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Ben Gazzara--no longer mistaken for second largest city in Libya?

Ben Gazzara–no longer mistaken for second largest city in Libya?

For several weeks now, Americans have remained frustratingly uniformed regarding the recent debacle in Benghazi—some, when asked to identify the word, believed it to be a reference to the late actor Ben Gazzara.  But Americans are traditionally slow to catch on. When Watergate happened in 1972—that is, in brief, when Richard Nixon’s guys, led by G. Gordon Liddy, broke into the Watergate Hotel to bug the offices of the Democratic Party, just as the Democratic Party had bugged Goldwater’s campaign headquarters in 1964, and Nixon’s in 1968, a funny thing happened. They got caught. But an interesting thing at the time was that absolutely nobody cared. Well, almost

Nixon -- an endearing moment.

Nixon — an endearing moment.

nobody. The news divisions at the TV Networks cared, as did the Washington Post—and there followed a six month media campaign of non-stop caterwauling aimed at making the gosh darned American people care too. During these tense days, a favorite media tactic was the man-on-the-street interview. The reporter (they were colorless and interchangeable then as now) would stop some hapless dweeb trying to make his way home from the office and ask him, “Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me, what is: Watergate?” And of course the interviewee would predictably not know, sometimes offering an hilariously erroneous speculation. The interviewing reporter would then heave a sigh of

Fact: While "Deepthroat" was code for the secret source Washington Post reporters relied upon in their Watergate investigation, the source was not Linda Lovelace!

Fact: While “Deepthroat” was code for the secret source Washington Post reporters relied upon in their Watergate investigation, the source was not Linda Lovelace!

exasperation at the camera and “throw” to the news room where the blown-dry-Chiclet-toothed guy anchor would swivel his chair toward the lobotomized-blond girl anchor, and the pair would engage in a frantic on-camera discussion about what to do about a nation of doltish yawps unaware of the biggest story in American history—a botched burglary. After months of exposure to this, the American people bovinely sensed that they were supposed to care, Watergate gained traction, and Nixon, a man so paranoid that he taped his own phone conversations, was obliged to resign the office of the Presidency.

This is hard to understand today, when the current President can refuse to produce a physical copy of a long form birth certificate; refuse to release his college records (almost certainly because they would show that he registered as a foreign student); take over General Motors by staging “Kangaroo” Bankruptcy proceedings in which stock holders were robbed of their legitimate holdings by Presidential fiat; conspire with his racist Attorney General to allow members of the New Black

Holder and Obama at work circumventing the Constitution

Holder and Obama at work circumventing the Constitution

Panther Party to go uncharged even after they confessed to armed voter intimidation at polling places during the President’s election in 2008; be named by involved politicos as party to bribery to gain their votes during the Obama-care imbroglio; send American war planes to bomb and strafe Libyans despite the fact that Libya posed no discernible threat to the U.S; fail utterly to perform his Constitutional duty to enforce immigration law while suing the sovereign state of Arizona for doing it for him; appoint innumerable “Czars” to cabinet level positions, many of whom are known Communists or “fellow travelers” without submitting them for Congressional advice and consent; order the Federal Communications Commission to enact regulations giving the federal government control of the Internet and its contents in direct contravention of the United States Supreme Court; conspire with his Attorney General (we called him racist before, and he still is, it just gets boring saying so) to sell American guns to Mexican drug lords; unilaterally halt offshore drilling for oil without authority, ignore at least three court orders from Federal Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans to lift his ban on offshore drilling; ram a National Defense Authorization Act through a seemingly oblivious Congress giving himself absolute authority to arrest any American citizen on U.S. soil, holding them without trial for so long as the President thinks he may suspect them of terrorist ties; and actively seek to subvert the Constitution in order to advance the nationalization of auto industries, banks, insurance companies, and medical treatment. So it may be a bit hard to figure at this point in history, how Nixon got forced out of office over an attempt to put a microphone in the Democrats’ campaign headquarters—but this brings us, gentle readers, to our point. Yes, at long last, our point!   

Alert WOOF followers may have noted how a similar dislocation of American attentiveness benefited the Obama administration in the run-up to the 2012 election (during which it obviously behooved the Monolithic Media Establishment to cover for its beloved First Marxist by ignoring to death the disgusting details of his misconduct last September 11th when the American Consulate in Benghazi was hit with a carefully planned terrorist action resulting in the violent murder of four Americans, one the Ambassador to Libya (who was also homosexually raped–and how is that Islamic?–but let’s stick to murdered for the sake of brevity).  And all of this was supposed to blow over, because nowadays the dweeb on the street who thinks that “Benghazi” was the actor who got killed by Patrick Swayze in “Road House” isn’t disparaged by the News Media at all—no, nowadays he IS the News Media, today’s newscasters having themselves replaced the schmuck on his way home with a head full of Show Biz and NFL trivia and no time to focus on anything genuinely portentous… yes, today’s media are, in less metaphoric terms, a ludicrous assemblage of jabbering leftwing propagandists and Administration sycophants whose attitude toward four years of impeachable offenses by the President is personified by the monkeys carved into the 17th Century Tosho-gu Shrine in Japan…you know the ones we mean: See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil—at least never of anybody to the approximate left of, say, Diane Sawyer.

Major network news anchors zero in on the Benghazi scandal.

Major network news anchors zero in on the Benghazi scandal.

But some members of Congress have not gotten the memo. Some members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs refused to blink, even when the media called them slathering racists for pointing out that the President’s UN ambassador, the remarkably indistinct Susan Rice, was obviously misleading the public when she spent an entire Sunday explaining to all of the bobble-head pundits on “Meet the Press” and its assorted network clones that the whole thing was a “flash mob” distressed over a 15 minute video on YouTube that to date absolutely nobody seems to have watched, including Al Qaeda  The President then told the same pack of obvious lies to the United Nations, where, of course, humbug is considered  traditional, after which Secretary of State Clinton (recent winner of WOOF’sDullie” Award for Statespersonship) assured the grieving father of one of the dead SEALs that he didn’t need to worry “because we’re going to get that guy who made that film!”

Susan Rice trying to remember who told her it was all because of that stupid movie....

Susan Rice trying to remember who told her it was all because of that stupid movie….

Congress was supposed to get the message and play ball, not remain nosy and aggressive like a bunch of knuckle-dragging McCarthyites for heavens sake– but the stench from Benghazi and its seemingly deliberate mismanagement by the President only grew more noisome over October and November, and the Media effort to ignore it to death has not succeeded. The smell grew smellier still when the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director suddenly resigned, ostensibly because he had a mistress (!?) and then gave testimony before Congress without being sworn in. Next, the less-than-candid candidate for Secretary of State, the President’s friend and preternaturally forgettable UN Ambassador, Susan Rice had her nomination abruptly withdrawn by the White House immediately following Obama’s rock-solid expression of total confidence in her during one of his legendarily rare press conferences. Strangest of all, perhaps, the 20 or so wounded Americans who were evacuated from Benghazi after the six hour battle pitting two SEALS against a screaming mob of Al Qaeda  terrorists (the SEALS won on points, by the way) have been hidden by the Administration and their names have been withheld from the House committee members investigating the disaster—this has no precedent in American history. Finally, Hillary Clinton, having said that she was looking forward to testifying on the matter on December 20, next sent aids to insinuate that she wouldn’t appear after all, thank you, she having developed one of those pesky “scheduling issues,” and when this failed to dampen the committee’s interest in her testimony, she reported today, Saturday, December 15, that she had developed the tummy flu, which caused her to faint, which caused her to hit her head, which gave her a concussion, which meant she couldn’t testify—WOOF is not making this up, gentle readers! (And say, can’t those concussions affect your memory?)

Benghazi? A movie? Six hour battle? The last thing I remember was hitting my head on the floor!

Benghazi? A movie? Six hour battle? The last thing I remember was hitting my head on the floor!

This should all have worked, too, of course, permitting the slavishly-accommodating media to move the crowds along, chanting “nothing to see here, folks,” as is their wont—but a couple of Republicans in Congress (Ed Royce, CA, and Jason Chaffetz, Utah) seem be taking their responsibilities and their oaths seriously and dragging less adamant constituents of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (e.g., John Kerry) along to the fight. But don’t get too hopeful, gentle reader—they still haven’t issued any subpoenas.

Obama was busy on 9/11 doing his scheduled appearance on the “Pimp with a Limp” show.

The important thing to bear in mind is that four Americans died including two SEALS in the defense of an American “safe house” to which the American Ambassador had been evacuated (for his safety) after the first waves of planned, orchestrated terror broke over the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012. We also know that repeated requests from the CIA and military assets in the immediate vicinity to hurry to the rescue of the embattled safe house were repeatedly rebuffed by the Obama regime. Despite an AC130 gunship orbiting the area and repeatedly requesting a shoot order, the Administration refused any support during the entire course of the battle, which lasted six bloody hours before our naked, sexually assaulted Ambassador was dragged through the streets by cheering crowds. We know by process of elimination that the President of the United States either sat on his presidential fundament and watched the slaughter unfold on the widescreen in his situation room, or was somehow off doing other things, (like appearing on the “Pimp with a Limp” program) and simply couldn’t be bothered to send in the “Marine Corpse.”

We also know that recent polls indicate that Americans believe the President should have intervened militarily during the prolonged battle by a majority of 65-24 percent. In addition, 48 percent say the administration is engaged in a cover up of the incident while 42 percent are obviously dope-smoking, lock-step-commie-pinko ninny hammers who couldn’t think a sane thought if their trust funds depended on it, and of course, the usual ten percent that still thinks Benghazi was that actor who got killed at the end of “Road House” and used to be in “Run for Your Life” in the mid-60s. But that’s progress, dear readers! And now, as usual, you are utterly up to speed on the latest demurrals from Foggy Bottom and the dastardly ducks and deceptions from the West Wing—and newer WOOF readers can now successfully distinguish between Benghazi and Ben Gazzara, who was also in “Arrest and Trial” with Chuck Connors in the early ‘60’s, remember that show?  That was a good show; they ought to put that show on DVDs or something.

Just a thought.

Just a thought.

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