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Reporting for duty? Not again!

Reporting for duty?  Oh, not again!

Well, on the bright side, the world didn’t end (told you so!) and on the down side, John Forbes Kerry is going to be Secretary of State. No sooner do we bestow the first annual “Dullie” award on brave little Hillary, than she’s out of here. Anyone who doubts that the Congress is chockablock full of communists and fellow-traveling sympathizers need only sit back and watch how fast the Kerry nomination will zoom through the Senate! Meanwhile, the monolithic socialist press establishment is turning handsprings. John Kerry is exactly the kind of effete, plutocratic subversive with whom the televised and print journalists of today associate exclusively—and they are already hard at work soft-soaping his past with an almost sensual devotion. They will omit the fact that he is considerably richer than Romney, of course, or that his past is one of treasonable misconduct and deceit—focusing instead on what a brilliant chap he is (because they always tell us their bozos are brilliant—heck, they even told us Jimmy Carter was a genius, and only a decade ago they talked about Joe Biden as if he were the smartest man in congress—before he spent enough time in the spotlight to invalidate the assertions). So who is this horsefaced social Brahman with the imperishable grin and the botox brow?

Comic efforts to liken Kerry to characters like Fred Munster are puerile, and WOOF will not be any part of them!

Comic  cheap shots likening Kerry to characters such as Fred Munster are puerile, and WOOF will have no part of them!

Kerry, a wealthy son of diplomat and an even richer mother (on the Forbes side of the family), attended Yale University, joined the infamous Skull and Bones Society, and joined the Naval Reserves in 1966—but the war in Vietnam got a lot hotter and John found himself on the Mekong Delta in command of a “swift” boat—a hastily refitted civilian craft armed with machine guns and armored with flak jackets draped over the sides. It is true he volunteered for this duty, but as he once told the subversive Boston

John with his crew--they look they love him right?

John with his crew–they look like they love him right?

Globe, “I didn’t really want to get involved in the war…when I signed up for the swift boats, they had very little to do with the war. They were engaged in coastal patrolling and that’s what I thought I was going to be doing.” Now WOOF is really going to shock many readers here, so hold on—bear with us! We don’t know what the heck John did or didn’t do during some of his time in Vietnam. The record is too murky. Of course, he could un-murk it at any time he wanted by releasing his military records to the public, but he never has. It does seem that he chased down and killed a VC guerilla at some point, and we have evidence that he really did go back under fire to fish Green Beret James Rassamann out of the river after Rassamann was knocked overboard by an exploding mine. And WOOF is very much in favor of going back for Green Berets, so that’s fine with us. It also seems likely that Kerry’s second of three purple hearts may have been deserved because he took shrapnel to the leg, and that’s what we think we know about that.

All that said, the best evidence shows that he received his first purple heart for an accidentally self inflicted injury so minor that a band-aid sufficed to heal it, and his third for hurting his arm during a patrol. He nominated himself for the first one, which violates Navy protocol, and also won a silver star with a V for Vietnam according to his biography, which is weird, because there was never any such medal. He stated that spending Christmas of 1968 in Cambodia on a secret mission was  “seared into” his memory—but the U.S. wasn’t sending boats into Cambodia until 1969, even secretly. John also claims to have been taken under fire on these missions by the Cambodian Khmer Rouge guerillas, but they weren’t organized until 1970. It is also unclear how he acquired four battle stars when he was in Vietnam less than four months, and why his citation for the silver star is signed by Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, who was Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, decades after the medal was awarded, remains a mystery. Most intriguingly, perhaps, WOOF cannot rule out that these strange temporal anomalies may point to John Kerry’s secret identity as a Chrononaut—perhaps even traveling to Mars with young Barrack Obama? (See Science and Paranormal link for full story). You know, time travel could explain a lot of the inconsistencies in the records of both men! Really!

Kerry time traveling? No--just visiting NASA in 2004.

Is this John time traveling? No–just visiting NASA in 2004.

But let us leave the realm of speculation, no matter how compelling, and focus on what came next for John Kerry, because this is where it gets really seamy. Kerry comes home, puts on a cable knit sweater with a hole in the elbow, poses for a fawning People Magazine article while organizing an anti-war movement from a phone booth, and begins to call his military brethren back in Vietnam every name in the book, including war criminals. On April 22, 1971, Kerry became the first Vietnam veteran to testify before Congress about the war. Appearing in green fatigues (with campaign ribbons pinned to them) before a Senate committee while still a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, Kerry complained that his colleagues “…had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.” And that was just for starters! By the way, although Kerry excoriated the Nixon administration at every possible opportunity, it was Nixon’s Defense Secretary Melvin Laird who declined two requests from the Navy to court martial Reserve Lieutenant Kerry over his antiwar actions. Strange but true!

We were media superstars once, and young!

We were media superstars once, and young!  (John tells Senator Fulbright that our side sucks.) 

The day after testifying before the Senate, John and a bunch of other resentful Vietnam vets threw their medals over the White House fence. But John likes to pin his medals on whenever possible these days. WOOF happens to know that he even showed up with them pinned to his tuxedo (picture that!) at the white-tie Gridiron Club dinner in Washington last March. When Kerry was originally asked how it could be that his medals were on display in his Senate office years after he tossed them over the White House fence, he blandly explained that he’d really thrown somebody else’s medals over the fence. Oh, John!

This was the era of running around with Jane Fonda’s pals, organizing rabble off the streets to pose as disgruntled Vietnam vets and publishing a pro-Hanoi book, The New Soldier, the dust jacket of which featured John and friends mocking the Marine Corps Memorial. Almost all of these books were scrupulously hunted down and demolished during Kerry’s presidential bid in 2004—even snatched out of libraries lest some rogue newsie lay hold of a copy and report on it; but if you have one, sell it on eBay—you’ll get a healthy sum, possibly from John himself!

Kerry has often denied having much to do with Jane Fonda.

John has often denied having much to do with Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda didn’t consider Washington “authentic” and therefore preferred to conduct her portion of the Winter Soldier protests in Michigan. (Who knows!) But not John, he staged Operation Dewey Canyon III on April 18, 1971, in which almost 1,000 Vietnam veterans and a whole bunch of hippies claiming to be veterans stormed the Washington’s Mall and acted out “a limited incursion into the country of Congress.”

The group staged pretend firefights on the steps of the Capitol and Supreme Court and defied U.S. Park Police after the Department of Justice issued an injunction barring it

John still likes to clench his fist now and then--see?

John still likes to clench his fist now and then–see?

from camping on the Mall. The communist Daily World ballyhooed photos of John addressing his fellow protesters while pro-communist banners proliferated in the foreground.Kerry soon found himself marching alongside openly professing Reds displaying what the Boston Herald described as an “abundance of Vietcong flags, clenched fists raised in the air, and placards plainly bearing legends in support of China, Cuba, the USSR, North Korea and the Hanoi government.’”

The Mysterious Madame Binh---Red hot?

The Mysterious Madame Binh—Red hot in the ’70s

But wait, there’s more! Kerry next traveled (or teleported, if he is in fact a Chrononaut) to Paris where, while still a member of the American military reserves, he met in secret conferences with The Dragon Lady of the Viet Cong, no less a person than the mysterious Madame Binh, top Viet Cong negotiator to the Paris Peace talks. Even today, we have no insights into how Kerry managed to arrange the meeting, how long it lasted, which high Communist officials were in attendance, or just what Kerry and Madame Binh discussed. But we do know that one result of this meeting and of Kerry’s ceaseless efforts to undermine the war effort at home was a place of honor for our next Secretary of State on the wall of the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum in Communist Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City, of course) where his photo is proudly displayed. In it, Senator Kerry is exchanging greetings with Comrade Do Muoi, Secretary General of the Vietnamese Communist Party. So at least we know that our next Secretary of State will, whatever other honors may accrue to his glory, be a documented Communist War Remnant.

John says howdy to Communist despot Paul Ortega, circa 1986

John says howdy to Communist Nicaraguan despot Paul Ortega, circa 1985, just dropping by?

Thus, when President Obama assured us yesterday that “”In a sense, John’s entire life has prepared him for this role. … John’s played a central role in every major foreign policy debate for nearly 30 years,” it becomes fairly clear what he meant, right?  And we don’t have to outline all the foreign policy debates he’s been involved in since the bad old days do we? We can’t think of a single time he’s been right about anything, except for the times he was right but then changed his mind.  After all, he was best buds with the execrable Ted Kennedy, so in a sense, from Jane Fonda to Madame Binh to Ted, poor John never had a chance to think a clear thought. But even though WOOF would personally have preferred seeing any of a  multitude of other far more worthy and capable individuals get this nomination, (especially Chuck Norris), we aren’t completely nonplussed. That President Obama chose Kerry as opposed to Jane Fonda, or Oliver Stone, or Angela Davis, or any of the people he would clearly have preferred to pick if he could get away with it, demonstrates that his total dominance of the American main stream has yet to be established. Unless….

kerry scratches head

Unless there’s a bond between these two men that goes back to Project Pegasus and the Martian jump-room expeditions reported in our Science and the Paranormal forum?  That might be worth looking into….

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