Common Core approach to English, calling it, “An English curriculum overloaded with advocacy journalism or with ‘informational’ articles chosen for their topical and/or political nature,” and you may rest assured, gentle readers, that the advocacy comes entirely from the Left.

and Common Core is said not to permit dropping out--now that seems un-American just in itself, doesn't it?

…and Common Core is said not to permit dropping out–now that seems un-American just in itself, doesn’t it?

History…a dish best served cold?  

Then of course there is the problem of history, a subject that stirs so little enthusiasm from Common Core that much of its teaching is allocated to English Departments (and thus to educators who know nothing in particular about history). You might think that such abhorrent practices would anger teachers-and to an extent this is so. But the teachers, in many cases, do not get the big picture. Like honest citizens clucking their tongues over the president’s inexperience (as if Obama spent 5 years running the country into the ground because he just doesn’t know any better), many an educator seems persuaded that Common Core just doesn’t realize the errors of its ways. Example:

Now read it to me agin Tom, only colder and without any context, okay?

Now read it to me again Tom, only colder and without any purpose, okay?

Writing for a Georgetown University website, teacher Craig Thurtell takes exception to what he deems “misguided” instructions from Common Core. For instance, Common Core’s exemplar insists that “text dependent questions like ‘why did the North fight the civil War?’ divert students from text comprehension.” The instructions go on to  explain that “Answering these sorts of questions require [sic] students to go outside the text, and indeed in this particular instance asking these questions actually undermines what Lincoln is trying to say.” Really?  Nonplussed, Thurtell exclaims, “…no historian or history teacher could read the Gettysburg Address in the manner insisted upon by [the Common Core instructional]” adding that Common Core’s “admonitions against a historical approach reveal a disheartening ignorance of historical thinking.” And that’s where the honorable Mr. Thurtell goes wrong! He isn’t paranoid enough to understand what’s going on, but fortunately, dear readers, we are! You see, the creators of this assault on American school children understand history quite well—albeit in a dialectical spiral of Marxian illations—and they know, like all good brainwashers, that words lose power when subjected to dry, philological analysis. David Coleman, the author of Common Core’s “English Learning Arts” standards, specifically advocates teaching such documents “cold,” without historical context, and “without understanding of their purpose.” WOOF is not making this up!

David Coleman may have no experience teaching any level of K-12, but he's here to help!

David Coleman may have no experience teaching any level of K-12, but he’s here to help!

So, while the great books suffer death by deconstruction, the passion and flame of our nation’s history will be reduced to semantic aridity by armies of tedious grammarians. It’s really quite ingenious, Mr. Thurtell…you just have to pull the humanoid mask off these “educationists” and behold the reptiles beneath the veneer.

OMG, He's a freaking lizard!!

OMG, He’s a freaking lizard!!

NB: It is to the advantage of American parents subjected to the Common Core onslaught to obtain their children’s textbooks, and in particular their history texts. They will find that Common Core texts give dismissive shrift to the founding fathers, praise the “wonderful ideas” of Karl Marx, lambaste the Christian faith but heap praise on the accomplishments of Islam while manifesting dewy-eyed admiration for Red China, while reprehending western capitalism as cruel and immiserating. There’s nothing in Common 001358_33Core history texts explaining why the Colonies seceded from Britain, or the significance or creation of the Constitution or its relationship to the  Declaration of Independence. This is all reduced to vacuous vocabulary lessons such as “Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including analyzing how an author uses and refines the meaning of a key term over the course of a text.” Worse, when Common Core recommends outside reading, it recommends ultra-left-wing histories such as the infamously distorted tome, A History of US, by lovable Joy Hakim, the wildly popular ultra-progressive “historian” who never studied history, whose master’s degree was in education, and whose Goucher College doctorate is honorific….and not in history either!

“The law is an ass…”

arne_duncan-reform or else

Secretary of Education Duncan–basically another Chicago gunsel

In Common Core we have Federal governmental control of our children’s educations by proxy—because Common Core’s army of radical leftist educators is functioning as a “cutout” entity, serving the administration. Do you doubt us? Take a look at California (if you can bear to). Californians, during one of their rare lucid moments, proposed AB484 which has the potential of exempting the state’s kids from Common Core testing. Reaction from the Obamans was instantaneous—on September 9, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan threatened to withhold educational funding from California. He went so far as to insist that federal law requires California to administer tests. Think about that bizarre claim! The tenth amendment reserves such powers as Duncan arrogates to himself to the individual states, not some cadre of elitist social engineers in the West Wing. And then there’s the clear, specific language of the General Education Provisions Act which holds in part that:

No provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system…”

No matter, though—the Obamans realized as early as 2009 that they could ignore laws with impunity. The news media work hard at never noticing such travesties. For instance, Rappin’ Preezy just “suspended” the federal law prohibiting arms sales to groups on the federal list of terrorist organizations so that he could continue arming Al Qaeda in Syria. (Take that, Putin!) This is clearly an impeachable offense, but you haven’t heard anyone mention it, have you? We mean anyone “in the mainstream.” Or to paraphrase Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  “Boehner…? Boehner….? Boehner…?”


The majority supports it, whatever it is!

A peculiar poll just released by the Harvard journal Education Next shows that 65 percent of Americans support the Common Core program and this evidently up from 63 percent in 2012. This seems especially odd since a PK/Gallup poll that came out last Wednesday maintains that two thirds of Americans have either never heard of Common Core, or don’t know what it consists of.  A closer investigation of the Harvard poll reveals that people replied enthusiastically about Common Core only after it was explained by the pollsters that Common Core was something that, “If adopted….would be used to hold the state’s schools accountable.”  Apparently nobody at Harvard’s Education Next ever read a basic textbook about unbiased population sampling…or maybe they’re postmodernists and they figure their truth is as good as any…or maybe they’re part of the Worldwide Totalitarian Socialist Conspiracy that governs us?  Nahhh.

“The chips are truly down!”

uncle_sam_playing_cards-r1cab9c4a8fc94eafb87f018fc933d555_fsvj2_8byvr_512So prepare yourselves for battle, parents of America! The enemy is already within the gates, and the brainwashing has begun in earnest. Many of you thought it was bad before now, but now the teachers’ long-standing prerogative to alter noxious curricula has been eliminated, the anti-Americanism of all too many pedagogues has been universalized, and the lock-step socialization of our children is well underway. Common Core intends to drive a wedge between you and your children, arrogate unto the schools the responsibility to impart values (postmodern relativism), to impart loyalties (to the United Nations and global progressivism) to impart political allegiance (socialism!) and to impart faith—and here Islam is inserted as an anti-Judeo/Christian religion-of-convenience suitable to the purposes of the cynical atheists who created and disseminate this toxin. This battle will not be won by RINOs, or dismayed teachers, or even by embattled bloggers at WOOF—no it can only be won by parents armed with information and aflame with righteous indignation confronting the educationists and the policy makers face to face. So check out your school system! The best source for information detailing your state’s complicity in this epic takeover is available at the 100% WOOF-approved website of Danette Clark [just click here!] Do your research, marshal your facts, find some faces and get in them!  You didn’t ask for this fight, but it’s here. You didn’t pick the place, but it’s your own neighborhood—and “The modern champions of communism have selected this as the time. And, ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down—they are truly down.”

images w


How Red was my Valerie (or) I can see Russia from my White House!

In Just say HUAC forum on August 8, 2013 at 4:17 pm

alternate splash

Gentle readers, WOOF hates like poison to publish two consecutive pieces on the same topic, more or less, but here we are again, stuck in Benghazi because the newest buzz is that Valerie Jarrett, whom WOOF has repeatedly identified as one of the most ardently committed communists in the Obama White House, is now a leading suspect in the abandonment of our people during the assault on the consulate and nearby “secret” safe house that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, an aid, and two Navy SEALS.

The SEAL Team Six assault on bin Laden's compound depicted in "Zero Dark Thirty," which readers will recall WOOF reviewed positively, although we haven't seen it.

The SEAL Team Six assault on bin Laden’s compound depicted in “Zero Dark Thirty,” which readers will recall WOOF reviewed positively, although we haven’t seen it.

Many others were wounded in the Al Qaida assault, but the administration has squirreled them away with tremendous efficiency–efficiency of a caliber not otherwise exhibited by the Obama White House. ..unless you count efficiently destroying the economy and dividing the country into balkanized populations of “victims” asserting their various entitlements.  And Valerie Jarrett has been at Dear Leader’s side from the inception of his presidency, ensuring the smooth, steady dismantling of the American Dream while “force multiplying” welfare recipients.  Even in light of such dedication and ingenuity, the newest Jarrett story lacks face validity. In fact, it seems absurd on several counts, but this hardly rules it out, conditions being as they are…and may even lend it a certain credence. The information, furthermore, seems to have been selectively leaked, which makes it all the more piquant, especially if the leaks are emanating from certain disgruntled Clintonista, which is WOOF’s working premise. Valerie Jarrett, remember, is also widely reputed to have thrice quashed the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. WOOF can state with certainty that it was she who scuttled the first scheduled Bin Laden raid, although we cannot substantiate precisely three such instances; but WOOF knows that the raid on Bin Laden’s safe house in Pakistan was scrubbed more than once, and that President Obama was finally pressured into making the “go” decision by numerous military and DOD higher-ups who bluntly told Dear Leader that if he allowed Bin Laden time to escape to a new location, news of his inaction would certainly leak—and his limp-wristed unwillingness to drop the hammer on America’s number one enemy at large would cost him the election in 2012. Woof knows that it was in this light that Our Beloved Helmsman reluctantly agreed to go ahead with SEAL Team Six’s now famous assault on Osama’s country estate despite what now appear to be Jarrett’s earlier efforts to kill the plan instead of the terror kingpin.

Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer--

Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer–sensing Obama “through” the situation room.

Fast forward now to the night of September 9, 2012. At 5 PM, coded or scrambled reports began to flood the signals offices in Washington to the effect that the Special Mission in Benghazi had come under heavy assault. WOOF is now certain that early in the Benghazi crisis the president, whom we previously suspected of resting up following his strenuous appearance on the Pimp with a Limp radio program, was in fact wide awake, and underwent a thorough briefing courtesy of Secretary of Defense Panetta. The president’s immediate action in the wake of this briefing, as best as WOOF can ascertain, was to have dinner in his sumptuous private quarters. White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer was pointedly asked by Chris Wallace on Wallace’s FOX News program to divulge the president’s whereabouts during the hours of the attack. Pfeiffer refused to say where the president was.  WOOF knows for certain that Obama was not in the situation room, where of course any other president in modern history would have been on such an occasion. The closest Pfeiffer came to fallaciously placing the president in the situation room that night was his magnificently aphasic remark, desperately emitted under Wallace’s verbal pummeling, that “[The president] was kept up to date through the situation room,” as though he were somehow immanent in the very air.

confused terror

Oppose Al Qaida? Support Al Qaida? Even the terrorists seem confused by Obama’s policies…

Glenn Beck has theorized that President Obama was “kept out of the loop so he wouldn’t be a witness to a situation that involved running guns to the rebels in Syria,” but as WOOF has pointed out previously, it is difficult to imagine this president living in such trepidation of a news media that performs poodle devotions at his bidding—besides which, the administration’s verbal support for the rebels was a known commodity, so why not arm them? For heaven’s sake, John McCain was even then demanding that they be armed, so how do you get blander than that?  No, there is more to this than brother Beck’s suspicion portends! Panetta is, in his heart of hearts, an unregenerate Clintonista, and his stronger instinct would be to throw Obama under the bus if it meant saving Hillary’s reputation, besides which, why keep the president above suspicion when, absent any curiosity or criticism from the comatose press, the average American would be no more perturbed by arms smuggling to Syrian rebels than by—oh, let’s say—a 1.7% uptick in the economy being ballyhooed by the media as a veritable rebound.  And now, into the bargain, comes this bizarre leak to the effect that Valerie Jarrett,  the Iranian-born communist ideologue who is President Obama’s most trusted adviser, single handedly killed any rescue attempts during those agonizing eight hours last September.

How can a clandestine policy arouse controversy if John McCain supports it?

How can a clandestine policy arouse controversy if John McCain supports it?

Really? The story seems superficially implausible because Valerie Jarrett, besides being a deranged anti-American fruit loop, is also un-elected and unconfirmed by congress to any position—she being titularly the “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs,” whatever one makes of that jabberwocky, and in reality simply one of the many hard-core communist conspirators with whom Our Dear Leader prefers to surround himself. She cannot issue orders to call off American military rescues—she has no constitutional authority to tell the lowliest Lance Corporal to say hey, let alone cancel an AC-130 strike.

And yet, it seems increasingly probable that Comrade Jarrett is the authority who called off the AC-130 gunship that could easily have eliminated the attackers in a burst of its conglomerate armament of 25 mm Gatling fire, 40 mm auto-cannon shells, and, (just to add insult to injury), a 105 mm Howitzer—kind of a punctuation mark at the end of the good-bye message. Much has been made, in many excellent though significantly less amusing blogs than ours, of the denial of cross-border authority. This order was obviously withheld, which is insane in and of itself, and yes, without a presidential order to cross international borders on a hostile mission, American forces cannot advance in an international rescue attempt, or any other armed salient. But WOOF has long maintained that an AC-130U “Spooky” was in the area that night, which is to say already in Libyan airspace, and this is why SEALS Woods and Doherty used laser targeting devices to pinpoint the mortars that subsequently killed them—because they expected the gunship to respond by opening fire with its laser-following weaponry. The SEALS probably could not have imagined in their wildest nightmares that anyone matching the philosophical profile of Valerie Jarrett was in charge back in Washington DC—no, they would not have known her name. But WOOF knows her name, and we have mentioned her before now!

The AC-130U addressing a problem on the ground--this sort of problem resolution could have saved Ambassador Stevens and the others.

The AC-130U addressing a problem on the ground–this sort of problem resolution could have saved Ambassador Stevens and the others.

Valerie Jarrett has been President Obama’s closest adviser since she was insinuated into his midst by her father-in-law—and her father-in-law was a fellow traveling Marxist who worked hammer-in-sickle with Obama’s mentor and truest father figure, Frank Marshall Davis, a hardened and unyielding communist.  Her family tree is also intermarried with that of Bill Ayers—the retired terrorist bomber, lifelong communist, and ghostwriter of Obama’s first book—the readable one. She is also comrades with former Obama adviser Van Jones, who was exposed in 2010 as a full blown communist, but who was dismissed from overt association with the White House only after he was taped saying that the Bush Administration colluded in the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Bill Ayers's interest in educating youth is justly famous.

Bill Ayers’s interest in educating youth goes back decades!

Readers who recall WOOF’s warnings about the CSCOPE conspiracy (click here) will be especially interested to know that Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, joined forces with bombin’ Bill Ayers and his urban terrorist wife, Bernardine Rae Dohrn (now a professor of law at Northwestern, of course) to found a massive “educational reform initiative” aimed at Sovietizing the American public education system—to the extent that that’s even necessary nowadays. This monstrosity eventually sprouted a tentacle in the form of the subversive CSCOPE program that your local public school is probably adopting even as you read this. And where did Ayers and Jarrett’s mom come up with the cool 4.5 million needed to fund such an ambitious demolition job? It was handed to them by President Obama, of course—they got a sizable slice of the stimulus funding that most Americans thought was going to revive the economy hee, hee, suckered again!

Jarret is best known on the Right for her assertion that, “After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”

(Why— just as an aside here— are communist sympathizers and communists so fond of adverting to Hell? Karl Marx reminded us in Capital that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions;” putting every one of his acolytes on notice for all eternity, one might think. Hillary “Her Magnificence” Clinton is famous for insisting there would be “Hell to pay,” when aroused by her critics, and now we have Comrade Jarrett using the same phrase—surely the close affiliation of Marxists and the infernal regions is worthy of note, but we digress…)

A peculiar obsession with Hell seems characteristic of the Marxist intellect

A peculiar obsession with Hell seems characteristic of the Marxist intellect

So, in fairness, let’s examine how America’s journal of record, the subversive New York Times, sees Valerie Jarrett—they seem to have experienced a completely different version of her than we. When they profiled her in 2012 they spent more time gushing about her “magic” than her ties to former Weather Undergrounder Ayers. According to the Times profile, Valerie and Barack “met more than two decades ago, when Ms. Jarrett – a lawyer, like both Obamas – offered Mrs. Obama a job in the Chicago mayor’s office.” But the truth seems to be that Valerie met Barack, as we mentioned earlier, through the auspices of her subversive father-in-law who worked shoulder to shoulder with arch Red, Frank Marshall Davis, the closest thing Barack had, sadly, to a real dad. The Times ignored this, seeking out new levels of viscosity on the fulsomeness scale, trilling that “The magic of Valerie is her intellect and her heart. She is an incredibly kind, caring and thoughtful person with a unique ability to pinpoint the voiceless and shine a light on them and the issues they and the President care about with the ultimate goal of making a difference in people’s lives.”  And then, perhaps just to save readers from looming insulin shock, the Times managed the sole hint of criticality in this otherwise uninterrupted drizzle of syrup, admitting that “Some of Mr. Obama’s most senior advisers worry – perhaps not entirely without jealousy – that her direct access to the president has at times led to half-baked decision making and unclear lines of authority.” And therein lies the rub, Woofketeers, at least so far as Benghazi is concerned!

Valerie working her special magic--"loook into my eyes!"

Valerie working her special magic–“loook into my eyes!”

And where Benghazi is concerned, we return to the night of the battle, and we continue to do our utmost to trace the steps of the President of the United States as he remains, by every indication, sublimely insouciant to the violence in Libya imperiling his consulate and his ambassador. We can be reasonably certain that Obama dined in private and then Readers who recall WOOF’s warnings about the CSCOPE conspiracy (click here) will be especially engaged in a two-hour-long telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Hillary's 9/11 whereabouts remain mysterious, but "what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Hillary’s 9/11 whereabouts remain mysterious, but “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

The purpose of the call, from President Obama’s standpoint, was to create the illusion of bonhomie between the White House and Netanyahu’s government, since the president’s previous abuses of Netanyahu, including an unconscionable snubbing back in 2009 and a ridiculous subsequent call for a return to the borders of 1967 which would be suicidal for Israel, had resulted in a noticeable level of disaffection on the Jewish American Left, which is to say the Jewish American population, which invariable, if inexplicably, marches as a man to the voting booths each election to vote for Democrat politicians who would rather hug a PLO terrorist than give Israel the time of day. The evidence shows that Valerie Jarrett was also present during this conference, and that she made her way subsequently, either at Obama’s behest or of her own volition, from the private quarters to the situation room where the events on the ground in Benghazi were being monitored in real time by, among others, secretary of Defense Panetta, and . Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. So far as can be reasonably substantiated, Hillary Clinton was not at the scene.

On the job! Panetta, Dear Leader, and General Dempsey, looking out for you!

On the job! Panetta, Dear Leader, and General Dempsey, looking out for you!

It is precisely at this point that Conservative Report insists Valerie Jarrett assumed the leadership role for the administration, and like we said at the beginning, this would seem palpably absurd if it were not for three vexing points of fact. First, WOOF is confident that Valerie Jarrett was the person who scrubbed the raid on Bin Laden’s hideout more than once before the press of events finally forced Our Beloved Helmsman to give SEAL Team Six a reluctant “go.” Second, an increasingly compelling series of leaks reaching WOOF’s ears from sources in Qatar seem to verify the idea that Jarrett somehow managed to impose a kibosh on the AC-130U strike depended on that night by SEALs Woods and Doherty. Third, the order to “stand down” is not synonymous with an order to avoid crossing borders on a tactical mission. Forces at the airport in Tripoli or already in the skies of Libya didn’t need to cross borders, so a stand-down order would have sufficed. The waters are muddy enough regarding such an abortive order that browbeaten personnel in the situation room might have assumed Jarrett spoke for the president, as so often in the past, and as indeed she may have. That the military sycophantically carries water for the Administration to conceal these points is best evinced by Gen. Martin Dempsey’s denial that any stand-down order was issued. On the contrary, General Dempsey explained, “They weren’t told to stand down. A stand down means don’t do anything. They were told to — that the mission they were asked to perform was not in Benghazi but was at Tripoli Airport.” Did you get that, Woofketeers? The strike force wasn’t told not to go, they were only told to stay put!  So not doing anything was their mission, get it? This is the caliber of wisdom that comes from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Age of Obama.

These are the men who dies while American rescuers weren't standing down. just staying where they were at the airport in tripoli.

These are the men who died while American rescuers weren’t standing down. just staying where they were at the airport in Tripoli.

And finally, there is what one might call the devil in the details—the weirdly impelling character of skulking, conspiratorial malevolence that permits its janissaries to impose their will against all reason, especially in the most critical circumstances. To this end, we note that Tad Cronn, writing for Before it’s News.com, has offered that “Jarrett has always been Morgan le Fey to Obama’s Mordred.”  Perfect! And as we already know from the New York Times, “The magic of Valerie is her intellect and her heart.”

"When I clap my hands, you will remember nothing!"

“When I clap my hands, you will remember nothing!”

TEXAS SCHOOLS FALL TO RED SUBVERSION–Commie menace set to spread!

In Just say HUAC forum on March 8, 2013 at 6:36 pm


Ever hear of CSCOPE?  No, it’s not the name of the submarine on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and it isn’t even a United Nations project, but if you guessed that, you’re warm. It’s actually a communist plot to completely infiltrate and seize control of the American educational system, and the reason you may not have heard of it previously is because it’s secret. That’s what we said, Woofketeers—it’s secret. It came invidiously, in the night, and spread its tentacles silently and unobtrusively while the good people of the great state of Texas slept.  And having ensconced itself in Texas like a weaponized  strain of bacteria, it began to spread outward, until all 50 states were under threat of clandestine seizure by Reds scheming to collectivize child rearing and Stalinize the very fabric of American education. That’s because the model, already infecting 75% of Texas schools through the 12th grade level, was scheduled for national adoption this year with the full and enthusiastic backing of Barack Hussein Obama, President for Life. Ironically, it was only CSCOPE’s fetish for secrecy and closed-door management that saved America –however temporarily–from this scourge, since the offer by Common Core Standards to take over, manage, and distribute the program across 50 states was rebuffed by the CSCOPE designers who refused to relinquish control of the process or allow access to their lesson plans.

images (2)

It all began so innocently….

Initially the state of Texas purchased the CSCOPE regimen based on its promise of being a regimented and uniform means of teaching the core curriculum specified by the federal government. The supposed goal, therefore, was to raise the performance of Texas school children across the entire state by administering an easily managed program that every school would apply identically. But CSCOPE was a subversive Trojan Horse packed with a clandestine cargo of destructive propaganda aimed straight for the inchoate intellects of kids from kindergarten to high school–and liberal teachers whom the CSCOPE designers knew would all-too-frequently prove equally susceptible to their venom!turn in your teacher!

CSCOPE describes itself as a “customizable online curriculum management system aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)” adding that “CSCOPE’s high quality curriculum, assessment, and instructional components assist schools in meeting the high standards of rigor and relevance required in the TEKS and STARR assessments…” and who wouldn’t be all for that, right?  Well, okay, WOOF wouldn’t be—but most average Americans would think that sounded pretty dandy until they talked with the lengthy procession of  unexpectedly brave, whistle-blowing teachers who came forward complaining of CSCOPE’s police-state administrative  mindset and the learning model’s hidden communist agenda. The designers attempted to sheep-dip their package by claiming that many famed educators were throwing their support behind the idea and implying that in some instances these giants of education had functioned as co-designers of the CSCOPE formula. To quote their website:

“The curriculum and instructional components of CSCOPE are based on best practice models from the top researchers in the field of education, including Robert Marzano, Fenwick English, John Crain, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe, H. Lynn Erickson, and James Barufaldi.”

imagesWow, even if you didn’t know who a single one of those people was, you have to admit they sound pretty darned important…and from the standpoint of educational theory, for whatever that’s worth, they really are. But they are NOT really involved in the CSCOPE project. Commie lies, Wooferians—commie lies!  Let’s go one at a time here, shall we? The educators mentioned by CSCOPE are indeed venerable and time-honored experts in the field of learning (although mostly too radical for our tastes, but that’s beside the point). Doctor Marzano’s office released a statement saying that “Dr. Marzano was not involved in the development of CSCOPE…Dr. Marzano’s name is being incorrectly tied to this program.”  Next comes Dr. Fenwick English, an ultra liberal doyen of ultra liberal educationism in America—but Dr. English also states that, “To my knowledge I did not work on C-scope.” Moving right along, Heidi Hayes Jacobs reveals that she is “not familiar with C-Scope”and didn’t know they were using her name. Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe? Here’s Wiggins on the subject:   “I am sure none of us have worked for them. I certainly never have, nor has Jay.” Neither did H. Lynn Erikson, according to H. Lynn Erikson.  James Barufaldi and John Crain hurt WOOF’s feelings deeply by refusing to comment—you know how it is with these Ivory Tower elitists!  But we digress….because the bad news about CSCOPE is not that they’re a pack of liars—that would make them no worse than the average press secretary or Senate Majority Leader. No, the really dangerous thing about CSCOPE is that it is radical Islamo-Marxism all pre-packaged for convenient classroom delivery.  And striking first in the noble state of Texas? The level of malignant connivance inherent in this gambit is chilling…utterly chilling! Here is a quick review of some of what your kids can learn from various CSCOPE lesson plans:

Non-Muslim religionists in Islamic countries enjoy religious freedom

The Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, much like 9-11

Police officers found drugs in Paul Revere’s home after his midnight ride

Allah is God

Islamic terrorists are actually freedom fighters

Communism is the highest attainable economic system

Capitalism is a transitional phase on the path to communism

Egypt was a good country until democracy came along

Egypt is a good country again now that the Islamic Brotherhood is in charge

Early Christians were cannibals

Fascism and Nazism are two forms of Conservative government

The second amendment only applies to the collective


Oh yeah, and Democrats are people who “Will spend more tax dollars on education to benefits [sic] each individual.” (The lapsus linguae reminded WOOF of the NEA’s infamous ad from the ‘70s reminding Americans that “If your child can read and write, thank their [sic] teacher!”) But most egregious in the minds of many disgruntled Texas educators who led the class-room-based rebellion against the pollution of their school system was the lesson requiring kids to design a new flag for their country once it attains the happy condition of socialism, using suggested symbols of socialism from around the world. Here’s an example:flag

While launching a full fledged assault against American symbols, ideals, principles and values, CSCOPE manages to avoid teaching anything about American history. Not one of the great Western novels is taught or mentioned. Phonics are ignored, as is any instruction in formal grammar, usage, or writing. When Christianity is mentioned at all it is said to be similar to Islam, or in some lessons, Wicca. So why haven’t you heard more about this unvarnished Communist assault our school children? Well, as we said at the outset of this diatribe, the entire program was installed secretly. Teachers who reported for work discovered the new policies already in place and were not permitted to begin instructing their students in the new lessons until they had signed gag orders prohibiting them from discussing the contents of the curriculum with parents. Teachers brainwashedhave testified before the Texas Legislature that they were subject to constant intimidation, were called before committees of review if their loyalty to the process was reported as suspect, and were routinely subjected to unannounced three-minute classroom visitations by staff who functioned as commissars of education, observing whether teachers were functioning as “team players” and voicing waspish hints of impending dismissal if teachers were not educating as officially deemed appropriate.

Enemy from Chicago!?

Did you ever see Enemy from Space, that 1958 movie about a replica of a proposed lunar site that suddenly shows up in England and nobody knows why or how it got there—and Brian Donleavy decides to find out? Wow, that was really a scary movie. And here we have just about the same exact situation in Texas, only the enemy is within! A perfect replica of an advanced system of K-12 education materializes overnight, but nobody knows how it got there or who’s behind it! And as in the aforementioned sci-fi chiller, everybody who tries to find out hits a brick wall—or worse! What we know is this: In 2006 CSCOPE showed up in Texas as a newly proposed curriculum ostensibly developed by several Educational Service Center employees and marketed to school districts. Okay, who were these hard working members of these Texan ECS organizations who sat up long hours at night developing this new curriculum? Well, before anybody could exactly find out, they sold the whole idea, lock stock and borscht bowl, to a private non-profit corporation called Texas Education Service Centers Curriculum Collaborative, fondly known as the TESCCC. Oddly, whenever TESCCC sells CSCOPE to a school district, they demand  all participating school personnel sign non-disclosure agreements ensuring that nobody else including parents, legislators, reporters, or non-allied teachers, is allowed to view CSCOPE materials.  Educators are told that CSCOPE is so good that competitors would otherwise make off with all of its wonderful instructional innovations. As if.

"Egad, Dr. Quatermass--who built it? Where did it come from?" (Enemy from Space, 1958)

“Egad, Dr. Quatermass–who built it? Where did it come from?” (Enemy from Space, 1958)

The non-existent non-profit that made a profit and wasn’t there… 

All right—so the mysterious TESCCC proceeds to market its wonderful new educational program directly to the school districts. It can bypass review by the State Board of Education because of well intentioned legislation making it possible for school districts to purchase materials that are not SBOE approved. Note the diabolical use of an essentially libertarian act of legislation to promote the enslavement of children’s minds!  Furthermore, text books, which would normally require approval, do not require approval with the CSCOPE system—because there aren’t any! CSCOPE lessons are issued over the Internet and are not subject to prior review by anybody! Still with us, gentle readers? Okay—so TESCCC, despite the fact that its governing board should be made up of state employees, meeting, one supposes, on state property, nonetheless flatly refuses to allow any public attendance at its meetings, refuses to release minutes of its board meetings, and refuses to divulge its corporate mission statement. Understand, gentle reader, this is a public corporation—absorbing public funds, but refusing to tell the public what it is, what it does, or what it believes.  Okay, so we just close in on these evil corporate types and squish them like a bug, right? Well that thought occurred to more than one Texan, you may be certain.

On January 31, 2013 the Texas Senate Education Committee held a hearing on the bizarre takeover of 75% of Texan schools by the entity called CSCOPE. Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, charitably termed the situation ‘a mess.’ One teacher testified that the system amounted to “mind control,” and an algebra teacher broke down in tears as he related his story of finally opting to resign rather than ‘aiding and abetting a crime’ by teaching the CSCOPE curriculum. One experienced teacher testified that she had had doors slammed in her face—literally—when she attempted to ask school personnel about “the ideology behind CSCOPE.”

Texans move to restore right-thinking education!

Texans move to restore right-thinking education!

Thus, when the awakened politicians and people of Texas turned their not-so-collective wrath on TESCCC, what vengeance did they wreck upon that vile organization? Well—none really. Because it wasn’t there. It was a shell company. It had no employees, no business address, no stationery, no physical location—it didn’t even have a telephone number. It was all that remained of a dark, premeditated endeavor to teach communism, socialism, and pro-Islamic theocratic fascism to the school children of Texas—and the only people left holding the bag were the May-chain of gullible, liberal educators who had gone along to get along, hand in hand with a ghost corporation that vanished into thin air when the chips were down.

Who could be behind this? If you guessed the Worldwide Socialist Totalitarian Conspiracy that Governs us—you read our minds! (Maybe we need better tin foil!)

What WOOF knows…

Comrade Darling

Comrade Darling

WOOF knows that the brain trust behind CSCOPE was President Obama’s mentor and ghost writer, “Bombin'” Bill Ayers (Current  University of Illinois at Chicago professor and retired urban terrorist and erstwhile Pentagon bomber), in partnership with the subversive education “expert” Linda Darling-Hammond, who has run more than one school right into the ground with her ultra-radical theories.  The pair are long-time advocates of the “small schools movement,” which sounds lovely except that it actually grew out of the Weather Underground in the radical ‘60s. Darling-Hammond is lauded again and again in CSCOPE materials, has lectured extensively on behalf of  CSCOPE, and was an honored constituent of Our Beloved Helmsman’s educational transition team in the dark days of 2008.  Although she is a large part of the brains behind CSCOPE, she is not mentioned in the program’s phony list of advocates in academe, because she is so transparently radical.

What happens now? WOOF predicts that the Federal government will have to take over CSCOPE because, you know, it’s “a mess.” And President Obama will need somebody to exercise control over the crippled initiative and make it into a functional, trustworthy, federally approved, perhaps even mandated, educational program, right? And that person, WOOF further predicts will be the aforementioned Linda Darling Hammond. Get it? The whole thing will be right back in the hands of its creators—but it will look like a rescue mission! Slick, comrades! But we are the Watchdogs of Our Freedom—and we are onto you! WOOF PRINT


Kids–is your teacher a Godless, subversive Red? The law of averages says, “Da!”

In Just say HUAC forum on November 30, 2012 at 7:07 am



According to the devoted patriots at the educational advocacy initiative, CAMPUS REFORM, ninety-six percent of the faculty and staff at Ivy League colleges that contributed to the 2012 presidential race donated to President Obama’s campaign. The organization admittedly reached this figure by studying data from the subversive Federal Election Commission (FEC), but WOOF nevertheless considers the findings accurate. WOOF’s own estimation of non-Ivy-League faculty leanings, compiled by an arcane combination of intuitive cognition and remote viewing (the precise details of which must remain confidential for the time being), suggests identical levels of radical bias almost everywhere in post-secondary academe.

Worse, the nation’s colleges and universities are not alone in their non-stop promotion of left-wing attitudes and philosophies—teachers at the middle-and-high-school level around the country are just as emphatically and vociferously allied with the worldwide totalitarian socialist conspiracy. Until this runaway leviathan of sinistral indoctrination is fought to a standstill and diversity of opinion is again given an authentic outing in our institutes of higher (and lower) learning, our children will continue to be hammered into mental conformity by the artificers of totalitarian liberalism! What can be done to stem this crimson tide?

Founder of Department of Education

When James Earl Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia who was elected to the American presidency in 1976 during one of America’s earlier dalliances with national suicide, created the Department of Education as a sop to his supporters in the subversive National Education Association, he inaugurated the Federal endeavor to transform America’s schools into mills of deception churning out mindless, recycling-fixated, planetary warmth-fearing, self-esteem-obsessed, tofu munching mini-Marxists whose brow-beaten detestation of success, meritocracy, and individual creativity was made manifest in last November’s defeat of WOOF’s nominee, Christine O’Donnell, as well as the genial if unobtrusive Mitt Romney, who WOOF has learned ran as the Republican party candidate. Now, it is time to blow the whistle on these heuristic hooligans and shatter their death grip on the American education system! Start a home school in which children can

Candidate O'Donnell

Candidate O’Donnell

learn about capitalism and freedom—get those youngsters reading Hayek and Oakeshott, help them to appreciate Von Mises, Von Humboldt and, yes,Von Dutch! But if you are a student, gentle reader, we call on you—nay, we implore you–to stand up against the monolithic Mensheviks of post-modernity, and refuse to become fodder for their collectivist cookie cutter!  Rebel! Rise and rebel!! We stand with you in obstreperous solidarity! Rebel! Get a video of your left wing teacher in full outcry against God and country, John Wayne, Elvis or good cheeseburgers! Tape him or her trashing whatever American institution or value they dare to rail against next, and send it to us at watchdogsofourfreedom@gmail.com and if we think your teacher is a commie, (you know, as opposed to just being nuts), we’ll post the video right here on the WOOF site for everyone to watch and giggle at! Remember, nothing is as utterly destructive to the sinews of the Left as ridicule, which is why they long ago suborned and now dominate the stand-up comedy industry! But with your help, we can make YOUR anti-American professor or seditious secondary school teacher a laughing stock—and we’ll be here to laugh right along with you!  Yes, it could well be YOUR very own ranting, ultra-left-wing, paleo-Stalinist pedagogue who finds him or herself saying:

“….And I’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddlesome kids and that WOOF!!”

Today, the Academy, tomorrow the stand-up comic industry! WOOF marches on!

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