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Mister, we could use a man like Kane Richmond again!

Mister, we could use a man like Kane Richmond again!

Not since the betrayals of  CIA turncoats Harold J. Nicholson and Aldrich Ames (both of whom should have been shot on the White House lawn for treason) has so chilling a breach of American security occurred as that which currently involves NASA, and which the Obama White House is blocking from further investigation. Not even the betrayal of American nuclear secrets to the Red Chinese at the behest of the Clintons in the late ‘90s, when Chinese agents were permitted free run of the Los Alamos facility with the tacit approval of Clinton’s subversive Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary (who should have been stood up on the White House lawn—and–well, you know) compares to the current imbroglio—and instead of Sandy Berger making off with the evidence shoved in his jockey shorts, we now have America’s most highly situated gun-runner, Eric Holder, blocking the FBI from pursuing the truth!

How long do you suppose he could hold a straight face? We bet he fell on the floor laughing as soon as he heard the shutter click!

How long do you suppose he could hold a straight face? We bet he fell on the floor laughing as soon as he heard the shutter click!

For five years the FBI has been hard on the trail of a nefarious gang of traitors leaking American weapons secrets to the Communist Chinese from the Ames Research Center, a subsidiary NASA endeavor located in Silicon Valley. The hardworking men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had amassed considerable evidence to this effect, and obtained the testimony of several informants, who were prepared to appear as witnesses before a secret grand jury proceeding that was to have taken place this g men vs phantom legionmonth, February, but which WOOF has learned did not convene because of direct intervention by the Obama Regime. In fact, the case was developed under the capable guidance of valiant and energetic prosecutor, Gary Fry, the Assistant U.S. Attorney General for the Northern District of California who most recently made headlines for his interdiction of a massive smuggling deal  involving Nguessan Yao’s plot to run 2 million dollars worth of guns and explosives to his native Ivory Coast. One of Fry’s key witnesses was to be a Chief Engineer for NASA, but that individual’s availability is now questionable, and the worthy Fry has been inexplicably removed from the case, and transferred by the Justice Department. Fry has not to date confirmed this for WOOF, and has been equally taciturn with more conventional news sources, we are told. FOX news reported this morning that the case now appears to be stalled, so WOOF has decided to bring it to light based on what we have been told, and we have been able to glean from sources.

Fearless spy chaser and technology reporter Jeremy Kaplan did pretty well on this story without any help from WOOF--honest!

Fearless spy chaser and technology reporter Jeremy Kaplan did pretty well on this story without any help from WOOF–honest!

What we know for certain is that foreign nationals working at the Ames lab appear to have been leaking top secret missile technology to the Chinese. This leakage of vital strategic secrets has been ongoing for at least five years. Meanwhile, it appears that reporters Jeremy Kaplan and Judson Berger of FOX news has located a “whistleblower” who claims that the secret technologies already delivered into the hands of the Chinese Reds include material so exotic and sensitive that when mentioned to the Armed Services Committee “their jaws dropped.” (WOOF is anxious here to credit the FOX reporters with this aspect of the story, which they developed without any assistance from us!)

What WOOF is certain of at this point is that the Justice Depratment under Eric Holder has gone out of its way to interfere with the FBI enquiry into the matter, as well as the proceedings initiated by its own functionaries, including Fry, and his replacement, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haaag, who replaced Fry as spy casesthe case prosecutor. And while WOOF’s sources in this regard are adamant, and WOOF therefore equally adamant, the case for a DOJ effort to block the investigation has been strengthened to an even greater extent by the involvement of two United States congressmen, namely Lamar Smith of Texas, and Frank Wolf of Virginia—both Republicans, who are in touch with highly placed informants within the Justice and Energy departments as well as various Law Enforcement authorities. These sources corroborate WOOF’s understanding of the situation: That repeated requests for indictments and permission to proceed with prosecutory actions in this shocking case have been consistently and mysteriously denied by the Department of Justice at the direction of Eric Holder, who has instead directed his department’s main attentions and resources be focused on suing a bicyclist named Armstrong who evidently won some bicycle races by cheating.

U.S. Attorney Haag--who was appointed by Obama in 2010, denies encountering obstruction...from Obama?

U.S. Attorney Haag–who was appointed by Obama in 2010, denies encountering obstruction…from Obama?

Melinda Haag, for her part, has also insisted that no obstruction has come from her boss, (that would be the afore-mentioned Eric Holder), telling the members of congress that she was “aware of allegations our office sought authority from DOJ in Washington, D.C. to bring charges in a particular matter and that our request was denied. Those allegations are untrue. No such request was made and no such denial was received.” Clearly, Miss Haag speaks at the direction of the Attorney General, and her denial in this context simply confirms the opposing point! As if to emphasize this fact, Congressmen Smith and Wolf assured FOX News that Haag’s demurral conflicted with their information. Ever the optimists, the congressmen wrote a letter to DOJ in their respective capacities as Chairman of the House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, and Science Subcommittee (Wolf) and Chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee (Smith), which was cc’ed to Robert Mueller at the FBI and NASA’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz. The letter demanded explanations of the delayed Department of Justice investigation at the AmesResearchCenter. WOOF is now in possession of a copy of this letter, which reads in part:

Rep Lamar Smith seems to ponder an example of top secret super tech!

Rep Lamar Smith seems to ponder an example of top secret super tech!

 “We have been told by sources close to this investigation that the FBI’s case is substantially complete and was referred to the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California for prosecution, but it has been stalled for more than a year and that an assistant U.S. attorney was reassigned from the case. It is our understanding that the charges in this case are rapidly running up against the statute of limitations, and that the first charge expired on December 15, 2012” —We are very concerned to learn earlier this week that despite the U.S. Attorney’s request for permission from the Justice Department to proceed with indictments, this request was recently denied without explanation, despite the backing of both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office.It is our understanding that this illegal technology transfer may have involved classified Defense Department weapons system technology to foreign countries, including China, potentially with the tacit or direct approval of the center’s leadership. We are deeply concerned that political pressure may be a factor and are formally requesting an investigation into the circumstances of the Justice Department’s actions with regard to this case.” — Rep. Frank Wolf and Rep. Lamar Smith

Rep Frank Wolf, letter's co-author, trying to take Holder DOJ seriously?

Rep Frank Wolf, letter’s co-author, trying to take Holder DOJ seriously?

That the Department of Justice intends to sandbag this issue is made manifest by their response. Spokesman Rob Storch commented, on behalf of the DOJ’s Inspector General’s office that, “We are evaluating the letter.” Well, you just read the letter, Woofketeers—does it seem to require a whole bunch of evaluation? How about a whole bunch of answering, instead, Mr. Storch?

Chinese spymasters encouraged by the Regime.

Chinese spymasters encouraged by the Regime.

At this point, the question becomes, why is the Obama Administration running interference for spies stealing American space and defense technology from NASA? And to thicken the plot a bit more, consider this: The Ames Research Center is not merely a NASA instillation, it also leases space to a super secret and ultra-mysterious organization known merely as “SpaceX,” and equally odd is the fact that 42 acres of the complex is leased to Google! Did you know that Google maintains a holding company named “Planetary Ventures?” That’s right. WOOF is not making this up! Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has also contacted NASA to relate his concerns that going back as far as 2006, the AmesCenter’s Director, “Pete” Wordon, collaborated with a mysterious British National named Will Marshall to leak American military and space technology to China. WOOF also learned that Marshall was recently stopped at an American airport where Homeland Security confiscated a NASA computer in his possession. Apparently, the warrants sought by Fry may have named these two individuals, before the effort was shot down by Attorney General Holder and his henchmen at the Obama Justice Department—quite probably the same group that planned the sale of American weapons to murderous Mexican drug cartels in the now-infamous “Fast and Furious” operation. In that case, the intent was to manufacture cross-border violence using illegally obtained American weapons so that Holder and his co-conspirators could act to repeal the 2nd Amendment. But what is their purpose in facilitating the transfer of super-secret defense technology to the Communist Chinese?

Say "cheese," Comrade!

Say “cheese,” Comrade!

Obviously, it serves the interest of Obama’s presidency to leak secrets to the Communists, the President’s sentiments lying clearly in that direction. Further, Obama’s manifest disdain for the American military and his ardor to reduce our military forces to inutility are well known. In and of itself, then, the Ames outrage serves his treasonable purpose as well as Holder’s, Obama’s like-minded co-conspirator. Obstructing the FBI investigation and transferring a capable U.S. attorney to Podunk may seem like oddly irresolute methods of conducting a transfer of American power to the Communist East—but bear in mind that the statutes of limitations are rapidly expiring on these crimes, meaning that soon the perpetrators will be free to go teach at Ivy League Universities or host programs on MSNBC.

Here's a cost saver--don't use rockets--just teleport via jump room!

Here’s a cost saver–don’t use rockets–just teleport via jump room!

But what if there is an additional wrinkle in this unsettling fabric? Remember, we are dealing with organizations called “SpaceX” and “Planetary Ventures.”  Could there be an extra-terrestrial connection here? Readers of WOOF’s “Science and the Paranormal” forum already realize that Barack Obama’s early years as part of Project Pegasus, during which he was transported at least twice to the Martian surface according to whistle blowers Andrew D. Basiago, a 50-year-old successful attorney of long-standing in Vancouver Washington, and William Stillings, a 44-year old United States Navy veteran and bio-tech expert from Virginia.  Both men vividly recall knowing young “Barry Soetoro” as a fellow traveler (you should forgive the expression) during their sojourns on the Red Planet at the behest of DARPA and the CIA.  The young recruits for the DARPA/CIA mars program were transported from a teleportation room called “the jump room” located in El Segundo, California.  If you doubt the authenticity of such claims, WOOF fully sympathizes—but bear in mind that the Obama administration has officially denied them via Regime mouthpiece Tommy Vietor, spokesman for the National Security Council. Are you convinced now?

Basagio--respected attorney, whistleblower, chrononaut

Andrew Basiago–respected attorney, whistle blower  chrononaut

So what is the possibility that this “jump room technology” is either amongst the technologies stolen from, or the technologies most protected at the Ames Institute facility? Obviously the President’s identity as a Project Pegasus Chrononaut, taken together with the possibility that his actual birth certificate, masters thesis, college grades, and selective-service registration have been hidden on the Red Planet, would constitute motivation for keeping the FBI and the Justice Department away from the facts! Consider that El Segundo is only a five hour drive from Silicon Valley.

obama marss

But if that’s all too much to consider, forget it! Just focus on the fact that missile technology, F-35 secrets, kinetic weapon blueprints, Star Wars designs, and a host of other military and space technologies were sold down the river (or simply handed over) to the Red Chinese, and the Obama administration for whatever reason, has chosen not only to obstruct the investigation, but to ensure that the perpetrators come away unscathed. WOOF encourages all right-thinking Americans to contact their congressional representatives and demand that the brave men and women of the FBI and the honest remnant within the Department of Justice be permitted to finish the job, plug the leaks, and save what remains of our defense establishment!  To arms, America, while we still have any!

America's F-35-- hey, maybe they stole plans for how to make the parts that don't work right!

America’s F-35– hey, maybe they stole plans for how to make the parts that don’t work right anyway!

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